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  1. On 12/22/2017 at 9:39 AM, suave said:

    On the subject of Honda, they just released their all-new PCX!  But, from what I can see it is the same bike as last year, even the crapy drum break on the back and combi-brakes with no ABS, those combi-breaks are accidents waiting to happen on sand or loose gravel.

    You are dead on right about the combi brakes which is the reason I disconnected the option.  Much safer now.

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  2. On 12/4/2016 at 1:55 PM, freedomnow said:

     With the engine being exactly the same size as NMAX and bigger wheels/tyres on AEROX at PCX size and the body styling being sportier I think AEROX is in fact the near competitor, not NMAX now.  NMAX wheels are 13" to PCX 14" and AEROX 14" and the grade of wheels and size on Aerox are like after-market upgrades.


    Body length as far as I know matches or is similar to PCX on AEROX.

    It may look Honda Click i-sized, but it's not.

    what simply makes it a contender as a sizable group will choose it over the pcx and the pcx will continue to old its "old fogey" type riders lol

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  3. This new aerox 155 from Yammy looks interesting.  I think they have a winner here.  Probably handles better than the pcx while still offering good road manners.  Nice fat tires.  Good styling.  Running on 14s with 110 and 80 width.  ABS available.  This is a better bike than the nmax but the price?

  4. Get the Click with alloy wheels and I cant stress this enough. With spoked wheels you will have constant punctures. The Yamaha Nouvo SX is a better bike IMO but each to their own.

    Don't listen to the others here, if you ride with safety in mind then Thailand is one of the safest places to ride a bike, as every driver is constantly looking out for them, unlike western countries. I've been here many many years riding every day and I'm still alive.

    I am more concerned with the state of the roads, the hard shoulders can be bad, but the first lanes are always getting rutted and potholed due to overloaded trucks.

    I have to use the hard shoulder a lot because of this, and I'm riding a Forza.

    Yeah there are a few potholes out there.


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  5. The architecture French influences and the food. I was surprised at the variety of farang food. Everything's cheap. Rickshaw drivers going anywhere for about the price of a bottle of water.

    Perhaps rickshaws but motorbike rentals, food and accommodation all higher than Thailand with less infrastructure. They generally source many items from Thailand and mark it up. However, I like Laos but it is not cheap compared to Thailand.

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  6. There's a terrible shortage of skilled craftsmen in Bangkok now at any price. A good friend is having a hard time converting his guest house into efficiency apartments because he can't find carpenters, plumbers, tile layers, etc. and he's offering double the old wages but he won't let the workers live on-site and he has had some who lied about their skill level so now he has to personally supervise all work. He's not a happy camper as he is losing money because of the down time from closing the guest house until he can begin leasing apartments; which he can't do until all work is completed. I wish the vocational schools could focus their student's attention on learning a trade instead of joining a school mob to attack other school mobs. I would like to see some retired Farangs allowed to informally teach some of the building trades. It would certainly benefit the country and the Farang would benefit from having skilled workers available. I want to build a house and am willing to train my workforce but it is not allowed. Education, of all types, is the major impediment to improving lives in this country. You can only blame the 'Elite' so much for willful ignorance.

    Im an expat of 14yrs here in Thailand and a ex Forman Bricklayer who has managed many many contracts over the yrs, when you look at the new builds it is absolutely a joke there is no tradesmen here. So if you ever here of anyone wanting a teacher give me a call, i believe that companies here would get a lot better quality work done if they used more Farangs

    The road-block is government xenophobia. I've never heard of a Farang teaching at a trade-school. If someone on this forum knows more about this, please post.

    I grew up in the country and tried most of the building trades before I moved to Dallas (no money in the country), I became a construction foreman for commercial high-rise buildings because of my varied experience. I'm not a master tradesman but have a lot to offer; especially compared to the skill levels available in Thailand now. (my experience was also useful for teaching the Mexican immigrants who were most of my crews).

    Go to Cambodia they will listen to you there. Thailand is only interested in Thais and face.

  7. I'm no economist and always welcome input from those better qualified to explain but why when it would help exports is a de-valuation resisted ?

    Is it just a matter of face, LoS can boast about having a strong Baht and to hell with the consequences ?

    The answer is the fore-mentioned swelling account surplus. Exports (autos/fish), tourism, domestic consumption is greater than imports (oil). I'm simplifying of course. It's not broken so don't fix it. Devaluation would negatively impact rice farmers and families and government wants political stability. Status quo viewed as best option.

    Yes, as I've been saying for the last 4 or 5 months, its pretty much all about the Oil imports - paying less than they were paying last year leaves Thailand with a trade surplus.

    But to answer the question, why they don't devalue is simple. It won't change the underlying reasons for the appreciation. That is, the trade surplus.

    In such a situation, what a devaluation would mean is that the economy gets flooded with newly printed Baht and then you end up with inflation. So prices of everything go up. What little benefit exporters get from the weaker currency, every other Thai will pay the price for that through higher prices. Is that what you want?

    Not entirely that simple. Yes imported products would go up but this would also increase sales and market share for competing Thai products as well as encourage enterprise domestically in new sectors. And you are ignoring the Tourism/retirement sector. A weaker baht would be the best thing for tourism and Thais intentionally downplay the importance of this key sector. If a weaker currency is so bad why are all the western countries in a race for the bottom when it comes to their currency?

  8. I didn't think it possible in this day and age but my ex- missus in Chiang Mai got Scrub Typhus, two weeks in hospital with anti-biotic injections every day,apparently it isn't too uncommon in CM it's caused by parasites in the bushes, hence the name scrub Typhus.

    If its a leech or parasite and not bacteria why the hell would she be getting antibiotic injections?

  9. Good option but your click should be fine if it is one of the alter 125cc models. Just increase your front tire one size up making it I believe a 90 width. It will handle much better and the engine is adequate for 100 km cruising. However, the pcx would be a more comfortable bike. The click 125 is actually faster than the pcx 125 so try to get a 150.

  10. Inflation...

    This is what I have been told by respective maids, nannies, caretakers,... or whatever you can call them, for the last 50 years.

    But should I care as soon my fridges have been always full since I was born?!?

    Yeah and its a lot of bullshit too. Inflation is how banks make money it simply takes more money to pay back what is borrowed. A result of allowing the Federal Reseve, a private bank, the right to the money that they lend to the govt. A huge scam.

    Anyone who thinks that the current ridiculous inflation is the result of pent up demand is wrong. Its the result of all the money printing to pay off the govt debts.

    I don't know how Thai families can afford it. There could be civil unrest in many countries when they can't feed their families.

    actually inflation is how banks loose money,

    economics 101.... sorry if it sounds didactic, and the following explanation simplistic

    if you lend to someone $30,000 for thirty years to buy a house and 30 years later they gave you back that $30,000 but now you cant even buy a small car with it, would you feel that inflation helped you make money?

    Aside from the profit aspect, that's an other reason why banks charge interest, as a hedge against inflation.

    in a high inflationary environment banks need to raise the interest rate they charge to keep pace with inflation and maintain a profit margin

    Inflation is a natural economic occurrence, and has many complicated components but basically is a result of the interaction between the cost of the means of production and the price of product ,

    it is a push /pull interaction,

    as prices go up people demand higher wages, and cost of raw material and other means of production go up, so producers have to charge a higher price for their product, so people need to make more money to afford product raising the cost of means of production etc etc etc

    The central bank raises or lowers rates to adjust the cost of money which is a big part of the means of production but also stimulate demand for product, , in this explanation I am not even touching on how inters increases the money supply, which would open an other can of worms.

    A low Inflation rate or stagflation is also not desired because it indicates low demand and signals a slow down in economic activity

    So a natural rate of inflation between 1.75% and 2% is desired and is usually the target inflation rate of most countries

    The core inflation rate in Thailand is now 1,6% The national bank of Thailand predicts that inflation will average at 2.1% in 2015

    So to simply say that banks make money from inflation, or as someone else said the Bangkok elite are buying Baht to protect the value of their money is simply not correct, It is a complicated system and any simple answers have no choice but to be wrong. Remember Thailand is a net exporter a high BAHT is detrimental to exports. and if the "elite" actively maintained a High Baht they would be shooting themselves on the foot.

    Any way, again sorry for the simple explanation , volumes can be written on the subject, but who wants to read themtongue.png

    as I said simple explanations to a complex subject have no choice but to be wrong, and this can also apply to my simple explanation,smile.png

    Do you seriously believe that if the banks believed inflation was not profitable the Fed Reserve would be so committed to preventing deflation????

    I have an MBA so you can skip the 101 econ stuff.

    Fed Reserve controls the money supply and lends money to the banks. Inflation results from excess money supply and money created out of thin air which must be paid back with interest. A fiat currencly. Interest and inflation and all part of the bank profit game. Its not as simple as supply and deman although I wish it was. Don't believe everything the University told you.

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