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  1. Thank you people. After wading through lots of Thai web sites and a few non-functional online shops I finally ordered the switch. You can tell it's a low-volume item: almost 400B for one.
  2. The figures quoted would make any EU country look good right now. Double-digit growth rates are not sustainable - in fact, any growth has to end one day. But economists and capitalists can't get a handle on this simple fact. Anecdote: a lady in our neighbourhood took out a personal loan - just because she could. It looks like now or in the near future will be an excellent time to buy a car. We just did and while shopping around were offered discounts for cash at most dealers.
  3. I have wired a few lights with 2 switches, but now I have a location where I need 3 switches. I guess I need a DPDT switch in the middle with SPDT at either end. In Global House even getting a SPDT light switch is not easy. Staff didn't have a clue. Plan B is push buttons with a latching relay, but that only got us blank looks. When I asked for relays all I got was the usual 'mai mee', even as I pointed at the rows of relays sitting in the display cases behind locked glass. What is the 'correct' way of doing this and where can I get the bits? Thanks, Peter.
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