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  1. FRIDAY NIGHT fixture this week lads so don't be late. Cheers.
  2. Yep it's strange as he seems ok when he is playing for Brazil.
  3. Hendo could certainly do a job there but giving Williams a chance would accelerate his development. Remember TAA got his chance through injury to Clyne and hasn't looked back. Think he was younger on his debut as well. Williams was'toughened up' spending a year in non league so I'm sure the physical attributes are there. Antonio would be a nightmare for any CB but he may have a dodgy hamstring so Haller could be playing. He is well over 6 feet so Hendo may have problems with him.
  4. Last night's game was advertised on beIN's Connect platform. I assume that's still available reasonably cheaply. Thailand beIN Sports Connect, Goal.com
  5. Despite the naysayers...looks like beIN are showing CL games in Thailand after all. Both English teams on beIN Sports 2.
  6. Where's the panic? It makes good sense to follow possible purchases. Less chance of getting your 'pants pulled down' for 80 million quid. As for Tunazebe.....We'll see how gets on against him next season when Mbappe is dressed in LFC Red!
  7. The Beeb had him in their top 4! and playing 90. We talking about the same guy?
  8. Did you notice how their no:15 (Caleta-Car) played at CB? Have heard some good reports and we might need someone in Jan?
  9. Calling tonight's performance average would be a complement. A 2-0 win (included a last minute penalty) was good enough for all three points and secure top place in the group but a big improvement will be required in the next two games against Atalanta. The bright spots were the performance of Rhys Williams when he replaced Fabinho, Jota and particularly TAA who was back to his marauding best down the right and played a delightful 1-2 with Shaq in the build up to Jota's goal. Best move of the game by far. Also set up a number of other chances including a sitter for Bobby!
  10. Scores are up. Some late goals this week screwed up a few of us, including Yours Truly but they didn't affect ES who scored 33 points, 10 more than his nearest rivals. Well done mate. No real change in the Overall with Smokie and Champers leading the way.
  11. Hansen never really got too much of a look in as Fergie preferred his Aberdeen buddies, McLeish and Miller.
  12. Week 6 Overall League Evenstevens 33 Smokie36 146 Mrbojangles 23 Champers 132 Oldgit 23 BIGTOE3 121 BIGTOE3 22 MrMuddle 121 Champers 21 Jockstar 119 Kadilo 20 Oldgit 116
  13. Not at the bloody moment he's not.....My FPL team is evidence of that!
  14. Thiago is on a different planet to every mid in the league with the possible exception of De Bruyne.
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