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  1. Out of interest the problem is with the wire used to close you up? Do they use a different material in the US? Just for reference, I had a triple bypass, 2015, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. THB1.2M (insurance).
  2. I think it's got worse since then.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56743571
  3. THAI are still flying once a week direct to LHR. BA are not flying there from BKK at this time. EVA are perhaps starting direct flights again in June. Either way you'll be looking forward to that 6 hours queue on arrival where you get the chance to rub shoulders with arrivals from all over the globe.
  4. There is, it's here; https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/84508-non-immigrant-visas?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562 The O-X requires you to have THB 3,000,000 in a Thai account. There are other much easier ways to proceed as I think you have seen already.
  5. "Vaccinate the tarts!" Can you imagine the discussion at the urgent meeting that concluded that this was a way of curbing the spread of the outbreak.
  6. You will likely be pleasantly surprised how little other people are interested in you.
  7. In which case he would have driven straight into whatever is behind the barriers presumably put there to discourage people driving there.
  8. You are correct, a UK passport can be renewed at any time. They used to add up to 9 months on to the expiry, that stopped a few years back.
  9. A return flight home? Surely a "tourist" will have had enough fun by September 31st, if such a day even existed.
  10. Doesn't the 2 years license state "Temporary Car"? The 5 year one says "Private Car". I think that is where the provisional bit comes in.
  11. Does your iPad not have night shift mode?, not the same thing as dark mode. Night shift is a blue light filter that makes the screen much "warmer" to view.
  12. All of the requirements are covered on the Embassy website here; https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/requirements-for-foreigners-travelling-to-thailand-during-covid-19-tra?page=5d6636cd15e39c3bd00072dd&menu=5f4b6eb3f6ae4b236972c562 You are going to have trouble with time if you are waiting for your next vaccination. You are still going to need to do 14 days quarantine on arrival as the reduced quarantine is only applicable to those who have been vaccinated a minimum of 14 days before arrival. So your extension of stay is likely to have run out by the time you
  13. Given that there are thousands of people arriving every day into LHR I am guessing the system is in fact working reasonably well, albeit somewhat inconvenient.
  14. Could be worse, you could've gone to Udon Thani.
  15. The simple answer is yes. You can enter visa exempt or with a tourist visa. You will also need a certificate of entry (COE), COVID insurance and spend time in paid quarantine. Details of all the requirements will be found on the Thai Embassy website wherever you are coming from.
  16. You are aware that you do not personally have to submit the application or collect the new passport? You can send anyone of your choice to do that or indeed there are companies offering the service. On the bright side it's unlikely you'll have to face this inconvenience too many times in the future.
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