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  1. I initially subscribed to this very policy in 2016 with MSH International who changed their name to Luma the following year. Unfortunately, because of drastically escalating premiums and the need for a policy which complies with the Immigration Bureau’s mandatory health insurance requirement introduced last November for retirees with original OA visas (I am aged 70), I have very recently had to give it up. I only claimed on this policy as a hospital in-patient once during my 4 years involvement with it. While I found Luma’s pre-authorisation procedures to be rather tedious on that particular occasion, once I’d jumped through their hoops and provided all the info they needed, they settled up directly with the hospital with no further issues.
  2. Rather longer than 1 minute in my case; more like 5 at the very absolute minimum. Frustrating in the extreme if I'm in the middle of something.
  3. Or merge it with the annual 31st December / 1st January New Year nonsense.
  4. The OP's experiences have led me to the conclusion that Chaengwattana regard themselves as serious contenders for the 2020 Rogue Immigration Office Of The Year award.
  5. Agree 100%. Ever since I installed this <deleted> feature update a couple of days ago on my Acer laptop, it has started freezing at regular intervals, thus forcing me each time to go through the tedious routine of a complete reboot. So thanks a million, Microsoft, for screwing me (and my laptop) up with this <deleted> feature update! EDIT: And now I find that I cannot add any emoticons on here for some mysterious reason!! Grrrr!!!
  6. Meanwhile in the opposite direction from Ban Chang towards Klaeng, there are roadworks galore on both Highway 36 and Highway 3 through Maptaput. Makes travelling to the immigration office from that part of the world (where I live) a right PITA at the present time.
  7. I have received a similar interim reply to my email to Abi Tierney referred to up thread!
  8. @Peter Denis - another, rather less encouraging, take on the situation is that we might only be talking about a temporary COVID19-related dispensation. If by October it is possible for retirees with original non-OA visas to travel freely to places like Vientiane, Savannakhet, Hoh Chi Minh City and Penang for fresh non-O visas so as to circumvent the insurance requirement without being quarantined, Phuket might re-introduce this requirement then.
  9. But, as the OP stated, other restaurants in the shopping centre where the rogue Japanese establishment was located had more than one person at each table!
  10. I do, however, wonder whether we might now be seeing some back-tracking on the Immigration Bureau's part in their interpretation of Police Order 548/2562 in the case of those seeking retirement extensions on the basis of original non-OA visas issued before November 2019. If so, I would have thought it more likely that any U-turn would be performed informally on the quiet within individual offices rather than through some formal announcement and a revised Police Order. After all, under no circumstances should the big wigs in the Immigration Bureau be seen to be losing face on this issue, should they? But I do agree with you that it would be unwise to take any chances in the absence of firm information from one's local immigration offfice.
  11. The UK government is renowned for its dogged determination to make life as difficult as is humanly possible for us Brit expats in LOS in a whole variety of ways.
  12. Good to know that VFS will provide the photos as an optional extra. I strongly suspect that the number of professional photographers across the whole of Thailand who are familiar with HMPO's requirements can be counted on the fingers of one hand - and I'm not sure whether any of these can actually comply with the background colour requirements without recourse to photo-shopping in violation of the "No software altering" rule.
  13. Finding one might not have been the issue, but having to open his bulging wallet in order to pay for them might have been instead. Just as he appears to have been too tight-fisted to drop by this lot before his return drive to London:- https://www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/barnardcastle
  14. But what I do believe that this debacle has graphically illustrated is that the concept of "joined-up government", which was being actively espoused by Tony Blair et al 20 years ago, is now, sadly, dead in the water, with each separate component of HMG, including HMPO and the Embassy, being encouraged (tacitly, or otherwise) these days to focus exclusively on the needs of its particular silo with blinkers firmly in place.
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