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  1. The lack of decent working websites is by no means an exclusively Thai preserve as you appear to think. For instance, just try navigating your way through the convoluted user-unfriendly maze on the GOV.UK website in order to gain a complete picture of the various procedural hoops we Brits need to jump through before we can routinely renew our passports from Thailand!
  2. So you can at least get past the first page without being presented with the "Go to your immigration office" message, I take it. But, assuming that it is, indeed, your postal address that we are talking about here, do you use the drop-down menus to enter your address on the second page? You firstly click on your province in the drop-down list and all amphurs in that province will then be listed. You then click on your amphur and all relevant tumbons will then be listed. After clicking on your particular tumbon Bob should, hopefully, then be your uncle!
  3. This particular statement IMHO illustrates perfectly the frustrations which many of us experience in our dealings with the collective HMG machine. There is no-one in HMG who is prepared to fight our corner in the same way as in the case of various vested groups back in the UK. Things have, I think, been excacerbated by the concept of "joined-up government", which the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Prescott were enthusiatically espousing 10-20 years ago, having now been effectively ditched by their successors, with each component part of HMG (in particular the Embassy, IPC and HMPO
  4. But have you been using the drop-down menu to complete the Nationality field? You need to click on the microscopically-sized icon to the immediate right of the box to access it.
  5. A further point which you may need to bear in mind is that, should you be inclined to switch from marriage to retirement, your initial retirement extension will be dated from when you submit your application rather than the expiry date of your current permission to stay. Could be a material consideration if you have been in the habit in applying for your marriage extensions 30 days (or even 45 days if your office allows this) in advance of the current permission to stay expiring, and wish to continue doing this.
  6. Yet another incidence of bungiing HMPO incompetence and ineptitude to add to the forever-burgeoning list, I think.
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