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    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hosea 8:7

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  1. Muller's report will be a giant nothing-burger. Not much of a surprise is it.
  2. There is absolutely no competition to Trump with either Sanders or Biden. The rest of the Democrat hopefuls are hopeless.
  3. What policies would those be? That NATO countries have to pay their fair share?
  4. Doubtful Trump is losing sleep over this frivolous lawsuit...
  5. Well, regardless of what Weld cares for or thinks, he's obviously in the minority. Record unemployment and a booming economy says it all.
  6. Not to mention that the food is basically pretty horrible.
  7. Those reasons the OP gave for quitting in record time are pathetic in the extreme. Immigration waiting outside your door ready to deport you? Give us a break..
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