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  1. Very few in the dirty farang enclave of Pattaya I see...
  2. Lucky chap...good for you....where I live its 100 baht +tip.
  3. We are talking about Thailand....not Australia...
  4. No water shortage here just off 3rd road.....
  5. I,ll wait till normal times to give you my thoughts....how`s that.
  6. I do not know of any massage place here in Pattaya that pays the girls for sitting and playing on their phones....if a girl gets a customer they usually share 50/50 with the shop owner tips excluded....cannot comment for anywhere else.
  7. I can only comment on massage prices here in Pattaya...firstly we are overrun with massage places (as with bars/opticians/rooms/dentists etc etc etc)and a relatively expensive Thai massage will set you back 300 baht/hour and at the other end as little as 80 baht/hour.....all prices are market driven not by folk living/visiting but by the owners themselves...as earlier mentioned the area at the Pattaya klang/soi Bukhaow intersection must have 20/30 shops vying for business at prices from 80 up to 150....there is no difference in the service provided,I myself have tried maybe half a dozen places
  8. Fold back and tape if you cannot find the exact ones?
  9. And plenty of soi 6 ladies would agree...3 minutes 55555
  10. Lies Lies Lies....unless quarantine appeals to you....
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