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  1. Rather than a specific 6 month period in Thailand I think it's more to do with the accumulation of time in the UK. A 2 week trip followed by another 3 months later would be fine, but not 6 months followed by another trip shortly after. I also don't think the "rules" are written down, if they are maybe someone will confirm.
  2. Expertise comes along so quickly these days, what say you Dr Yong?
  3. Sounds like, with luck there will be some footage from the shower-cam.
  4. Seems you are not alone, bean sausage counters all over the place!
  5. Filling in forms for a trip next year? That's very organised. My wife made several holiday trips both with me and to meet me in the UK (I went ahead for business). When it comes to how much she intended to spend and the cost of the trip to her the answer was always ZERO and I can vouch that she did indeed never spend a penny/satang of her own money even though her bag was always more full on the return journey.
  6. This place did a very good job on my wife's car. I can't say I saw the paint booth but then I wouldn't have been looking for it. But may be worth checking out. 12.986439008909416, 100.945781927653
  7. Wasn't Monday a bank holiday? The big branches would have been closed and therefore everyone would descend on the smaller mall based branches to do their "business". Just a thought. Correction - perhaps not, maybe they were just catching up from last weeks holidays.
  8. I've had rental cars with that in the US. When I was 11 I also had shoes with a compass in the heel. Equally useful.
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