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  1. Would they please put them up in and around the bar areas also......
  2. Wait and see...patience is the key
  3. You will have to go in person to your immigration office with both passports and they will do it there.....pick up the day after
  4. I cannot agree,the actions of the boys cost one rescuer his life and substantial cost to the government...only fair and right in my opinion that some of this should be recovered
  5. I,ve had dealings with quite a few Italian tools in my time........ooops sorry on a more serious note if you,re just using it occasionally and carefully it should be fine
  6. I,m off down south on the 7th april and returning late afternoon on the 20th.....by then it,s safe in Patts
  7. Doing something away from the sex area is difficult...most of Pattaya can be considered a sex area.....if you want to try a go go by all means go for it it,s fun without partaking in anything untoward.....try the soi LK Metro area and on nearby soi Bukhaow there are many inexpensive bars where you drink peacefully and watch the world in all its glory go by...as for temples and shows look outside the city,I,m afraid.....good luck and report back after your visit
  8. It,s a lightweight PVC canopy from Homepro....and it is quite light....but yes I do wonder about it taking off and flying through the air when we get some strong winds.....haven,t completely made up my mind yet
  9. The fixings supplied are for fitting the canopy to a wall....mine needs fitting to my fascia board as you can see in the pic. the steps leading up to the terrace get wet when rain bounces up from the path...a canopy 2 metres wide 600mm deep over the steps will stop this....I hope.
  10. smedly DIY breath test kits are available online....you could always ask the morcy taxi guys to take the test before you get on..............just a thought
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