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  1. On 3/30/2020 at 10:49 AM, NCC1701A said:

    CNN reports Moscow has imposed a citywide quarantine for all residents, starting March 30 until further notice.

    And how many were returning tourists from Thailand who contributed to the spread?  China may have had the baby but in many ways Thailand was the babysitter.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

    Far too late for that. The move now has to be to contain it within individual countries. But I just cannot understand the panic. Okay, it appears to be transmitted easily but It is for most a mild flu-like illness that lasts a few days. And only an infinitesimal number of people have been affected when you consider the number of people in those countries. That, to me, doesn't warrant closing down entire countries, It's overkill on steroids, and millions around the world could have their business and livelihood destroyed as a result.

    I've been asking people I know on social media if anyone personally knows of anyone who has or had the virus, and the answer so far is zero.

    How can someone say they have it when they have not been tested.  Better to ask what flu like symptoms have you had in recent months.  Then you will get the reality of the situation.

  3. Here is the best mod you can do for the Aerox before replacing the rear shocks is to stiffen up the front forks by adding some extra oil.  Any good shop can do it.  The aerox front forks are WAY too soft I don;t know what Yamaha was thinking.  The weak front shocks make the bike drop too much making the seat uncomfortable as you are sliding forward (I am 85 kilo) and stiffening them up made a difference.  Secondly it took away a lot of the extra motion from the back end as it was moving like a saw horse over the bumps the back would go down and the front up.  Now this is gone and is debatable to change the rear shocks.  Thirdly the ride over rough roads is much improved and the bike more stable and confidence inspiring.  Give it a try.

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  4. On 12/9/2019 at 5:06 PM, robblok said:

    I am someone with a slow thyroid, proven by tests so I already got it hard

    I am also one of these guys with a slow metabolism (probably thyroid related)

    So I know exactly how it feels I have always struggled to keep weight of had to do double what others had to do. Its not fair but if i can lose weight everyone can.


    Its just lack of real commitment and finding other things more important. That is it there are few people who can't lose weight if they give up some things. Problem is they usually don't want to give up things or make changes.


    If it was up to me id prefer to eat two pizzas at night and drink loads of sugary drinks. I don't because it would make me fat. 


    Your right about the 2.5 kg, did not make me rush to the gym. I could not rush to the gym I had an shoulder injury. But its frustrating if you diet down to a level that is nice and then gain 2.5 kg. But happy to lose it all and more while being on vacation and all that I had to do is eat loads of salads and be a bit hungry and just swim / snorkel for 2 hours a day. 


    I lost more on that holiday and faster then I ever have at home doing gym work. Why mainly because  of the food. At home the hunger pangs are worse and i need to satisfy them. On the holiday i could ignore them. 

    A friend told me body building is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

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  5. I think it depends where you are going.  I would avoid major tourist areas and try to find an area not frequented by tourists and particularly chinese toruists.  I would travel parts of Isaan or southern Thailand but l would avoid phuket, bangkok, pattaya, krabi, chiang mai, koh chang, koh samui.  And I would definitely not fly with a Chinese carrier and a transfer through China.  The plane may be more worrisome than when you land.  Nothing against the Chinese just this could be a dangerous virus we will know more in a few weeks.

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  6. On 2/6/2020 at 9:23 AM, Xbeemer said:

    OMG.....nothing like bit of good news to bring out all the Thai hating Negative Nellies on this forum, which appears to be 99% of members. Or maybe those without mental health issues don't post comments. To all those blinded by hate and negativity, here is what I gather from this story. She is a 73 year old with pre-existing health concerns, a demographic most at risk of severe, even fatal, complications from this virus. She was treated by a team of knowledgeable and skilled Thai health professionals. As she was the first diagnosed case in Thailand, those treating her gained valuable knowledge and skills from her successful treatment that can be taught and applied to others. WHO has just declared, that although this virus is very virulent, it is not a particularly dangerous one. Thousands of people die weekly from some form of flu virus. This one is less deadly than many virus's. For those of yu on this forum who need mental health care, you are more of a threat to people's well being than the Corona Virus. Please seek help. 

    keep drinking the kool aid...

  7. Much of this indirectly is a result of the banksters and the huge scam played during the financial crisis and the accompanying money printing and wild speculation in commodities including food.  The world is still paying the price through the inflationary affect.  The average thai does not make a lot and a big rise in food prices is a big deal.  This was taken without protest in western countries where they could absorb the increase.

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