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  1. A pity that there don't appear to be any direct flights between U-Tapao (as mentioned by the OP) and Trat, though - unless I've missed something in the Google search I've just conducted. But I suppose the OP could always go the pretty way from U-Tapao to Trat via BKK if he was desperate enough to minimise the perils of road travel on Highway 3!
  2. @Jadam & @brianthainess Correction: it's the Nationality field with the microscopic drop-down menu icon you complete on the first page (along, of course, with the remaining fields on that particular page including the Entry Date one with the rather larger drop-down menu icon). The Changwat/Amphur/Tumbon fields & related microscopic drop-down menu icons appear on the next page after a hopefully successful submission!
  3. Not to mention the risk you run with these rides on the basis of the number of manically-driven vans I've regularly witnessed thundering their way along Highway 3 in my neck of the woods!
  4. Have you been using the drop-down menus for completing the Nationality and Changwat/Amphur/Tumbon fields? These are easily missable given the microscopic size of the icons you need to click on in order to access them.
  5. OP - first and foremost, I think that you need to establish what (if any) hoops your local khet (since I assume from your username that you live in Bangkok) will require you to jump through before they are prepared to issue you with this "hallowed" book; and then weigh these up against the benefits which others have reported, as applicable in your case.
  6. @possum1931 reported in a thread a few days ago that he recently turned up at his local immigration office to find the officers attired in T shirts and jeans. Strikes me as utterly pointless, therefore, for him to don a tuxedo jacket and dicky-bow tie for all future dealings with them - assuming, of course, that he could afford this gear despite the unfavourable exchange rates which are the subject of this particular thread!
  7. Might have been (and could conceivably still be) interesting for any foreigner on the OP's cancelled flight whose permission to stay in LOS expired on 12th August!
  8. Problem here, though, is that pink ID cards (in common with yellow house books) are issued by amphurs which operate in completely separate organisational structures to immigration offices. "Joined-up government" is a concept which the powers-that-be here in LOS clearly have a considerable struggle in grasping.
  9. So where on earth did @RichardColeman say in post #26 that he wasn't paying tax on "that" (whatever you mean by "that")?
  10. But one method - which, I believe, should meet the best of both worlds when it came to security v. convenience - is the one I use these days for accessing my SA account with HMRC. This entails me entering a 6-digit code from their app which changes every 30 seconds. If this is good enough for HMRC (who, in common with all other UK government departments, aren’t exactly slouches when it comes to security matters), then I am at a complete loss to understand why Nationwide and other UK banks don’t seemingly consider it to be good enough for them.
  11. And, even if a 30-day extension application were denied, the OP's passport would still be stamped for a further 7 days in any event.
  12. As with any non-imm/tourist visa or extension of stay, though, it is IMHO essential that you check whether the Arrivals IO has stamped your passport with the correct permission to stay date before moving on from his/her booth. It is generally far easier to get any error rectified there and then rather than subsequently at your local office, I think.
  13. This is, indeed, about the maps website. I've tried accessing it with the link you've quoted via Edge, and success with the satellite view! So many thanks for the tip. It does, however, strike me as rather ironic that the Google Maps satellite view now seems perfectly fine for me with Edge but not with Chrome!
  14. After clicking on the Satellite icon in the bottom left-hand corner of a diagrammatic map, I have, since yesterday, been getting a blank screen instead of a photographic view from above. How can I restore this view, please? I have tried clearing browsing data, but this has made no difference.
  15. Interesting! Do you know how easy (or difficult) SMS messages are to hack into?
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