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  1. Wait and see......always plenty of opportunities for the gals that like to "weigh up" potential customers first hand..."hey hansum man...my friend like you" this is a regular mating call that cannot be done online.....
  2. Too much common sense...they don`t go in for that here
  3. It,s called a "blip" albeit a rather large one....Pattaya will return as Pattaya as before sometime not in the too distant future....leaner/meaner and keener as never before,as I type lessons from retired bar ladies are being passed onto their younger siblings in readiness for the farangs return to sin city.....
  4. Another day and another horror story of a lack of awareness and common sense it seems...will driving/riding standards EVER improve here. RIP to the lady and hope her passenger makes a recovery.
  5. Careless driving by the Benz driver...not paying attention to the road ahead. R.I.P. the young lady......a complete waste of life.
  6. Good question and my guess is no...not in hospitals....but in Private clinics I,m sure they can,and do.
  7. Try unplugging and reinstall again.....
  8. No need to do anything giddyup...leave it as it is and mine is a swipe is all that,s needed...maybe not as secure but what the hell.
  9. She remembers you from the past......
  10. I do my own oil/filter change....not quite senile yet...and the waste oil goes to my neighbour who uses it as timber protection...his words not mine
  11. In my local tax office (Chonburi) it takes a couple of months to come through.
  12. Mr BJ...I had a new black car here a couple of years back,keeping them looking clean is a nightmare.....I followed it with a silver one, looks better and doesn`t show half as much muck on it....too late to change....p.s. I would forget the ceramic coating also,that seems the conclusion judging by the previous threads on it.....up to you of course.
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