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  1. Something you should be aware of when having teeth removed is that the act of applying pressure to the tooth signals your body to keep the bone density high behind the tooth, when you remove a tooth that pressure is no longer there and the density of the bone started to lessen. Lose too many teeth and you start to lose the shape of your jaw. If you have to lose a tooth it is a good idea to get it replaced as soon as possible. This is another reason implants are superior to dentures. Dentures don't put pressure on the bone, whereas implants do. https://pasadenaperio
  2. And over 70 but think they can still take on half a dozen guys in their 20's-30's
  3. The new normal is wearing a mask everywhere, not being able to see people's faces, not being able to have a conversation on the BTS (for those of us in Bangkok that use it a lot).
  4. Bira have track days. http://bira.co.th/trackhire/
  5. The last thing a loan shark wants is for the person to kill themselves. They would prefer the person paid less and incurred more interest, then the lower payments can keep coming for far far longer.
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