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  1. U tell em col.... As reported on Thai TV last night there is a downward slope and helped by a strong wind it appeared to move by it,s own accord.
  2. The vast majority of those who applied for it have received nothing....that,s what,s "useless" about it
  3. And you really think they will get turfed out dd...no chance...I also find it interesting that the mainstream Thai media have not reported all the efforts of (mainly farang) businesses here the help given to these poor folk and lack of effort by those in power..but T.I.T. and rightly pointed by col it,s the 1% they look after...
  4. And any "loose change" will be gratefully accepted
  5. Even the older plain ladies need some loving...go for it and ask her how much she can pay you beforehand.... The older girls don,t tell The older girls don,t swell But the older girls are as grateful as hell.....
  6. Followed by 14 days quarantine...go for it
  7. I,m guessing it will be as useless as the other "government stimulus measures" i.e. 2000 baht rebate and 5,000 baht/month schemes they came up with
  8. "facing an attempted murder charge"....and he,s free to wander about...absolute idiotic law enforcement is over here
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