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    18 hours ago, papa al said:

    Kindly explain how bigger tires put more stress on the suspension.

    {-: the tires are big part of the suspension ;-]



    They do when the forks are undersized forks.  Take one on a road with cracks or uneven surfaces and you will notice the wobble and vibrations.  

  2. 5 hours ago, Mavideol said:

    that's something I heard before, already 4-5 people spoke about it and also the Yamaha repairs/spare parts replacing more costly then Honda

    Here is why I think the adv is a better bike:

    1) Honda engines and fuel injection are superior to Yamaha and the result is a very smooth bike while the Aerox is jerky.  Both the aerox and nmax vibrate far too much for a 150 cc single piston.  

    2) The adv chassis and suspension is far superior to Yamaha.  Why do you think there are so many aftermarket shocks and forks seen on Aerox and even Nmax? 

    3) The adv is engineered from the ground up.  Yamaha took the Mio design and made it sexy, added fat tires which are actually counter productive and put in a fast motor motor. .   Those fat tires put increased stress on undersized forks up front, reduce top speed and decrease handling but hey they look good.  I would love to hear from someone that has downsized their tires on the aerox (and not the kiddy reacer bicycle tires lol).



    Not trying to knock the yamaha aerox as it is a good inner city commuter but it is not a sports bike with the strength or handling for anything safely above 90 km in my opinion.  

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  3. On 5/8/2020 at 12:22 AM, WillyPlatt said:

    Was never in here but they seemed to have a simple, well executed business model. Chicken dinner 139 baht etc.

    Was meant to be decent and good quality.

    If they can't make a go of it, i wonder who can.

    Really sad, many people who have been ex pats for years with their savings and hopes invested in a business.

    Will be like the property market in 2008 in the UK. One minute buoyant, six months later having to sell at a 50% discount.

    That was in the suburban UK.

    Even those with funny money may not want to catch a falling knife.

    They will be selling property by the block.


    Good opportunity for those looking to money launder. 

  4. Let's cut Trump out of the equation for the time being.  The number one reason Americans as well as many other western nations have been suffering is due to the diet and the resulting obesity!  Now add in the aging population and you have your answer.


    And let's get real about the China numbers.  Due to the severity of their outbreak and the longer period of time and even now a second outbreak they are the true leaders in infections, deaths and asymptomatic carriers (many to resume travel to thailand shortly).

  5. 6 hours ago, papa al said:


    The ADV costs more but might be worth it.  The aerox is an incomplete motorbike.  It has a great motor and looks good but the suspension is absolute junk as is the strength of the scooter.  The tires are way too big for the weak frame and small fork tubes and actually make the bike more dangerous in my opinion.  Yamaha could have done it right for 5-10k more but aimed low.  And to boot it is impossible to read the dash in any kind of bright daylight... unbelievable.

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  6. 5 hours ago, globerunner4 said:

    Why all the haters? It's a great tool to promote awareness. In 5yrs, Teslas and other oil free EVs will be common place. And with a +250mi range I doubt we'll see any stranded by the road side. I can't wait for clean air and good health for all of Thailand

    Clean air will the teslas put out the sugar cane fires?  Will the Teslas filter the pollution from the factories? Will the Teslas not use coal generation for charging?

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  7. 20 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

    Not gonna happen. The Chinese were the first to be "banned" from Thailand. Do they really think that slight will not be forgotten? There are simply too many other nations to compete for the tourist dollar, and most are doing a better job. The Chinese will return, but I suspect the numbers will be far lower than before. You know what they say about putting all of your eggs in one basket? Thailand had been warned of the dangers of becoming too dependent on China for years. Now, after you have made your bed, you get to sleep in it. You have alienated all tourists but Indians and Chinese.


    And as for the Western tourists? Not gonna happen either. Why? Quality Western tourists are declining here, in a big way, for a dozen very good reasons. You insulted us. You demeaned us. You accused us of being evil, and you accused us of being criminals. You mounted campaigns touting us as bad for the nation. You demonstrated deplorable amounts of racism and xenophobia, and fear of the outside world. Some of your officials even went as far as saying we prefer to have tourists that look more like us! And now you want us to come back? Really? How soon you forget. Sorry, but we have not forgotten what was done and said. Neither have the Chinese forgotten their ban. Not saying it was not the right thing to do. But, that does not necessarily make it less offensive to them. 


    What alot of tourists worldwide have forgotten is the nation named Thailand. There are too many alternatives now, and they are not only trying harder, they actually have competent people in charge! Surprise!

    Although I agree with the assessment regarding westerners you may be off base with your Chinese predictions.  Why?  Because there is a very good chance that while the rest of the world is sensibly blocking Chinese visitors due to the virus Thailand will have its doors wide open.  In short it may be the only country rolling out the red carpet.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, justin case said:

    let's say, you have it ... you are in hospital ... you are DROWNING with your own liquids


    you would say no to the drug that SEEM to work by several scientific , no studies, but REAL patients in different places in the world ?


    certain death or try the medicine that has been used for the last 70 years ???


    6 days in stead of 30, no ventilator needed, 20$ POSSIBLE cure ?

    and the med being used for the last 70 years for covid is????

  9. 1 minute ago, Brunolem said:

    After 2008, there has been no real recovery...the economy has been kept alive by extraordinary means, such as zero or even negative interest rates, and constant injections of (fake) money called QE.


    At no time since 2008 was the economy able to stand on its feet all by itself, and to cope with real free market conditions.


    Now, it is this very weak economy that has been hit by a pandemic.


    Expecting it to recover quickly is like expecting an 80 year old with diabetes, infected with the coronavirus, to recover quickly, while he is lying under a ventilator...




    The stock market has been pumped up on low volume courtesy of high frequency trading and the fed to name a few.  It was only logical that any significant event causing any significant selling would make the bottom fall out.  And for anyone rushing to buy at this time there is a saying in the market "never catch a falling knife".

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  10. 1 minute ago, spidermike007 said:

    An over reaction, far, far too late. Perhaps this should have been done weeks ago. Now? The virus appears to be leveling off here. And many are still in a panic. The zombies are coming! 


    One of the worst problems here, has been the incredibly inconsistent policy. When you have a brain dead health minister, with absolutely no experience, and an astonishing lack of talent in the administration from the top down, this is what happens. 

    And your evidence for a "levelling off here" is????  Govt stats?

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  11. 32 minutes ago, KhaoNiaw said:

    But what if the immunity only lasts a few months and it starts going round again?

    It will be going around for a long time with or without lockdowns unless you put everyone on the planet in their own cave for a few months.

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  12. 18 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

    a cough and blocked ears isn't flu

    It can very well be.  It can be mild or carried with no symptoms.  I believe this is mild in most cases but can  be severe  with the sick or elderly having underlying conditions.  It is very contagious which is why the numbers can be high but the number of recovering is also very high.  Because it is so contagious it is better to save your economy and let it work its way through the population without lockdowns imho.

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  13. 23 minutes ago, pmh2009 said:

    Look unless you have tested everyone or at least tried...like Germany - who tests 500K per week.. whatever data or numbers you have and say  are irrelevant!!! Let say you only test 3 million out of a population of 69 million --- what is the percentage of that is correct???? Just because the infected cases go down does not mean that the VIRUS is dissipating or clearing up!!!!!!

    I would like to see more info on this testing.  Is it random population tests?  People coming to a hospital?  Until we know the methods most of this data is useless.

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  14. 8 hours ago, Muzzique said:

    The Germans have been sending daily direct repatriation flights from both Phuket and Bangkok to Frankfurt at €99 one way fixed price for all seats for the last 2 weeks. This includes, hand luggage, one suitcase, meals and basic entertainment. Check the Condor Airways site to book as flights open up regularly as the day goes on. 


    Flights from Frankfurt to the UK are about €140 one way and run about 5-6 times a day but you have to sort those yourself.


    They are open to Brits and EU citizens and most of the planes have been going back half empty. I saw that the Phuket flight left today at 10am with over 6 seats still bookable for €99.


    Its a pity the UK embassy never told anyone about them. I've been writing on these forums for weeks about them. As always with the UK its too little too late.





    Good points but a German told me they would be charged for the flight at a later date.

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