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  1. I cannot for the life of me understand someone going to Phuket every year for 13 years. What is there to keep someone coming back? I could understand someone visiting a different part of Thailand each year (perhaps) but what made him choose the same place instead of going to other countries for his different holidays. Or was his choice based on getting laid?
  2. This is a major issue for some people. I have a friend who's daughter is half American and half Philippines. They moved here when she was a very young child and she only knows Thailand as home. She's at University here so is now on an education visa, but once she graduates she'll have to find a job or leave Thailand. She's in a position where this is her only home, yet she could be forced out after growing up her. She doesn't need a job to stay here from a financial point of view as she can live with her parents for free.
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