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  1. It turns out that EMS did deliver to our home. My wife was too pessimistic. Thanks again for all the tips, Shaemus. The panels are directly bolted onto galvanised steel using stainless bolts. Is that sufficient earthing? I guess the weak point in that earth connection will be how the frame is bolted onto the container (painted). I can't find CE marks in the manual, in fact nothing at all about any conformity. Must be aimed at the Asian market... Wiring the panels should be straight forward, 7 in series per inverter. The interesting part will be to splice it into the mains feed, 20m of trenching away on a power pole. I'm still not sure whether we do have to run separate cables in separate ducts underground. That would be 4 ducts. The manual says that the inverter must be wall mounted on a non-flammable surface. The installs I have seen so far were usually mounted onto chip board, which is obviously the easiest to work with. Is this a no-no? Kind regards, Peter.
  2. Hi All, This is kind of a follow-up on this old topic: @Crossy, do you mind updating us what you bought in the end? Our story: we will soon start building our house in Central Thailand. We have a storage container on site and I bought 14 x 325W Jinko panels and installed them on top of it. I have been looking everywhere for a suitable inverter, but every one I looked at didn't quite fit the bill. One of the problems is that you can slice and dice a 17-panel array only two ways: 7x2 and 2x7, unless you have an inverter with two inputs (reasonably common, it seems). A little detail on the panels: ModuleTypeJKM325PP-72 STC NOCT MaximumPower(Pmax) 325Wp 241Wp MaximumPowerVoltage(Vmp) 37.6V 35.0V MaximumPowerCurrent(Imp) 8.66A 6.89A Open-circuitVoltage(Voc) 46.7V 43.3V Short-circuitCurrent(Isc) 9.10A 7.40A I guess that makes the PV max. total about 4.5 kW This is my wish list for the inverter: Easy control whether export to grid or not. Batteries optional (I may add them later) Keeps going when the grid goes down during the day. From a reputable manufacturer with a decent warranty PEA approved The only one that seems to tick all the boxes is this one, made in Thailand: Leonics Apollo S-219C ia Nobody advertises them online and the only useful link seemed to be one to an event where the Leonics MD donated 2 of these, value 400 kB. That's about 5 times what I intended to spend. Any and all advice welcome. Thanks, Peter.
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