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  1. Thailand passed a law that all electric vehicles must have a noise making device turned on while moving for safety reasons. Sad to say, this is not a joke.
  2. You are right, workers are hard to get. It can take a lot to solve this especially for an expat to figure out: paying enough, broadening your search, knowing people, language, etc. My advice is don't be discouraged, try until you succeed. For an area of that size or really of any size, a ground cover can be extremely valuable in many ways. I like perennial peanut. It never needs mowed or fertilized and can take foot traffic and stays nice and low. It can be watered in the dry season to be lush all year round or if not will go dormant in the dry season but snap right back instantly when the rains return. It has a good root structure which will help hold a hillside and prevent any erosion. The small yellow flower is attractive and an area with perennial peanut will attract a lot of different wildlife. Best of all, it makes a thick cover and that keeps most weeds out. The few weeds that pop up can be pulled quickly. Preparation and planting is also a piece of cake. Find someone that has some and they will likely let you trim the tops off completely free as many as you need. Get a bundle of them and stick them directly in the ground at the beginning of the rainy season on 20cm centers. No need to kill the weeds before planting. Just keep it mowed after planting maybe once a month until the perennial peanut wins out which it slowly, surely will do until you have a nice, beautiful hillside that is easy to take care of and never needs a bit of poisoning ever again.
  3. Unsorth's anger at Musk wasn't just that bizarre outburst on CNN where he had nothing at all to say about the rescue other than to insult Elon in front of millions of people. Unsworth was also furious when Elon rolled up his sleeves and personally went to Thailand and to the cave to help with the rescue should he be called upon. Vern was so furious by this that he blurted to everyone that Elon was told to leave quickly. What??? Vern also said things that are not true about the submarine. While everyone else was relieved and overjoyed after the rescue, this fellow just couldn't keep his vile mouth shut. It's not clear what caused Vern to become so unhinged and obsessed about Elon, spouting all these lines of slander. No one else was doing this. Just look at that cheeky grin. He's just so proud of himself for what he said.
  4. I am surprised how often this question comes up. Anyone in Thailand who wants an air quality monitor only has to do the following: Go to lazada.com and search for "air quality monitor" Sort by popularity Select one with 5 stars that has a huge number of people that have reviewed it. Buy it. Whatever unit you choose, it's a good idea to baseline its readings with what the nearest air quality stations are reporting. It shouldn't be wildly different in one direction or the other. If you can't reconcile the difference then return it within 7 days and get your full money back. Give the seller a chance to respond first. Don't forget to review your device for the benefit of others.
  5. There are a lot more weeds in the rainy season, but it's actually easier because the damp earth means weeds pull right out, roots and all. In the dry season there are a lot fewer but they get real tough to pull and break off. I have had workers pull weeds at my place for years and years. Never contemplated using any of these awful poisons. So I have a lot of experience for a case study. I have the workers dump all the weeds into a compost bin and the leafy greens make the most excellent potting soil. It is so satisfying to see, feel and smell this beautiful, rich jet black earth it makes. And having some old ladies from a poor village who have no chance of a job come out and make some money is very rewarding for them and for myself to see.
  6. Most ridiculous post in the world. AND JUST WHO EXACTLY SAID IT WOULD? Elon certainly knew that made subs for each area of the cave tuned to the unique requirements he received from the cave experts in Thailand. The below sub was made for the area known as the "choke point". Absolutely phenomenal work to assemble the experts, design, develop, test, and deliver such amazing and highly useful technology to Thailand in such record time. Hats off to everyone involved.
  7. You're right. I think I can make out it says cat5. That is terribly outdated! Soon the fiber optic speeds in Thailand will go higher than 1 gigabit. To handle this you will need advanced ethernet cables and connectors. Given the reliability and speed of today's internet in Thailand I can't see the point of putting in old fashioned things like satellite dishes, cable tv, or wired telephones. Cable modems and adsl are also on the way out. One important note about proximity of data cables with power cables. Typically countries have regulations on minimum distances they should be from each other for safety like say a short that would run AC power into a DC cable or noise/interference of AC into the DC cable impacting its performance. AC and DC cables usually should not come closer than 30-50cm of each other.
  8. I am curious. Why do some people requote the picture over and over? What value does it add to a thread?
  9. There might be something wrong with their equipment or someone is burning next to it. The reading has now skyrocketed to 371. Generally the air in the north is pretty good right now, even better than Bangkok, as seen below due to some very useful rains. A lot of green quality air. Visibility is excellent. However the government has announced the cold season begins this week so enjoy these last few days. We night not see air of this quality again for the next 6-8 months.
  10. Is coax and a phone jack really relevant to a new house? I would not want either of these ancient technologies under any circumstances. If anything wire the house with exclusively cat 7a with POE. Aside from that I would not recommend the product pictured nor would I bring something similar from the US because it is the wrong outlet type and the standard Thai plugs with round leads won't fit.
  11. An alternative is build a wall around the flu going up to the ceiling. Then the flu can go in the cavity. No need to go through / seal the external wall and the flu stays totally hidden and goes straight up with no bends. This wall could be made of cement board and have the same stone fascia as the fireplace to improve the look to that of a brick fireplace & chimney.
  12. Duh! We know the answer as to WHO did it and WHY they did it. If you want to understand what happened you need to take into account factual information from the people that were there rather than speculate in the dark. The elephants might very well have ended up on highway 3077 that day looking for food. What we know for sure is they were then deliberately herded by park rangers to the waterfall, the most dangerous place in the park where they were cornered, scared, and panicked. It was said nothing like this has happened for 30 years. It's not clear to me, but it sounds like the 30 year old event might have been caused by the same thing--park rangers herding panicking elephants to a dangerous location. Elephants are smart creatures, a lot smarter than you give them credit for. They just don't go looking for food and end up dead. This tragedy was caused by man's deliberate actions.
  13. Why don't you: (A) read this thread as others have already provided direct quotes from news stories supporting this. How hard can that be as there is only 3 pages? And (B) look at previous reputable news stories on this site where these facts were released. Again, how hard can that be as there aren't many? Then you can see how stupid your comment is, apologize, and join the discussion if you wish.
  14. Please explain this strange opinion. The news reported the park rangers herded them there and admitted to doing so. I find it strange posts like yours where no one wants to believe or talk about what really happened. This was an avoidable, man made tragedy. Nothing more, nothing less. The elephants deserve better care than being driven in fear to the most dangerous place in the park that they never venture to themselves, panicking and screaming seeing their families and themselves falling to cruel deaths. Lessons could be learned preventing future such debacles, but no we have to find blame somewhere else and ignore what really happened.
  15. Thailand is not a large country. Where is the radioactive waste going?
  16. Let's not forget this was no natural tragedy. The elephants did not go to the cliffs willingly and were smart enough to never go there on their own. They were deliberately herded by park rangers and forced to this dangerous point where they were scared and died. Why is no one talking about this?
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