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  1. Found a shop over by the railway road Chai Pradapyont 081-3409519 fits most auto stuff,excellent work and not expensive.....job done
  2. If its the one with the "waggly tail" no problems anymore as I gave it a swift kick in the "gooleys" yesterday and was last seen running up Pratumnak hill
  3. OK smog then.....but still need them fitting
  4. Guys....I need an auto electrician,competent mechanic to fit a pair of fog lights on my car.....any ideas please?
  5. I stayed in Kata/Karon last december......thought I was in Moscow
  6. Louts.....hopefully they can find them and show them what the inside of a thai prison is like....that will wipe the smiles off their faces
  7. Gents stop the insults....she isn,t a "fatty"......just pleasantly rounded
  8. Breaking news.....Gordon Banks Englands World Cup winning goalkeeper has died aged 81.
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