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  1. This week's deadline is today when the City game kicks off at 19:30 Thai time.
  2. Sport TV2 is the local carrier. No idea if you have to pay or not. Suggest you google them. as they may have their own app
  3. Congrats to Thaiwrath who won well this week with 46 points. Runner up was Mr BJ with 37. Yours Truly takes over from Jockstar in the Overall League.
  4. Week 23 Overall League Thaiwrath 46 Wilai 562 Mrbojangles 37 Jockstar 557 Kadilo 35 BIGTOE3 512 Mouserless 33 BangrakBob 507 Wilai 29 Evenstevens 503 MrMuddle 28 MrMuddle 499
  5. This weekend's fixtures are available for downloading. Deadline is Saturday this week.
  6. Hi all Just setting up the coming season's competition. I assume all last year's combatants will be entering. Any new players who may be interested, please send me a PM or add your names to this thread. Cheers Wilai
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