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  1. Press needs to be notified..officials need their uniforms taken out of mothballs and the caterers need to be notified regarding the buffet menu
  2. I forecast a photoshoot handshake and wai as well as the basket of goodies in the original reporting of the incident...how wrong I was...WOW he got a whole basket of fruit lucky lad Give it a couple of days and the taxi guy will be out roaming free once more
  3. They need to fly someone into the country to show them how to set up a website correctly.....
  4. Don`t be like that dd....it was noticeable the PM is having the AZ jab and not one of these Chinese krap
  5. I see your trying the "strong stuff" today...no good at your age...try sleeping it off
  6. No it,s you...obviously the high life in Hua Hin is taking it`s toll
  7. You have referred to yourself in the past as John Holmes....make up your blaady mind....
  8. And I,m blaady sick...transferred a wad over early last week to top up my retirement ext. funds for my renewal late April...got 41.24...happy at the time but could have waited a little longer....not to worry (crying) hindsight is a wonderful thing
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