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  1. If you can easily get a single entry non-O where you are now that would be my choice, and if needed get the 60 day visit wife extension after the 90 day entry (provided a total of 150 days is enough). No financials or bank account required.
  2. Well many thanks for that, I've just converted some GBP into THB as a test. You (I) learn something new every day
  3. I'm not certain you can send THB to THB. Yes, you can "hold" a THB balance but as far as I can see would need to convert it back to something else in order to send it on the a Thai account.
  4. The expiry date of your visa is the date by which you must enter the country. Whenever you do you will get a 90 day permission to stay. It is that permission to stay that can be further extended at immigration.
  5. Wondering what you perceive to be the advantage/attraction of ASQ in Pattaya over Bangkok? Price, sea-view?
  6. The re-entry permit desk is after security, before immigration. So no you can't.
  7. Not forgetting you have to send them your existing passport leaving you without one in Thailand which is the very reason the renewal system is as it is.
  8. At least your (ex)wife will be happy. And the child will have a decent passport.
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