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  1. You’re proposing a daytime curfew? Agree. Absolutely no justification for murdering people. Don’t you think?
  2. Maybe the US and Israel could start with destroying their nuclear weapons before demanding other countries to not engage in it, especially since it’s them who are the biggest warmongers in this world.
  3. Most people will get vaccinated eventually, and the few anti-vaxxers will have to stay home and watch more Qanon. So not much to fear about.
  4. People who want their right to drink alcohol may be denied the right to drive a car. And people who’re unfortunate enough to be born blind may also be denied the right to drive a car. The same will happen hear.
  5. I rarely negotiate a fare upfront (only for longer distances). I either just pay what I deem appropriate upon arrival, which is based on my experience and talking to and observing locals, or I politely ask what it costs afterwards. Quite often, the motorbike driver would then ask what I normally pay for this route, at which point I either propose something I deem appropriate or tell him that I don’t come there often. Maybe I’m vastly overpaying and that’s why I never had an issue with that approach, but the few fares I asked Thai colleagues to comment on seemed reasonable to them (20
  6. I can agree to this one. Never had an issue with any Thai whatsoever, certainly not with motorbike drivers, and certainly not being attacked violently. I think the only two Thais I actually had an issue with were girls who didn’t wanna leave.
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