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  1. The only time I ever used mine was for proof of residency for a driving license renewal. Not sure that's enough of a reason for marriage.
  2. Certainly seems that menu page has a few cobwebs on it....."Copyright Pattaya Beer Garden 2008"
  3. Assuming you have the recipients bank account details then using Transferwise will likely be the easiest and cheapest way, assuming you are in a country in which they operate.
  4. 60 days I have read and paperwork needs to be done by the shop at time of purchase.
  5. There is. For people in Thailand. Not in the UK.
  6. Advanced search in Gmail has a date search function, is that what you're looking for?
  7. Surely your wife contacting her Embassy in Thai would be more productive? Thai rak Thai and all that.
  8. You could try (if you didnt already) the "coronavirus immigration team" (CIT), see below (from thread ) If you intend to leave the UK but are not able to do so by 31 August 2020, you may request additional time to stay, also known as ‘exceptional indemnity’, by contacting the coronavirus immigration team (CIT). The indemnity does not grant you leave but will act as a short-term protection against any adverse action or consequences after your leave has expired. The Coronavirus Immigration Team will provide you with further advice on what you need to do to request an indemnity. This will include providing details of the reason why you are unable to leave the UK and supporting evidence, for example, a confirmed flight ticket with a date after 31 August or confirmation of a positive coronavirus test result.
  9. Going to another country wont help as the flight to Bangkok will be a repatriation flight with passengers allocated by the Thai Embassy of that country. The limit on arrivals is down to the availability of quarantine places.
  10. Story is a bit thin on details. Wonder which flights they bought tickets for, considering there are none other than the repatriation flights. They'd have to be pretty dim and uninformed to think they could just turn up and fly.
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