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  1. As mentioned earlier when the buyers started policies refusing to buy any burnt cane the farmers obliged and harvested it green, sold it green, then went back to the fields and burned them afterwards anyway. If these harvesters are not the type that till the stalks back into the earth I would imagine burning will continue just as badly as before and there are going to be a lot of red faces. People need to understand farmers burn because they enjoy it, not because they have to from corn to rice to sugar to you name it.
  2. It has already been observed that when the cane buyers put in policies that they would not purchase burnt cane, the Thai farmers harvested their green cane, sold it, THEN BURNT THE FIELDS AS USUAL. In light of this, how are harvesting machines going to help reduce smog?
  3. A lot of things cause people to kill others. Alcohol. Way too many innocent people are killed on the road and elsewhere by it every year. Should it be banned? Where is your story about the 2 old ladies run over by a drunk? Why is there a double standard?
  4. The people in Thailand disturb the peace all the time and it isn't meth related. There are endless threads about the late night funerals, the loud karaoke, the noisy motorcycles, etc, etc. So insinuating no meth dealers would somehow make a peaceful place to live is ridiculous.
  5. The article insinuates literally BILLIONS of meth pills made it to market in 2018 alone. That's mind blowing. Given that kind of usage already exists today it is unclear how legalizing it would cause a sudden shift to an axe wielding maniac society. Curbing is not working. New strategy, whatever that may be, is needed.
  6. Protecting the forests is a good thing. But one problem with hiking as the method for detection is recent studies show that when animals detect the presence of humans they switch to a nocturnal existence, no matter how inconspicuous or short that contact may be. We should not stress animals and endanger their existence in order to protect them when less intrusive ways exist. And the main problem is just how small of an area a person on foot can cover. With millions and millions of rai of forestland there is simply no way this approach will ever protect very much of the forests. It's a drop in the bucket approach. Drones with infrared sensors can monitor enormous areas of a forest, cost a lot less money than a person, do not disturb the wildlife so much and can be very effective day or even late at night. Drones can even follow poachers movements right back to their vehicles, keeping footage along the way as evidence gathering and allow the poachers to be busted before exiting the premises. 50 years ago hikes would have been about the best one could do, but better ways exist today and are becoming better all the time. I wish they would step back, create a goal to (1) protect all of the Thai forests, not just selected bits (2) minimizes the impact on the forest life, and (3) minimize cost per unit of area to maximize coverage then have a rethink. I don't think it's an impossible goal and would be willing to bet technology companies would come running to them from all directions with free products as all over the world people would love to see this happen and be a part of it.
  7. Mountains are typically in the north of Thailand where the worst of the smoke problem is. I am about 1000 meters up. The air appears somewhat better visually, but some smog is certainly still evident. If you are an active outdoor person concerned with health I can't recommend high altitudes amid smoggy places. Thai's will burn everything, not just rice or sugar. Every crop, every pasture, every forest, every bit of plastic, everything is burnt. Even if growing fruit trees they are known to gather all the dead branches and leaves to make big fires out of them. They just love to burn and they don't care.
  8. Astonishing considering the population is 70 million. I know nothing of the stuff but if everyone is using it maybe it's time to legalize instead of throw more money at the futile effort of seizures.
  9. YOU can't. That is the difference. No one else is paying those kind of high prices and farms are everywhere operating just fine. It's plain as day to anyone who looks around. Stop making up stories to try to hide your personal failures.
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