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  1. Sorry to hear you've lost two friends. Eating healthy and exercising does not guarantee that damage you've done or choices you made earlier in life will go away. You need to go for regular, intensive medical checkup as you get older, in fact starting at around 30 is probably a good idea as the damage starts early.
  2. I used to use the Thai exchange called BX, until it closed down. It was very good, never had any issues with using it. I now use Bitkub.com also very good, has a good phone app although I do all my buying and selling through the proper website.
  3. It's fairly obvious that some people here have zero clue about these platforms, which I suppose is understandable. It is all part of taking traditional finance (banking) and making it decentralised (DeFi - Decentralised Finance). In very very basic terms instead of everyone giving their money to a bank that then lends it out, people deposit their funds (fiat or various cryptos) and the platforms lend it out. The platforms charge interest to borrow that is (obviously) higher than the interest they pay on your deposits. For example, lets say I deposit $500 worth of BTC, I will ear
  4. The details were in the post. The figures are based on someone living for around 14 years after they retire - with the average age of retirement in America (64) and the average life expectancy (78.7).
  5. When I first found ThaiVisa I expected the average age to be around 25-30. I'm still kind of shocked that the demographics are so massively skewed towards old blokes.
  6. Recently a Hong Kong 'Star Ferry' that was converted into a luxury house boat has gone on sale in Hong Kong. The price is HK$21 million or 82 million THB https://asia-pacificboating.com/yachts-news-star-ferry-conversion-sale/
  7. I've move that hideous furniture out of the dining room and park my cars inside. You'd get more than 5 cars in there.
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