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  1. Say a retiree was hospitalised at the time his next retirement extension was due and obtained a 90-day medical extension as a result. Would he be able to switch back to retirement extensions once the 90 days were up without having to start all over again with a fresh non-OA or non-O visa?
  2. Since non-OA visas are only obtainable in retirees' home countries, has the Chonburi Immigration Office, perchance, declared itself to be located within the territory of yours?
  3. Which will no doubt be forthcoming by the year 2564. And that's 2564 A.D., not 2564 B.E., of course.
  4. Which is the office that you have got to make a horrible, horrible journey to?
  5. Would we be correct in inferring that the original real genuine McCoy visa which you used for your initial entry into Thailand was of the non-O variety, meaning that you are exempt from the mandatory health insurance requirement?
  6. I ordered a duplicate birth certificate 6 years ago after the original had gone astray (thankfully only temporarily in the event) with my State Pension claim. I can confirm that the GRO sent it to me in Thailand. EDIT: I see @theoldgit has beaten me to it!
  7. Overseas insurers are, however, required to sign this certificate:- https://longstay.tgia.org/document/overseas_insurance_certificate.pdf I somehow doubt whether many of them will be au fait with Thai Cabinet Resolutions!
  8. Plus both new stamps taking up more room in passports than their predecessors - especially since arrival and subsequent departure stamps can no longer be placed next to each other because of their size, it would appear. Could be an issue in due course for frequent travellers whose passports fill up before their expiry date once COVID-19 is behind us.
  9. As far as Bangkok Bank is concerned, a number of branches are now only open between 11:00 & 17:00:- https://www.bangkokbank.com/-/media/files/covid-19/branch-services/apr/branchservicehours_30apr2021.pdf?la=en&hash=13CE869248CE4BA81DC0F9B59DF03C77ABEC8DB8 Not sure whether all the branches listed are located in shopping centres, though.
  10. The uselessness of both the yellow book and pink ID card is IMHO compounded by the fact that neither includes what I consider to be your most vital piece of personal information here in Thailand: namely, the date when your current permission to stay expires. That said, they are, however, prerequisites for anyone intending to apply for permanent residency and/or Thai citizenship.
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