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  1. lungbing

    Stray dog/puppy what should I do?

    Stray cows? Worse still soi cows?
  2. lungbing

    Drivers license renewal

    In Muang Khon Kaen this very week, yes. But next week/month/year who knows. Go a couple of days beforehand and ask.
  3. lungbing

    Recycling empty glass bottles

    On its own it means elder brother or elder sister and is sometimes used as a sign of respect talking to an older person who isn't quite old enough to be called uncle, aunt, mother or father. It also means 'ghost' if you get the tone wrong.
  4. lungbing

    3BB and moving across the country.

    Would it not be easier to ask them rather than us? There is a lot of experience on this board but office to office within a company often claim different rules apply.
  5. lungbing

    60th Birthday celebration.

    60 is an important birthday being 5 times the 12-year cycle of years. To celebrate mine I paid for my son, wife and two grandsons to visit us 11 years ago. In one year's time I will be 72 ie 6 x 12 and this time my wife and daughters are going to the UK to visit them.
  6. lungbing

    Post Office Problems

    Internet is the only bill I get. Water and electricity are paid by direct debit and I get the receipts monthly.
  7. That facility is not available in the free Kaspersky. About one third of the TV pages I want to look at are blocked.
  8. Wasn't it Jeremy Clarkson who said the BBC is only there for seven people in Islington.