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  1. Same here - except that I experienced nowhere near the same turn of speed as you did. Sent my claim form + birth certificate registered mail to DWP's Wolverhampton address only to discover that no-one there was prepared to sign for receipt of registered mail at that time, meaning that the whole shooting match went astray. Had to obtain a duplicate birth certificate from GRO and start the claiming process all over again. Not best amused.
  2. It may be significant that the Powys County Times article which you linked was dated 22nd July 2020. But the second UK-based case referred to by @dabhand relates to a renewal application submitted last month by a pal of mine who actually lives in the UK. He received his new passport within 8 working days. Looks to me like HMPO were last July driven to desperate scaremongering tactics in presumably an attempt to mask(!) their inherent bungling incompetence and ineptitude - which they seem to be taking out on those of us applying from Thailand if they're now telling us that we have t
  3. I am sure that Canadians hailing from Quebec would be far more interested if the education minister were to adopt similar plans for primary school children to be communicating in French within 3-5 years.
  4. IMHO it would be cheaper, quicker and easier for 100% of people to apply online direct to HMPO from Thailand. Instead HMPO have, in their infinite wisdom, decided to inflict totally antediluvian procedures on us which IMHO are completely incompatible with the present digital age, not least because they in part rely on delivery "technologies" which predate the introduction of the Penny Black in 1840 (in the case of the 2 compulsory route marches to a VFS office in Bangkok or Chiang Mai).
  5. These ridiculous new requirements now elevate Jomtien to a super-rogue office as far as I am concerned. Coming as they do on top of the requirement for those using the 800k method for their annual retirement extensions to return after 3 months for diligent checking that their bank balances haven't dipped a single satang below 800k in the meantime.
  6. All being well it should be back online by Songkran 2564. But that's 2564 AD, not 2564 BE, of course!
  7. I duly emailed Wise yesterday and just received the following reassuring reply:- The only thing we’re changing is our domain, our name, our logo and the name of our app. Nothing else has changed. You don’t need to update our bank account details right now to send money. You can still transfer money to the same bank account details you’ve been using. We might change our company name to Wise on our account details eventually. We’ll let you know if you need to update this.
  8. I got that BS information as you like to call it from a dummy transfer which I have just tried to initiate with my credit card. I hit a brick wall in the form of a cryptic message informing me that Wise sends money to bank accounts and was presented with no way of entering my credit card details as part of the process.
  9. Good luck with doing that after your card has expired and been replaced in due course! Seems they're stopping transfers being paid for with credit and debit cards.
  10. Could be quite a big deal for us Brits making online transfers from our UK accounts actually. At present I make my monthly transfers to an account with an 8-digit number and 6-digit sort code in the name of TRANSFERWISE. The necessary details are recorded as an online payee in my UK account. However should WISE in their infinite wisdom decide to change the account number and sort code, then it follows that I am going to have create a new payee in my UK account accordingly. And even if WISE decide to retain the existing account number and sort code, they will surely change the accou
  11. You might like to try downloading this version of the TM7 form:- https://www.immigration.go.th/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list2/form-download/1486547929418.pdf and then complete it using the Adobe Acrobat "Fill and Sign" facility (free of charge). Printing-wise this works fine with the Chrome browser in my experience.
  12. He'll be treated to the real prison experience, of course, if he gets banged up in the Bangkok Hilton as "punishment" for his "heinous crime".
  13. In which case fingers firmly crossed that the office he deals with isn't Nonthaburi!
  14. Is your pal married to a Thai national? If so, he should be able to apply for a 60-day extension for the purposes of visiting her - which would, presumably, give him adequate time to get his finances straightened out for his next retirement extension. Provided that he hasn't already obtained said 60-day extension on the basis of the visa which he originally used to enter Thailand before hitting the retirement extension of stay trail.
  15. But would it be an equal partner in the EU with 17 larger (out of 27 in total) partners in population terms? If it's equality the Scots are after they can definitely forget about achieving that through EU membership! https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/timeseries/scpop/pop https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/11081093/3-10072020-AP-EN.pdf/d2f799bf-4412-05cc-a357-7b49b93615f1#:~:text=Among the EU Member States,38.0 million or 8.5%).
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