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  1. I went right off Libre Office when I found their files on my machine defining the hyphenation rules for the Zulu language. I kid you not! Heaven knows what other <deleted> was in there. And that's despite asking for English only on installation.
  2. Songkran this year was 6 months ago.
  3. Canute wasn't Anglo-Saxon he was Danish. And he commanded the waves to go back precisely to show to his men that he could NOT do that.
  4. Whenever I open a document with MS Word eight times out of ten I get a BSOD. I have found that if I use the "run winword.exe /a" command I have no problem with BSOD and then just navigate to the file I want to edit. What I want to be able to do is just double click on my document and have Word open with that /a switch already set. I suspect I will have to do it per file type through the registry, but has anybody any better idea?
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