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  1. How did the EU force their rules onto the UK without the UK agreeing to it? And didn’t that EU include the UK, so wasn’t it the UK itself who forced its own rules onto itself?
  2. I wasted 15 minutes of my life to actually read this piece. Again, no evidence for anything, just a lot of assertions plus the usual attempt to cast doubt by throwing random data at the reader (“Germany beat Brazil 7-1, but they never beat Brazil 7-1, so there you have it.”). Next.
  3. I’m wondering what career opportunities people expect who don’t speak the local language and whose salary requirements probably are well above those of locals.
  4. What I’ve heard from people working in the hotel industry, the government takes up to 40%. In addition to that, some hotels simply don’t wanna take the operational hassle and/or have their regular business being affected by it.
  5. Too bad you’re not even allowed to carry a knife in your pocket, and no one is accusing you of murder but of carrying a knife that you’re not allowed to carry.
  6. They (or their representatives) need to figure out what the best treatment is for them. The mental issues of all the nutjobs this world has ain’t my business.
  7. Like I said, every sane person knows. Only the conspiracy theory brigade considers this “an unprecedented situation”.
  8. No confirmation bias; it’s called being realistic. No Supreme Court will declare a whole election invalid and disenfranchise millions of voters. That is what happens when people watch too much Fox News and read too much Qanon nonsense: They lose their sanity and common sense and consider even the most ridiculous fantasy products a realistic possibility. Spend just two minutes on some of Trump’s followers Twitter accounts and you feel like you’re listening to a group of lunatics in a mental institution.
  9. I don’t think anyone is claiming a copyright on those deals. I also think it’s the sensible thing to do for the UK to roll-over those existing deals first and then negotiate something more tailored later (as long as they can easily be rolled over and re-negotiated later). It’s just a bit amusing when Brexiteers celebrate these deals as huge successes when they’re merely an operational workaround and an admission of the fact that the EU actually provided some good benefits and did a lot of things right.
  10. More clutching straws and wasting money. That corrupt lazy loser should use the remaining days in office to serve the American people instead of wasting the courts‘ time and providing his criminal buddies an out of jail card. But then again that’s all he was doing for four years. What a banana republic.
  11. You mean the opposite of chilling in front of the TV with a burger in one hand and playing Twitter using the other hand while a pandemic is raging and people die?
  12. Yes, only some 50 days or so left. Jared and Ivanka already started the moving process. Wondering when daddy will join.
  13. If you define “homogenous” as speaking the same language and eating the same food, then I guess the US may be more homogeneous than the EU. But then it also seems pretty pointless, because Europe with its different languages and foods seems to be living together more peacefully and united than the US. And I understand your point wasn’t languages and food, but internal conflicts.
  14. The only people with a problem and the only people that are failing to show “evidence in a court with real judges” seem to be Donald Dumb and his clown combo who are trying to subvert the electorate’s decision and “push” their conspiracy theories. But the shítshow is highly entertaining. At least for us non-Americans as we are having a good laugh and can be glad that we are not the laughing stock of the world.
  15. To neither one, as she feared that those deep state agencies would just eat her reports in the basement of a pizza shop where they’re selling children to create chemtrails in the sky.
  16. I think you’ve been confusing things. The one month is not related to the timeline to enact the Boris bill (so it is not a delay of the Boris bill). It would (potentially) delay any decisions made under the powers of that Bill (I.e., it will only be relevant after the Boris bill has been enacted).
  17. I know this might be disappointing for someone who wished that his vote for Brexit also would give him a say on future trade relationships, but you’ll have to accept that a vote you’re being granted for a specific matter doesn’t give you a say in all other matters, especially not those that aren’t your business. Hungary and Poland had a vote on the budget and a Corona relief package, and they decided they don’t want it, so now countries are taking their money that Hungary and Poland didn’t want elsewhere and our two wannabe fascist states can get their Corona relief from elsewhere. Duh.
  18. Yes, I’ve been educating you. Do you actually read a topic before making a fool of yourself? Two countries have vetoed the budget. Even the headline says it: EU leaders deadlocked over recovery plan after Hungary, Poland veto
  19. Unfortunately your personal experience with clubs is as irrelevant as the fact that I’ve never seen a mole rat.
  20. It might surprise you, but yes, clubs sometimes change. A “planning permission”? Again, you’re failing at analogies. It’s called freedom of contract. One of the achievements of our western democracies. Yes. You’re in the wrong thread.
  21. They’re not your team, so by “blaming” them you’re just admitting defeat. A bit like Samsung blaming Apple for not getting more sales.
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