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  1. But did you check that all the judges and clerks there are properly elected by the British people, and it’s the sovereign U.K. parliament that makes the laws handled by ECHR?
  2. You are the one making ridiculous claims. You are the one to prove it.
  3. Where does Article 50 say a member state needs to vote before triggering Article 50 to leave? Any member state can leave when it wants to.
  4. I can certainly appreciate that different people consider different things “fine”. I never found anything remotely “fine” in those venues, but whatever floats your boat.
  5. Don’t worry; both sides will be fine. On the EU side, checks and law enforcement will keep your chlorinated chicken away. As the UK side intends to keep their border open, they can continue to benefit from quality EU products for the starving people and quality migrant workers.
  6. Because it would hurt the single market. And the single market is worth much more than the UK market. No deal is less damage than a bad deal for the EU.
  7. I’m wondering for how long he wants to ridicule himself and his country. He’s like a guy coming to a vegetarian restaurant demanding a steak, and when being told there’s only salad and tofu, he’d come back every three weeks demanding everyone to be more flexible, otherwise he would starve to death but the restaurant would surely lose some profit and the beef industry would certainly protest. Fool.
  8. How many borders in the world between countries not in a single market do you know that don’t have infrastructure? If the UK wants to keep its border open that’s up to the UK. The EU will not do so but protect the single market.
  9. There used to be a Dutch pub on the corner of Soi Cowboy where you could get Frikandel Speciaal and other Dutch fastfood like Kroketten. Too bad it has since been turned into another boring agogo.
  10. No. How is it relevant? I never said Brexit is complete. I understand everyone who doesn’t applaude your Brexit nonsense is a remainer your small world.
  11. A typical Brexiteer letter. No solutions, but we want the cake and eat it, and it’s your responsibility to make it happen.
  12. Do you think any Brexiteer reads past the bold headlines, risking to be confused by challenging details? Let them live in their fantasy land bubble.
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