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    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hosea 8:7

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  1. And that's why PG&E has to cut power to thousands of homes when there's fire danger?
  2. Yes, the blame for the bill not passing yet lies squarely in Pelosi's court. Not negotiating in good faith.
  3. Absolutely! And it's going to be 4 more years for Trump and 4 decades for ACB.
  4. It was good to see her sworn in by Justice Thomas too! Terrific day for America!
  5. Again, Trump by a landslide. Once the news of more ME peace breaking out filters past the MSM to the voters plus all the Hunter scandal is revealed, Biden won't qualify for dogcatcher.
  6. It's amazing how folks with good 20/20 vision cannot see before them the obvious vs the fantasy of a Biden win. How many supporters do you see turn up at Biden events? A dozen max?
  7. By any objective measure, Trump will have a clear and complete win. Just have a look at the crowd response to him vs. Biden.
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