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  1. Not with 3BB. I signed up for 200mbps fiber optic for 1200 baht a month several years ago. Somewhere along the line they upgraded my package to 500mpbs without me doing anything and at no extra charge and no change in monthly fee. This is also the same price they offer it to new customers for today. So once again, kudos to 3BB for taking care of existing customers so well.
  2. I have nothing but good things to say about 3BB sales and support. Once someone cut a tree down and took down a fiber optic line. Of course they didn't say anything to anyone. When 3BB heard the line was dead they quickly came out, pinpointed the issue, and fixed it without complaints or charges of any kind. Very quick and skillful work.
  3. There is another way. I didn't choose to fight it. I didn't choose to put up with it. I didn't choose to leave. I took the other lesser known 4th option. My house has double pane windows with full weatherstripping, 9-inch thick walls, and soundproofing top to bottom. When I close the house, the loud speakers and motorcycle noise is all gone. It's silence. I sleep like a baby, wake as late as my body wants to. Can concentrate or have a game of chess anytime of the day or night. I have to open the door and stick my head out to quantify the noise the idiots are making outside. It's like two worlds--mine and theirs. My house is like my heaven and I am like a god having complete control over their noise. I just love it and count my lucky stars everyday that I went with this approach.
  4. That's actually a bad thing. Even if you are sleeping the brain is monitoring and decoding all the noise going on. That's why if someone says your name you wake up. The brain needs quiet times to recuperate and replenish and this is essential to our health. Our species from the beginning of time enjoyed quiet all the way until our generation in the developing world with these ultra loud speakers and vehicles all around us. We are only now learning just how harmful denying our brain the quiet times it needs is. Studies show people that live closer to busy roads have a higher incidence of heart attacks. Just your whole physical and mental health deteriorate. Anyone in rural Thailnd will notice the people living there typically don't live long and suffer from many health issues from a young age. It's not uncommon for people in their 50's to die, even some in their 40's. Places where noise is kept in check the life expectancy is much longer. If your body tells you something is wrong, listen to it. Never ignore what your body is telling you is wrong. It's like putting your hand over a flame hurts, but you condition yourself to take the pain. It's a nonsense solution.
  5. When you dialed the 1111 hotline for foreigners to resolve noise complaints what did they say? Surely that was the very first thing you tried.
  6. A lot of them come with integrated pressure tanks. This tank will dampen the pressure increase when the pump turns on. A gradual pressure increase will occur until the water pressure builds up to your high pressure limit setting. You can optionally add a big pressure tank to the system to reduce pump on/off cycling frequency. A company like grundfos will listen to your requirements and recommend a suitable pump and accessories.
  7. This is the real story no one is talking about. They want a system to automatically send you a speeding ticket every time you go over it. And they will justify it as road safety.
  8. Of course I can back every single fact I have posted with references. Have you seen the photos I posted? Look again, pictures don't lie. How many people other than me are posting such factual information to back their posts? Right. And I'll do it again here. Keep in mind there are emails, news stories, videos, tweets, and just all sorts of independently verifiable information online. Too many to list. Let's look at that famous CNN interview. Everyone knows the first sentence out of Vern's mouth was that ugly insult "He can stick his submarine where it hurts". What a way to start an interview! What people may not know is the second sentence out of Vern's mouth was an ugly lie: Elon designed several prototypes optimized to the unique sections of the caves, not just one rigid sub (another lie by Vern). This is due to Elon having critical knowledge of the cave passages he received from the cave diver experts in Thailand who were helping him with the sub design. Do you need references? Just call my bluff, I've got 4 aces in my hand. But the real question to me is what drove Vern to insult and lie in this interview? Very strange indeed. And even stranger he blew a gasket when Elon gave him a dose of his own medicine. Sounds more like the truth hurts. I am simply providing the facts here. If these facts upset you then you are free to leave the discussion.
  9. I can see if one sometimes cuts left and sometimes right it would need eyeballed. What I do is always position the work piece so the cutoff is on the same side. Then the laser line is true every time. And with such consistency there's less room for accidentally positioning the blade over the wrong side of the line. There's also the Festool 10" compound miter which puts a laser on *both* sides. That's even better because it shows the kerf perfectly before cutting and so it is easy to line up on either side.
  10. I don't know how eyeballing could improve upon a laser. Or maybe it works different than other miter saws. I have the Hitachi 12" compound miter saw. Lining up to the laser is great for accurate cuts. It cuts dead perfect down the laser line. The laser can be adjusted to line up on the left or right side of the kerf. The Hitachi is a good saw in my experience btw, but also very expensive (>20K).
  11. I live a province over and would say this about Phitsanulok from a north-central Thailand perspective: 1. pretty girls 2. great shopping; you can get a lot there that isn't available for the next few hundred kilometers. 3. best traditional massage in the region 4. best veterinarian in the region (phitsanulok animal hospital) 5. best hospitals in the region 6. good parks/caves 7. most impressive temple in the area (chinnarat) 8. vegetarian food availability 9. excellent fiber optic speeds / prices 10. terrible traffic delays due to the huge number of non consecutive traffic lights to get across town. Or even worse the days the police are stopping everyone. Despite being new, the highway 12 road surface outside of town is crumbling away and is the thai "modern" type that they are putting up concrete barrier medians that are not relaxing to drive. but at least it is 4 lane which is so wonderful compared to days past.
  12. It's like saying "i put a wheel on my car omitting one of the lug nuts and so far it hasn't fallen off so I am thinking it's safe". That doesn't sound terribly reassuring. The cabinets could already be in a state of failure or they could last forever; we just don't know. If at anytime a kid were to pull themselves up using a cabinet door or something else unusual happens the results might not be so good. It's the really rare but inevitable abnormal usage, not the normal everyday usage of a product that tells you about the quality of what you have. A lot of things in Thailand work fine until that big storm hits, then they just blame the storm.
  13. I made nothing up. The interview was a man bashing Elon. Nothing more, nothing less. "He can stick his submarine where it hurts" is not an opinion, it is an insult. Again, that's fine for some knee slapping laughs with your buddies on a bar stool. And I wouldn't be so sure he just happened to be asked in an impromptu interview. Vern would have had many opportunities to talk to the press and declined. Choosing CNN and this single topic exclusively seems to indicate he deliberately sought the largest possible outlet for what he wanted to say and he wanted Elon and the world to hear this trash. And this is supported by the fact he had more insults and lies to throw at Elon publicly on later dates. In fact I have never heard Vern talk about anything other than his hatred of Elon. And that's a shame as Vern surely has a lot in there that would be fascinating to us. But all we get is this childish behavior. Couldn't agree more. Not being able to see or admit to yourself that Vern was telling lies to ruin Elon's reputation shows you are biased and it blinds you from the truth. I don't get this need for people to act like a cheering section at a boxing match egging the opponent and rooting for their guy. I on the other hand am capable of seeing both men did right, and both men did wrong and leave it at that so I find this behavior very strange.
  14. Vern is not a diver and didn't "dismiss" it so I disagree with both points. Vern said "He can stick his submarine where it hurts". That's an insult, not a dismissal. That's fine for some knee slapping laughs with your buddies on a bar stool, not stepping up to a CNN microphone having just that one thing to say. Now if you see the system the rescuers used to rescue the kids and someone told you Elon designed it you would all be laughing your asses off and explaining how it couldn't work. Why? Simply because the word Elon was in there. The system that was used was horribly fragile, tossed the kids around like rag dolls, had never been tested, no one knew if it would work, everyone knew the odds of making it work were low, the kids were tranquilized to the point the rescuers moving them didn't know if they were alive or corpses and the doctors had signed diplomatic immunity deals to cover themselves. Not a pretty situation but it was all they had to work with. There were a number of very close calls where they almost lost a kid, but by gosh they worked their hearts off and drew off their expertise and saved every single kid. Hats off. I have nothing but admiration for everyone's contribution, including Vern's, but NOT Vern's publicity stunt. Not true. Elon from the very beginning reached out to the cave experts in Thailand and when they talked, Elon listened. The experts immediately dismissed Elon's original idea of a tube pumped up with air the kids could crawl through. So you could say the sub idea can be attributed to the cave experts, not Elon and the experts on the ground encouraged Elon to develop it because in their words, it might well get used. And the other thing is Elon did not seem to be the one personally designing, building, testing, or delivering these subs. Elon connected the dots and drew upon experts who did a phenomenal job. Some were from his companies, others from other companiies. Everyone when called upon was glad to help. There were no tesla logos waved around, no publicity stunts, just nuts and bolts practical products churned out to help save the kids as best as anyone could do.
  15. The short answer is whole reason they made the steel ones is the plastic ones don't work right with AAC. The plastic ones can more easily pull out, spin in place, and loosen over time. Wrong fastener for the job. The steel ones have fins that are designed to drive into AAC block and then bite in real good with the screw winching the tapered and ribbed sides into place. You don't get any of that with the plastic ones that are a simple friction joint and that friction can lead to crushing AAC grits or be very weak rather than actual tightening unlike when used with stronger materials like concrete and red bricks. I don't like the "it's worked so far" approach to validating a building choice and instead want to understand what has been engineer approved and up to date. The steel ones aren't expensive so I just don't know why a knowledgeable person would deliberately chance opening a can of worms. Better to have peace of mind, no worries sleeping at night, and not chancing needing to go back and fix things you just got done doing I think.
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