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  1. Apparently Werner fee has been agreed and he has been offered a 5 year contract @8m euros pa. Talks progressing well. In other news, LFC have recruited Citeh's 1st XI physio, Steve Lilley. Hope the daft sods over there remember to cancel his passwords this time!
  2. Bet they wish the Final was being played in London
  3. I know better than to respond to your trolling idiocy more than twice on a subject so see ya.
  4. Doubt he used him as a crossing role model though. Dunno about boxers mate. A week listening to Fury and Wilder on Sky nearly killed me!
  5. Ok... miked up and on tv. How would you have immediately responded to the question?
  6. ^^^ Why only quote part of his response Rick? "Look for someone in the box And where runs are likely to be made." Don't see too much wrong with that tbh. Maybe if AWB took that on board he'd have more than a coupla PL assists this season
  7. So, firstly you wrongly state NYT are LFC's 2nd largest shareholder.....Now you insinuate that our #1 shareholder is linked to the NYT. Other than his purchase of the Boston Globe some 7 years ago, please provide evidence of his connection. Alternatively....you could try being quiet as your allegations are making you look rather silly.
  8. Would be if it were true but as far as I am aware, John Henry with 40% and Mike Gordon with 12% are the two largest shareholders in LFC (FSG). So your (albeit amusing) conspiracy theory is based on out of date information. Check your sources more thoroughly in the future please. NYT sold their FSG share-holding in 2012.
  9. Scores are up....Well done Bangrak Bob who scored an impressive 45 points.....despite being slightly optimistic with his Banker! Thaiwrath was runner up with a very decent 40 and BIGTOE3 maintained his consistency with third place, 32 points being enough to extend his lead in the Overall Comp. There is a Friday Night Kick Off this week so make sure you get the selections in early doors. Cheers.
  10. Week 23 Overall League Week 23 BangrakBob 45 BIGTOE3 693 Thaiwrath 40 Evenstevens 667 BIGTOE3 32 Jellydog 658 Evenstevens 30 Jockstar 658 Wilai 27 MrMuddle 621 Champers 25 Wilai 612 Jellydog 24 Mrbojangles 603 MrMuddle 24 BangrakBob 579 Owl Sees All 24 Oldgit 572 Jip99 23 Champers 567 Mrbojangles 23 Thaiwrath 565 Mouserless 21 Balo 563 Oldgit 19 RonniePickering22 549 Balo 17 Mouserless 547 Jockstar 17 Owl Sees All 538 RonniePickering22 17 Jip99 494 Hall of Fame 17/20 Wilai 58 RonniePickering22 53 Mouserless 51 Evenstevens 49 Mr Muddle 49 Mouserless 49 Mouserless 48 Jellydog 48 Mouserless 48 Wilai 48 Jellydog 48
  11. Not sure about the FA Cup....guess we'll find out when the team for Chelsea away is announced.
  12. Yep...Keita's stats are always up there, particularly the defensive side of his game but he doesn't seem to have regained his confidence in the offensive role. Bit of a quandary really as without a run of games he won't get it back but there are a number of alternatives such as AOC (who improved things as soon as he came on) and Minamino who also deserve a chance. And yes, we always miss Henderson's drive when he isn't playing. As for Jones, and indeed Elliott (who set up 3 last night) and co. Hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities towards the end of the season as long as we don't keep chasing the 'Invincibles' tag/Points record et al once we've clinched the title.
  13. AFAIK only two club representatives are voted onto UEFA's committee (I think Juve and PSG at the moment) but other than those two and Gill, are there any others Rick? I don't think there are.
  14. Young Jones would have been a help, getting a hat-trick in the 6-0 win for the kids. In all honesty though (apart from a couple of seconds at the end!) I wasn't worried about us dropping points, despite WHU playing as well as they could. Thought we were always in control and could (should) have scored more (18 shots off target!). Just a pity central defence wasn't as airtight as usual! All the lower ranked teams are raising their efforts against us but that is only to be expected. The 'Undefeated' tag is certainly a bit of a millstone round our neck but the players don't seem to let it affect them....even if The Kop does at times! BTW....anyone else getting sick of the commentators screaming "The flag stayed down" when everyone can see guys are yards offside but also know the new rules mean that assistant refs are told not to raise the bloody thing until the player scores!
  15. No kids on show tonight as they're playing for <23s v Sunderland in the PL Cup.
  16. Someone seems keen. Timo Werner Sky interview after today's league game vs Schalke: "Jurgen Klopp is the best coach in the world. I think team's style of play (Liverpool) would suit my game"
  17. Oh...I stand corrected. You mean these? Mind you, the guy may have a point about VR fans
  18. Not sure what any of the above has to to with VAR itself. The PL is still growing in popularity both domestically and worldwide...that is why so many new providers and streamers (eg Netflix, Amazon, Goal.com et al) are clamouring to get on board. Not sure who you think the 'PL's competitors are, but I think you'll find that most if not all have already implemented VAR themselves so again, I don't see the relevance. Eventually, Sky/BT may well lose subscribers as the streaming sites become better/cheaper, especially if more successful clubs sort out individual deals with other providers. If the PL itself loses out as a result then fair enough but that is a completely different issue.
  19. Reminder time boys. Deadline is 19:30 Thai time this evening. Cheers
  20. Eastern Star Golf Course has half a dozen+ developments. Some are completed but private sales and rentals are ongoing. Also there are larger plots of land available. Motorway exit will be approx 2km away.
  21. ^ ThinK you're being a bit over-pessimistic mate. No signs that I see of attendances in the Bundesliga for example have decreased and VAR has been there a couple of years now. I agree it gives the 'celebrated pundits' another string to their bow but can't see that affecting attendances at the match itself. Biggest problem isn't VAR itself, it's the ineptness/intransigence of the officials themselves over here that causes most of the problems. If those on the pitch used the bloody monitors they were given and those at Stockley Park are less pedantic (modifying the offside rule a touch may help) then things will speed up and improve spectator and viewer satisfaction. VAR is here to stay, like it or lump it but hopefully over the next year or two it will be seen as less detrimental and more beneficial to the game.
  22. Apologies mate. Didn't check the date. This one better?.....Reusable so you will be requested to take them to Wembley as well.
  23. Thought the club normally paid for that sort of thing?
  24. So....a two year ban would be in order then!
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