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  1. They have no grasp of the situation.  Thailand was the golden child of SE Asia.  It's infrastructure benefited while others suffered during the Vietnam war.  After they became a tourist mecca.  Now it has come full circle.  They have bitten the hand that feeds them and their ever increasing appetite for easy money has left their country polluted with a crumbling infrastructure and a xenophobic attitude that looks to "blame someone for this fiasco" rather than taking responsibility themselves. 

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  2. 7 hours ago, kwonitoy said:

    They had a nice park a BaliHai pier untill they built an automated parking garage for how much?

    Does that thing even work?

    Yeah worked for the contrators who probably received new mercs out of the deal but the actually parking garage is a broken down empty building.

  3. 3 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

    If you ride a bike with gears and a clutch this is soon something you don't think about. You just use the gears and clutch and you don't think about it.


    Obviously with a clutch you can't hold your mobile phone with the left hand constantly in the air. I think that is an advantage. 😉 


    I don't know how easy people change from automatic scooter to a bike with gears (small or big). I never had a scooter so I don't know. But I read lots of time that people who rode automatic bikes for years look later again for bigger automatic bikes. And that makes the selection of available big and bigger bikes very small. For that reason I would recommend a beginner to get used to clutch and gears ASAP. Once you feel comfortable with that then you have the option to ride any bike. Obviously you can then still choose an automatic scooter but you don't have to. Give yourself the ability to choose any bike. 

    Clutch and gears are okay for highway but a pain in the ass in the city thus the success of the auto scooter.

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  4. 6 hours ago, OliverKlozerof said:

    I wanted to rent a Wave 125 but none of the shops in my area have them available. They mainly have full automatics, not semi automatics. I may keeping asking at farther-flung shops though, as I'd really like to try one for a few days to a week.

    However, I'm starting to feel that, for driving in BKK, a fully automatic Click might be simplest. Lots of starting and stopping, and not having to think about shifting could simplify things in town.
    I have lots more questions...but here's one: What's the difference between a Click 125 and the 150 version. Well, obviously the 150 has more power. But I mean, when would someone choose the 150 over the 125? There are basically no hills in BKK, so you don't need the extra power. Maybe if you're a huge person you'd want the 150? I'm rather small (5'8", 130lbs), so that's not a consideration. Maybe the 150 would be better for longer distances?
    And: Earlier I talked about how a full auto scooter is not good for coming down from high mountains. But then I realized: Very little of Thailand has high mountains. And: There's always the option of pulling over and letting the brakes cool off if I ever got in that situation. So, besides slightly better gas mileage, I'm starting to think I don't really need a bike with gears for 99% of what I'm thinking of doing.

    You don't need the 150 it is only marginally faster.  The Click 125 is a great urban scooter but I actually prefer the yamaha gt over it and it is cheaper but will have less resale.


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  5. On 9/19/2019 at 10:00 AM, lopburi3 said:

    Bangkok air seems to be coming from Cambodia for the last week (at least storms are traveling East or North-East to West or South-West when I have checked).  So does not appear to be Indonesia burning related.

    Bangkok is very capable of creating its own smog regardless of imput from burning season.  The vehicles are not properly maintained and belching diesel buses and trucks combined with non existent regulations on factory emissions will set the stage for China like pollution levels that will continually get worse.

  6. 25 minutes ago, kensisaket said:

    My friend said he's a really nice guy; but, who knows what goes on behind closed doors (political doors). They do have wealth; but, not over the top like the Shinawatra family.  I think he ended up being the fall guy; and, the poster child for "taking one for the team".  

    he's a really nice guy? what does your friend kow? people meet these big shots and think they know them much like they think they know their favorite celebrity they see on tv or the movies... in fact many don't have a clue what these people are like.  i remember someone once meeting a rich celebrity and saying "what a great guy and just like us he was eating a ham sandwich" lol

  7. On 9/4/2019 at 4:14 PM, Angry Dragon said:

    reasonable priced insurance for expats who pay income taxes in Thailand is already offered.  in fact participation in the plan is mandatory for all who pay income taxes.


    i guess this is yet another reason to move from permanent residency to Thai citizenship before I retire.  Class 2 ain't bad, but can't beat Class 1.

    good luck moving to citizenship they have a quota system for a few hundred i believe if even that number lol... all smoke and mirrors to appear they are allowing it when they are refusing it for 99 percent of the expat population lol

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  8. 4 hours ago, madmen said:

    Most just fail. I knew many like that back in oz.. Fat dumb and happy burning cash on poker machines, down at the pub all night every night etc

    Of course there are those that got scammed but you pick yourself up and get on with it. Most wealthy people failed at some point

    Judging by some of  your posts it may very well be you down at the pub every night getting in prime shape for posting lol.

  9. On 5/9/2019 at 11:55 PM, Pine Sol said:

    heres my 2 cents....


    after years of renting wave 125's and click 125's, i finally rented an aerox r for 6 weeks on samui

    im 208cm and 110kg

    wife is 152cm and 40kg


    looks are simply amazing, had the black and yellow, stands out and above every other bike no matter where you park. riding position is taller (and slightly leaning forward) then other bikes makes for good view (and command) while driving in traffic, rear seat is HORRIBLY thin and sparsely padded, wife hated it, front isnt much better few times i would sit on the back wife infront of me while i drove and yes, it sucks. my height is mostly in my legs and for once am able to ride with my legs together like pretty much everyone else but it feels more comfortable to ride with them spread. front brakes are great, does the rear drum even work? at speed its hardly noticable, going slow nothing seems to happen. avoid any situation where you need to use the rear only. unknown if it was only the bike i rented but the front forks are dismal, couldnt decide if it was a lack of oil or really soft springs, the slightest crack on the road and they would painfully bottom out, and the rear suspension wasnt much better, i had to start remembering where (all) the cracks and pot holes were, the aerox handled well through twisty mountains with an ability to accelerate up hill, seemed straight as an arrow when ridding slow through traffic. the extra power was much welcomed getting around slower traffic compared to a click. the click i could easily carry 2 large white water bottles on the flat foot rest, the aerox was similar to the wave, in that i could only carry 1 at a time balancing it between my legs. 2up we easily/ comfortably cruzed along at 80km/h (on the islands). fuel tank was small, seemed like we were always dropping by to buy more fuel, headlights were good at night.


    we rented a nmax on bali immediately after the aerox for a week

    brakes were day and night better, both the front and the rear actually did something, at speed the rear (only) you could easily shave off speed, front and rear suspension was very good but with a longer wheelbase at times it felt a bit akward, but the seating was noticeably lower and in traffic i had a hell of a time trying to find the center (riding) balance, so much that i never could crawl along in a straight line as i had had on the aerox, it always wanted to flop from one side to the other (may have been from the different riding position), made it down right impossible to ride in kuta's bumper to bumper traffic, headlights were also good. leaving a stop light, i want to say it felt like it had much more get up and go, quickly the bike would get up and over 110km, and comfortably drive along the highways. the sitting position was a nice change on the nmax with my legs forward more like a crusier but that placed more weight on my tailbone and with the shape of the seats made it never feel comfortable for a long drive..


    as similar as the bike are, we/ i found them to be day and night different from each other.


    yes, i would buy one, as i think/ feel they are worth more/ better then a comparable PCX, even fixing/ modifying/ changing all their short comings


    change the suspension front & rear

    add a rear disc

    change the fuel tank from TDF Motorsport (8.2L for aerox & 12L for nmax)

    swapping/ modifying the seat

    further down the road, greed might make me think about changing/ modifying the displacement (stock pulleys and weights)


    which model?

    i really really really liked the aerox for zipping around on the island, slipping through traffic, felt like owning/ driving a rare and exotic supercar

    the namx was very good for quick off the line and crusing along the highway


    good review it is almost too bad they didn't up the price another 10000 baht on the aerox and put a decent suspension on it and add a rear disc and a decent seat.

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