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  1. And people need to understand that that’s the same with every test, whether Covid-19 or other things. When you get tested for HIV, it used to be that your test shouldn’t be earlier than 3 months after your last sex. With the newest generation tests, it’s supposed to be conclusive after 4-6 weeks already. What that actually means is that 95% of people develop enough antibodies/antigen after 4-6 weeks to show up on a test. It still means that you could be one of the 5% who don’t. There’s always a trade-off; if you were to target 100% safety it would mean you’d have to quarantine everyone for lon
  2. If I believed everything that’s “being touted”, we would be living on a flat earth where dark creatures controlled by chemtrails eat little children.
  3. Please elaborate how that works in detail. Because I believe it’s a load of nonsense: PCR generally is highly reliable and one of the best testing technology that exists in modern diagnostic, and many Covid-19 PCR seem to have sensitivity and specificity rates of up to 99.9%.
  4. From what I know, HSV is difficult to test for, and ideally been done using a swab from an open sore. Similarly, PCR tests for other infections get less reliable when using a wrong or less preferred specimen. Most currently available Covid-19 PCR tests seem to have a sensitivity and specificity rates of up to 99.9% if carried out correctly, which is extremely high. There’s one vendor that regularly tests all its hundreds of employees and never had a positive. If those tests had a high rate of false positives then this would not be the case. Some studies come to similar resu
  5. A populist Mickey Mouse paper quoting a rightwing populist and all those Brexiteers who don’t read past the clickbait headline get wet between their legs
  6. Now he cast himself in a negative manner, and cannot even falsely claim it’s just some doctored left wing biased version. (Not that anyone other than his QAnon friends would have believed that crapload anyways.) What an idiot.
  7. That’s nonsense. That’s always the case with PCR tests, whether it’s Covid or Chlamydia. That’s why you don’t do a test of cure too close to an antimicrobial treatment, for example, as the body may still he flushing out dead cells (another reason is false negatives btw). You don’t just rely on one positive. You do confirmatory tests, which may include additional PCR Tests as well as x-Rays and looking at a patient‘s symptoms. PCR is super reliable and one of the best technologies available in modern diagnosis. There are infections that practically you can’t
  8. So did the UK, of course. And, unlike the EU, they could have done and still could do so at every point in the process I believe.
  9. You are right, they could have denied the UK‘s requests for extensions.
  10. I would love to know how. Would you mind to elaborate, especially the “legally” part of it by providing reference to the relevant laws?
  11. At least they’re admitting they only have a chance by interrupting and talking over the other candidate.
  12. Was that the same “last week” where he announced negotiations are over just to backpedal again and keep negotiating?
  13. You should have told Boris that for a No Deal Brexit he doesn’t need “a massive lever”, and that he doesn’t need to backpedal from deadline to deadline like an amateur
  14. Where did I comment on Macron? Not sure commenting on a PMs past job is a good idea when your own one is a failed journalist who was caught making up stuff in his columns. A perfectly fine part of a negotiation. Feel free to say “no, no, no” in return.
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