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  1. If you need to watch YouTube-videos, I believe you’re the one who doesn’t know what was said on the ballot paper. Hint: You can just read it; it really is only a piece of paper with words on it. สู้ ๆ น่ะ If Brexiteers can’t read EU legislation (or the vocabulary is above their comprehension skills) then I’m afraid people are rightfully calling them uneducated. Again, YouTube-videos of your favorite neonazi fanatic are not needed, it all exists in written, black on white, even though the average Brexiteer might not be capable of digesting something that requires an attention span of more than a video clip.
  2. Brexit has redrawn the ideological lines of politics in the UK. Professor Sara Hobolt at the London School of Economics explained that there "are more people now who are willing to identify as either Brexiteers or Remainers than as supporters of any party. This new divide is more tribal than old party politics, with both groups tending to be inherently distrustful of one another." (CNN; https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/02/20/uk/confusing-brexit-is-confusing-intl-gbr/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.de%2F)
  3. A new group in Parliament, free to vote and speak as they like, can now make the case for a softer Brexit, or even a second vote, and do so in ways that could damage both the government and the opposition. (...) If the movement swells, it could create the momentum for a second referendum and push one party or another (probably the Labour Party) to formally back such a vote. It could terrify Conservative Brexiteers into backing May on her deal. It could completely break the parliamentary arithmetic and cause the UK to stumble into a no deal. It could force a general election in which all 11 lose their seats. (CNN)
  4. And it continued this way: Boss: Anyway, would you mind preparing an analysis? Executive team: No sir. No one ever did a Brexit. It is impossible to examine. A black-box. Boss: But how about our supply-chain. How do we prepare? Janitor (shouting): Project Fear! Traitor! Executive team: No problem sir. That’s solved. We are deploying a new innovative technology. Boss: What’s that? Executive team: Good question sir. It hasn’t been developed yet. Boss: That doesn’t work. Janitor (shouting): Traitor! Executive team: Henry Ford didn’t need just-in-time. You need to be more creative sir.
  5. As we can see in the current negotiations between the 27 EU and 1-4 UK countries.
  6. The Tories and the Labour you mean? There was a vote already. Are you trying to overturn the democratic will of the people who voted them in? Seeing women capable of more than a “Han’sum man” and four-in-a-row victory must be pretty irritating for the average Brexiteer.
  7. You might be right. However, they’ll be out of the EU then and can only create (more) havoc inside the UK. The first priority for the EU now is to ensure they leave and cannot pull the A50 withdrawal anymore.
  8. “unelected” — and then Brexiteers complain when people state they’re uneducated...
  9. I may have to change my opinion about leave voters. Not all of them are living in cloud cuckoo land: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/19/leave-to-remain-the-voters-who-have-changed-their-minds-over-brexit
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