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  1. On 3/19/2019 at 10:32 AM, JohndMac said:

    After multiple visits by various technicians they turned around around and told me that they did not know what to do to fix my wifi issues, but insisted the problem was not with their equipment or line into the condo, so it must be a problem with the condo line. This despite 3 years where everything was working ok then stopped being so. I needed the internet for work so I called Sophom up to cancel my contract. I had 3BB set up their gear ang lo and behold everything works fine. Sophon refused to refund the payment I had made for 12 months in advance as I did not allow them to try to fix the prob;em with theirs. Total b.s., they came at least 5 times this year and gave up.



    yeah they said the same thing to me a few times and failed to correct what was obviously a problem on their end... not recommended.

  2. On 8/11/2019 at 10:18 AM, wwest5829 said:

    It was time to trade my Honda 110cc Airblade after 7 years and, ahem! bit of weight gain. The Honda PCX 150cc was priced at 89,000. Compared it to the Yamaha 155cc Aerox at 61,000 (and trade-in took off another 10K). I looked for underseat storage as well as a consideration. Quite happy with the Aerox after 8 months.

    how is the aerox comparing with your airblade.... the airblade was a high quality bike and it still exists in vietnam and other countries in a 125cc version.  i wish honda would have put a 150cc in the airblade and sold it here.  the nmax reminds me of a larger airblade but i believe the airblade is higher quality.

  3. On 8/12/2019 at 3:04 AM, zaZa9 said:

    Yes , the new ( and last  2 models)  Honda Click 125i , and  the new Click 150cc   have  the same  size  compartment and certainly fits a full face helmet .. But not a ff helmet AND  another helmet  in there as well .... On the Clicks  it has  little nodules to hook a 2nd helmet on to nr the front hinge on the seat....so the pillions helmet hangs outside  but the straps are safe  under the seat.

    The PCX tries to do the same ,  it  has a tool kit and within it is a little extension cable to do the same via the cable and an underseat hook - fiddly to say the least.

    Both PCX  and the Yamahas market a bigger capacity for  storage , but I havent met anyone who doesnt complain the space is just long and too shallow.

    Honestly the NMax struggles to fit a ff helmet.

    You almost have to bend the seat to close it.

    All  bikes bar the Click have a hump between your knees ... meaning you cant slide a box of beer  across the 'step thru' floor , nor a ( soft ) bag when I travel  , or hang mutli bags of shopping easy on the front standard  and unobtrusive  hook.

    You need to buy and fit a front hook on all the bigger bikes , tho they are cheap to add on.

    The gf fitted one on one of her PCXs and that helps , but it sticks up and looks dangerous to me.

    I go on about this aspect only because , for both of us its a constant pain to be turning the key to the exact spot and always opening the underseat for everything , only to forget an item and do it all again. And the NMax and Areox opener is even worse than the PCX for (in)convenience.

    Some people are fine with the above , but we arent.

    I also like my water handy , and the PCX water holder is bad. Yammy wins on that , but the Clicks  holder is the best size.

    Dunno if you like the phone recharger option already fitted , but only the Hondas offer that ... so too idle stop.. ( in traffic it does save fuel ).

    The NMax offers abs and front and back disc braking , and there is  no doubt they stop the best. In stop start traffic the abs is a winner. Areox doesnt measure up ...

    But I hate the fact our Yammies  dont 'coast along' toward a stop  like the  Hondas , we are forever powering up or down - they never seem to just glide into the next duty , they are much more jerky doing their job. Honda beats them hands down on smoothness.


    Back to their  finish, where Honda wins easily , which may well be  reflected in Hondas bigger price ( and less depreciation - Im seeing 2 year old Aeroxes at 45k ).

    Yamaha has for some reason chosen not to put an extra coat on anything black - we live near the sea and most things metal and black started going white within months .

    Get an Aerox/Nmax , and buy a can of WD40 straight up and start using it immediately.


    Not so Honda , but the handle bar and chrome would need it after a year or 2 as well , 'chrome' being what it is today. But Hondas metal clips/horn etc , easily stay blacker longer.

    A huge criticism of Yamaha , is having to replace the front forks on one of her NMaxs after just 4,000 kms because  one 'stem' got a small  rust bubble on it  that was tearing the shock seal as it depressed and caused the shock seal to leak. "No wallanteee" on that part btw , surprise suprise , and  the bill was 3,800 baht. ( 18 months old ).

    If you look at the front forks , Hondas chrome is way superior , click or PCX.


    And Ive checked ot the Aerox , and its an inferior build yet again to the NMax ...only in my opinion , of course.


    I borrow her scooters constantly.

    If Im going on tour I take a PCX , with a top box ,  and down size my luggage -  over newer NMax's  also with a box to.

    And thats every time... theres way more Honda shops than Yamaha shops should I need one as well.

    But  for longer distance with a full ( soft ) bag  , and around the towns daily  I'd rather a nifty - squeeze thru traffic , Click.

    I actually had my heart set on  buying a new 150 Click until I saw that it was based on a PCX and  therefore had no kick start.

    Another negative was the Click 150  had 'keyless ignition' ....

    What ?

    So is it really a dead ( battery ) reliable scooter?

    You cant start if the battery is kaput , and you cant start it if the remotes battery is dead or wet and you cant  even just start it  with a spare key ?


    I'll just be buying a very late model 125i now instead  ...


    I can pick up one in top condition and maybe 1 year old with 3000 to 5000 on the clock for 38k baht or so.

    Then , when it has 35k  done trouble free kms on it in 3 or 4 years time , as Ive seen so many times with my girlfriends bikes , I'll sell it for 20k.  ( btw , she only seems to change the oil regularly and they go and go )


    The  only issues shes had with her 125s is LED  speedo fade , and lots of bulb replacements.


    Hope this helps.






    Its no coincidence you see so many 'top boxes' on the NMax , and lately quite a few PCX.

    very good breakdown.... I assume she has not had engine issues with the 155 cc yamahas? how many km on the yammys?  in fairness to yamaha they can and do build excellent bikes but as i mentioned they did some cutting to bring such competitive pricing on their 155cc models.  sure honda has more markup but some of it is quality.  honda engines are far smoother for sure.  one of the easiest cost reduction exercises for a manufacturer is put in cheap shocks or suspension and it appears yamaha has done this as i have seen many nmax and aerox with either replacement shocks or forks up for sale.  i like the bikes a lot but the quality/longevity is questionable until more time passes.  hey the gt125 is a good little low cost bike from yamaha similar to the click and should be considered by many here.

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  4. 5 hours ago, snowballthecat said:

    If you are young, nomad, on a limited budget, and you like dry hot weather, please have a look at Salta (Argentina) and nearby places.

    380 USD a month /cost of life for an expat....

    Many second-tier-cities in Argentina could fit your needs, now that  devaluation made it affordable

    The website is not reliable, I have been checking cities in Italy, lot of nonsense! but is an starting point. It offers videos of each place as well:



    The speed of  change is revolting nowadays! Too much. 




    very interesting site thx for posting

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  5. On 6/20/2019 at 11:53 AM, Captain_Bob said:

    Tourist visa rules keep tightening, mostly due to a minority of individuals who keep trying to abuse every loophole and crack in the system to stay long-term for purposes other than tourism. A few bad apples f * cking it up for everyone else. 

    Hardly the issue the numbers are small and there are more effective ways to do it.  How long have you lived in Thailand or do you even live here? Do you have a grasp of how things really work?  

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  6. It really depends who you roll with... if you are in the isaan rice farmer's daughter/bargirl brigade you will be hard pressed for any intellectual stimulation outside of sick buffalo, candy crush, sang som and selfies.  I dated a couple thai doctors and and these girls were absolutely marvelous with interesting conversation, curiosity and lovely friends.  Maybe I got lucky or maybe there is a connection.  Sure there are diamonds in the rough but there are also a lot of rough diamonds:)

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  7. 1 hour ago, ExpatPH said:


    So you haven't read all the 333 replies, where in fact NONE has said that PH is in anyway same TH, still you come with strong opinions, without take into consideration:


    Thailand’s roads 2'nd most dangerous in the world! Well know fact and survey posted earlier.


    - Impossible to get taxi in Sukhumvit area and many other areas in BKK from 4pm to 10pm. Grab taxi not allowed at BKK's airport, so taxi mafia can continue. All on Thaivisa.


    - BKK well famous for Taxis who refuse trips, and who dont want to use meter. All on Thaivisa.


    - Taxi drivers who kick out older passengers  in heavy rain, or masturbate in taxi, watch porn while have female passenger. All on Thaivisa.


    - a country that call you foreigner or americano, instead of buffalo. We all know it and heard it.


    - a country (PH) who actually welcome you and stay, rather than spend all your money, and get out. See surveys posted earlier.


    - No public transport???? I guess 1 million buses and jeepneys don't count as public transport, neither do for example Cebu 7000 meter taxis, and Grab taxi in high numbers as well. Facts.


    - and easy tourist visas in PH that allow you to stay up to 3 Years, without stress, not same TH immigration who come up with new regulations yearly. All on Thaivisa.


    - you dont read news report every week here on TV Thailand Visa Information, from people who was refused entry, or didnt get renewed their 1 year of stay? Every week last 3 years!


    - Nor do you know many rape and murder cases in Thailand. All on Thaivisa.


    I could go on all night, but sometimes one can't enlighten people even with well known proven facts, reported incidents here on Thaivisa.

    I do think many of these reports are the exception and not the norm.  However you bring up good points about the declining hospitality here and the negative press put out by the government in regards to foreigners.  I recently did some research on agoda looking at hotels in siam reap cambodia and reading the comments and ratings they are far ahead of Thailand right now in the hospitality department.  Thailand will soon become the Walmart of the tourist world welcoming low income group tours from China and India unless things take a different direction in a hurry.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Caldera said:

    I think it's fair to say that those Chinese who try to stay here long-term on VOAs and/or tourist visa face the same issues like other long-term tourists.


    Personally, I think Thailand's strategy to focus on first time and short-term tourists is understandable, but short-sighted. It will probably backfire when the next major downturn hits Thailand - no matter if it's due to internal or external factors, having a loyal pool of repeat and long-term visitors has helped mitigate such situations in the past.

    I don't believe it is the same as many have contacts here from the chinese thais embedded here as well as the simple fact they don't stand out physically like westerneers so they can more easily blend in...

  9. 7 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

    Just some quick comparisons -- Taco Bell BKK vs Taco Bell Calif.


    Pair of Taco Supremes:

    BKK - 158b / $4.99

    Calif. -- $4.38 (for two)




    BKK -- 119b / $3.75 (can't tell from their menu if it's cheese only or with chicken)

    Calif -- $3.19 - $3.79








    thanks that indicates pricing is not overly inflated at all and reasonable...

  10. The pollution in Pattaya tends to be particularly bad during the high season when most visitors come to Thailand.  However, maybe it is not such a big issue for the Chinese or those with limited choice?  I would think most westerners with disposable income levels would consider other destinations where their health would not be affected by the pollution?

  11. 26 minutes ago, daocat555 said:

    Faraday, (who got me Bell Book and Candle), or anybody else.  Can you tell me how to watch "The Magicians, Season 4 episode 1" from Thailand.  I bought and watched "The Magicians Season 3" from Amazon Prime, and Amazon will not let me buy Season 4 because of "area restrictions".  Darn.  So I am trying all sorts of ways to watch Season 4 from Thailand, and so far no luck.

    try using a vpn adressed to usa

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  12. 17 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


    Perhaps, just perhaps, it's only coincidental that 3 of the 4 Embassies that stopped issuing income letters after some interplay with Thai Immigration happen to be those representing the absolute largest Western expat populations here in Thailand (Brits #1, Americans #2, Aussies high on the list).  Or, maybe it's not coincidental at all!!!

    I wonder if it is not related to the fact that these countries spoke out about not having an elected government?

  13. Can't say enough good things about the Redmi Note 5 Plus.  Dual camera with good portrait software.  Fingerprint scanner or face entry if needed.  Solid battery life with 4000 mhz battery... larger camera sensor and pretty good pics even in low light...  only 7-8000 baht a steal...  the Redmi Note 6 shares many of these features including a battery efficient snapdragon process for near the same price...  can order Lazada etc but not from shops as xiaomi goes direct to reduce prices...

  14. 49 minutes ago, sirineou said:

    In additions to what MCseismic sad, If i might also add  Thai people require less money to live  in Thailand because this being their country they have some major advantages over foreigners living here,

      This is their culture  so they don't need to adjust, They are not retired so they can work, and there are many more options of what type of work they can do, they have a family network to depend on , free or low cost medical care and other Thai benefits.

    IMO The amount required for a retirement extension to stay is reasonable but it is not progressive. IMO allowances should be made if one owns his/hers own home mortgage free, and or if one pays for medical insurance. This IMO opinion would be more fair and induce more people to own homes and or have medical insurance,  both  a good thing for the expat and for Thailand.

    If Americans had taken the same attitude as this there would be very few if any Vietnamese, Thais etc. living the good life in the USA.  I say reciprocity is in order.

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