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  1. All very well to quote UK legislation. But Bangladeshi law might also have a teeny weeny bearing here.
  2. According to this Telegraph article her family are of Bangladeshi origin:- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/02/16/let-us-raise-daughters-baby-say-family-bethnal-green-jihadi/ So, if she were automatically eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship by virtue of her ancestry, there would appear to be no bar to her British citizenship being revoked. That said, the crucial word is, of course "automatically". If the powers-that-be in Bangladesh had any discretion in the matter of granting her citizenship, it would strike me as highly unlikely that they would view any such grant of citizenship favourably.
  3. Unfortunately this is by no means the first time that rags like the Phuket News have got basic facts relating to immigration procedures wrong. "Rag", by the way, is a derogatory term in English for a newspaper!
  4. Which, hopefully, will, in the case of Phuketians at least, include TransferWise confirmations demonstrating the foreign provenance of >65k monthly transfers which have not been coded FTT or similar in the passbook.
  5. I wonder whether delays of this sort might have something to do with the fact that official correspondence sent from the UK usually, in my experience, seems to travel to Thailand the pretty way via Belgium or Germany according to postmarks on the envelope, for some ridiculous reason.
  6. I've been through the mill as well. For me assembling all the required documentation was the relatively (and, I stress, relatively) onerous part of the whole process. From then on it really was plain sailing in my case. I did, however, have to wait for a hour in a crowded downstairs room at the Embassy before my ticket number (which I had picked up from a machine upon my arrival) was called for me to submit my application. But even that, in hindsight, turned out to be perfect preparation for what I was subsequently to experience frequently in dealings with banks and Immigration after moving out here!
  7. But there appear to be 80 other foreign embassies in Bangkok who could still be providing income confirmations for their nationals:- https://www.th4u.com/embassies.htm So there can IMHO be absolutely no doubt that the responsibility for the current situation lies entirely with the 4 embassies who have seen fit to withdraw their income confirmation services.
  8. The latter, if this thread from 2011 is (still) to be believed:-
  9. Would we be correct in inferring from your username that it is, in fact, the Rayong Immigration Office based in Maptaput that you are talking about?
  10. I strongly recommend that you check with your local immigration office whether such statements, when read in tandem with passbook entries, would satisfy their requirements. TransferWise produce similar statements, and concerns have been expressed in other recent threads as to the likely willingness of immigration officers to accept these as evidence of the foreign provenance of particular transfers which have not been coded FTT or similar.
  11. This could be a major problem for you, going forward from March. You will need to find some way of making transfers from Oz which attract the coveted FTT (or SCB equivalent) coding in your passbook. This could well come down to finding out from your Aussie bank which agency bank they use in Thailand for SWIFT transfers, and then endeavouring to open an account with said bank for the purposes of receiving future monthly transfers. TransferWise are definitely out as a possible alternative to OrbitRemit for transfers into an SCB account, since the only agency banks they use in Thailand are Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn and TMB.
  12. So how come he managed to infiltrate and kick in the window of a police cell if he wasn't already under arrest?
  13. Provided that a number of transactions printed out on a passbook updating machine whose printer ribbon needed changing have not been overprinted with subsequent transactions printed out on a machine with a fresh ribbon, thus resulting in an illegible mess. A bank statement will probably be required where this has happened so as to provide the immigration officer considering an extension of stay application with a clear and complete record of relevant transactions. Depends on the origin(s) of the transferred money in your home country and the terms of the double taxation treaty between your home country and Thailand.
  14. So 800k semi-permanently seasoned in the bank is now the exclusively strict order of the day for retirement extensions at Jomtien, is it?
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