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  1. So we can safely take it, then, that you consider one of these:- to, in fact, be one of these:-
  2. Are fingerprints for OA visas a specific USA requirement? I have not read any reports on here of OA applicants at the London Embassy being required to provide fingerprints - and it is certainly not included in the list of requirements on their website! http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/84508-Non-Immigrant-visas.html#7
  3. Certainly rather more professional in appearance than the scruffy version I downloaded in 2008 - which looked like a millionth generation photocopy!
  4. In other words, not too dissimilar to what some in the UK are currently advocating - with "referendum" being substituted for "meeting", of course!
  5. Looks like things may have moved on since 2008, then, when I obtained a medical certificate for my OA visa application on the basis of a "thorough medical examination" which consisted of the doctor's eyes moving from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet before she signed it!
  6. But that would probably end up in the same place as a report filed with the Embassy - in a pigeonhole gathering dust.
  7. Depends on which agency bank in Thailand the originating overseas bank use for SWIFT transfers, I think. If the same as the recipient bank, the eventual THB credit should be coded FTT or similar. But, if they are different, this may attract a domestic coding instead.
  8. Reflects my experience with that particular office as well. I've applied for my last few retirement extensions there a month or so after a foreign trip on each occasion, and nothing has ever been said to me or my wife (as housemaster) about the need for a fresh TM30.
  9. But I can't see any earthly good reason why its remit could not be extended to cover UK passport renewals as well. Looks to me like Brit Chiang Maians are, at passport renewal time, the victims of disconnected left and right hands (UKVI and HMPO) and silo working at the Home Office!
  10. Actually, do you recall the report on here regarding a cardboard effigy of BJ which was temporarily placed in the Arrivals hall at BKK over late December and early January to welcome Chinese tourists during the recent high season? Maybe this effigy should be retrieved from storage and displayed prominently in the Departures hall along with a bubble protruding from its lips stating "Goodbye and good riddance to you pesky farang retirees".
  11. Strikes me as completely inexcusable that you and your fellow Brit Chiang Maians are still forced to make these 2 trips to Bangkok now that VFS have opened an office in Chiang Mai. For some absurdly illogical reason the Home Office appear to attach considerably more importance to the comfort and convenience of local Thai nationals seeking UK visas than of local Brit nationals needing new passports!
  12. Makes me wonder, though, what she might have told an American, Aussie, Brit or Dane in your position. That 800k in the bank was, in practice, now the strict order of the day for a non-O conversion at CW in the absence of an Embassy income confirmation??
  13. "You can’t travel with it after you’ve applied for a new one" https://www.passport.service.gov.uk/overseas/information/thailand/renew/adult
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