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  1. There are companies in Thailand that inject structural foam under slabs that will raise them back to being even. Example: https://www.facebook.com/1571881319695555/videos/1575650542651966
  2. I find what you have uncovered disturbing. I think you should contact lazada and ask them how the same review by the same people with the same pictures is ending up on multiple products. I doubt what some here say is true--that sharing reviews is approved by lazada. My guess is the seller has a bunch of lazada accounts and for each product he lists he buys from himself with these accounts and gives it 5 star reviews. Sellers already love opening up dozens of pages for the same product so putting reviews along with them is just one step further to plaster your screen with his product and have
  3. The cutting depth of either planer is greatly limited by the width and hardness of the wood. Below are the guidelines for the dewalt (picture) and Makita (table). No matter what blades are used, either machine with more power would be very welcome to those planing wide boards and there's nothing more annoying than a rough cut board getting stuck and the breaker tripping because there was a spot just 1mm thicker than you could see. Now back to helical. It's true a helical cutter head in theory will reduce the maximum cutting depth. I cannot definitively say whether helical signific
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