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  1. Your first team will be back for Thursday's game....Anthony Taylor (Wythenshawe) ref. Paul Tierney (Wigan) VAR and our own personal favourite, David (daft as a) Coote as 4th official!..... Penalties imminent!
  2. Me too! Power outage around here just after kick off! Well done Leeds anyway!
  3. Those of you who haven't already sent them in....a reminder that this week's deadline is tonight.
  4. A. Disgust at the idiots attacking police and members of the public driving past the ground. Surprise that the Police and club didn't anticipate the problem as it had been widely mentioned on social media in advance. B. I doubt repercussions on the club will have any effect but life bans and court action must be taken against those identified as causing the hooliganism Many of them (including the zebra) should be easy enough to find. Now they have to play three times in a week, possibility of injured players will increase which may affect Europa League chances. C. For m
  5. There are rumours that they will try and repeat the stunt on 13th. Hopefully police and the club will have their act together this time.
  6. Next Week's fixtures available for download. 15 games and a Friday night start so get them in early please chaps.
  7. Post removed. As previously requested, please do not use quotes from #twitter containing expletives. NB would be more difficult to spot if a normal sized font was used rather than the oversized one.
  8. Didn't take him long......Maureen off to Roma for next season.
  9. Hi all Just setting up the coming season's competition. I assume all last year's combatants will be entering. Any new players who may be interested, please send me a PM or add your names to this thread. Cheers Wilai
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