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  1. According to figures from Dec 2020 there are almost 50 million high net worth individuals (people with at least 1 million of their own currency). Keep in mind also that a lot of them have +10 million or even +100 million.
  2. Just this part of the statement shows how little thought goes into these ideas. How do you determine if someone has worked 20 hours? They just don't seem to be able to think through the practical details of any of their proposals.
  3. I'm really interested in the mental changes. You are perhaps a little too old to answer this directly, but I think you'll get the point. I'm 54 and in my 30's I loved going to clubs. When I was clubbing there must have been guys 10, 15 or even maybe 20 years older in the clubs. We all (presumably) loved the music. Take the tune 'Sandstorm' by Darude. An absolute belter of a tune that I still put on now when I'm getting ready to go out and want to get in the mood for a big night. But those guys who were older and are now 65 or 70 or even your age, do they still love that tune or any
  4. There have been some great answers, thanks everyone for your input. I think this image sums it up for me
  5. When I first moved here I tried to figure out some Thai and be watching I figured that girl was Phi and guy was Nong. For a while I used Phi and Nong in that way until I made some Thai friends and discovered I had it all wrong. I still think addressing people based on apparent age and social level is daft.
  6. I'm sorry if you disagree, but people can lose weight. How do you balloon out to 100kgs in Oz? By eating! so don't eat as much as you won't. When I see a fat kid it makes me sad because they are being programmed by their parents to believe they are big boned or that is the way they are always going to be. I've seen lots of very large guys slim down to from well over 100kg down to my sort of weight and waist. The skeletal structure of a person who becomes overweight doesn't start off different to that of a person who stays slim. Although people who are overweight for a long time wi
  7. I work with tech and I plan to keep running my businesses until I die. I will probably stop going to the office everyday once I get to 60 (maybe earlier if my crypto investments take off in that time), but I won't be closing my businesses or selling them. I'll just hand over day to day operations to other people.
  8. That's fantastic! Great about your mum too, I hope she makes it to the big 100! I lost my father to dementia 5 years ago and my mum, who's 84 is basically just alive but non functioning because of dementia. It does worry me a bit that I'll start losing cognitive abilities like they both did, but fingers crossed I won't.
  9. The waist doesn't have to get bigger though, you've just decided the effort to stay at a 32-34" waist was too hard. Each to their own I guess, but being even slightly overweight bothers me. I'm 6'1 and 78 kgs which is actually a bit heavy, I try to keep my weight under 75kg.
  10. It not about how you look genetically, its more about how you feel and if feeling old makes you give up on grooming and being fashionable. At what point does a person decide to dress like an old man in cargo shorts and those fugly sandals or fake crocs? Screw them being comfortable, I wear nice jeans and nice shoes because I want to look good. At what point does a person decide that being 10 or 20 kilos overweight is a good look and they are just not going to bother trying to keep their waist at the size it was in their 20's? I see guys who clearly don't bother tweezing the
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