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  1. Drove my friend's Fortuner turbo diesel from Chiang Rai to Chang Mai after he purchased a motorcycle. He left before me and, having pulled an unscheduled stop, watched as I flew by at 130km. I drove aggressively trying to catch up to him for half the journey then figured out I must have passed him along the way.

    I was impressed with the power and smoothness of the turbo diesel - felt just like a gasoline engine and just as quiet. Handled tight and smooth.

    Only drawback is the stupid center console that cramps the driver.

    Otherwise thumbs up.

  2. A good friend of mine moved from a nice beachfront Condo in Hua Hin to a large house on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. He tells me he would not go back to Hua Hin. Not knocking HH but loves Chiang Mai.

    I visited both and its hard to compare but his house didn't cost much more than the condo and the area is impressive.

    Only downside to CM is the smoke in the summer.

  3. The guy sounds fairly reasonable. I think they could go a long way going with a flat 10 u.s. fee instead of the 400 baht. However, 400 baht may be high but it is not that outrageous for a major tourist destination particularly if there is more than one person in the vehicle.

    I simply rent a motorbike when I am in Phuket. I really don't use the Tuk Tuks.

  4. Ok so discovered my gprs internet minutes on my iphone have been steadily growing even with Edge turned off in the new sbsettings that is compatible with 3.0.

    Took a look online and everyone is having this problem, I think specifically 2G phones. You turn off edge but a small amount (40 to 60 minutes) is still getting used per day. That adds up fast. So far it looks like turning off push might be the answer (settings, mail, fetch new data turn it to off). I will post again in a couple of days to see if it really worked.

    I had this problem until I turned off "location services" and "push" for email. These periodically go online for updates. Do you have these turned off?

  5. Dell is hel_l and Sony is phony. Most of their products are substandard builds. Ask yourself do you want a computer for two years of five years. I've had two dells fall apart. I'm currently on a macbook pro and although not perfect it is the closest I've found.

    Get the mac and don't look back.

    You'll thank me for that recommendation in a few years.

    The macs also have much better resale value.

    good luck

  6. I'd have to say most soi dogs haven't bothered me. But in the last week, there has been two incidents I've found frightening. I was exploring some side streets, when I came to a dead end. I simply turned around, walked the other way, and behind me heard a dog howling. It was a very ugly thing... and didn't think much of it, turned around, and kept walking... thinking "I could take it" if I needed to. Then, I heard a bunch of barks. Like 5 or so dogs came running towards me. My first instinct was to run away, but then I remembered "never run from a dog unless u want him to chase you do." So I stayed calm, and simply walked away. But the pack of dogs were running at me, baring their teeth, and way too close for comfort. Luckily, I didn't have to fight them.

    Then, yesternight me n my girlfriend were walking home on a different street when the same thing happened. I made the mistake of staring at one of the dogs, and then a bunch of them came and started barking at us. They followed us a ways.

    Now, here is my question.

    What do you generally do to make sure these dogs

    a) do not bite you

    :) stay away!

    And, if worse comes to worse, what can I have in my possession that is small and light weight which can fend them off? I thought of buying pepper spray and an extendable baton in my backpack. Are there places in Bangkok which sell these?

    Thanks in advance for the replies! I am def. not a big dan of these soi dogs... I find them dangerous!

    You're not wearing that bunny outfit in public again are you?

  7. i think they should have a standard rule that they get suspended until they lose the weight if they get over weight. they did that in my home town to get rid of all the donut eaters that took the tax payers money to sit on their butt all day. Who needs cops that drop dead from heart attacks if they try to chase any one.

    Is that a new high speed interceptor they are riding in the picture?

    Funny how this one picture symbolizes the progress of the police dept. I think they should use it on promo material with a "Moving Forward" caption.

  8. Is it possible to love more than one woman at same time? Or, for that matter, is it possible for a woman to love more than one man at the same time?

    I know that I can love a child, a sibling, my parents or even my friends (of the same sex) all at the same time. Why would it not be possible to love one or more women at the same time? Didn't the ancient King of Siam have many wives? They couldn't all have just been sexual concubines.

    I also understand that once sex is involved it changes things entirely. Some people are very jealous and can't tolerate anyone else with their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend even if no sex is involved.

    I have to believe that there are many different types of love. I have a genuine affection for 5 different ladies in Thailand. And, I know that they DO like me in return. I know it's not just a money paid for services rendered type of thing. Two lady friends (different than the 5 mentioned above) are always saying "I love you", but I find that hard to believe judging by some of the things they do.

    But, maybe I'm just confusing "like" with "love". Only twice in my life have I ever been totally infatuated with a woman to point where I couldn't think of anything else. But, in both situations that infatuation only lasted about a year before the bloom wore off the rose.

    One thing I'm always very conscious of is being totally honest with everyone. I may not always tell the whole truth, but I never tell a lie.


    Of course it's called a threesome and you could get counseling at the Eden club?

  9. While returning from Thailand, my flight had a stopover in Taipei so I decided to buy a few items at one of the duty free shops. I purchased a large bottle of Bacardi. When I returned home, I twisted the cap off the bottle and discovered it was not sealed. I opened the lid and poured some in a glass. It smelt and tasted of moonshine (brief taste only).

    I suspect empty bottles are being collected at possibly bars and refilled with Taiwanese moonshine then sold in the duty free shops as genuine. If you can't control your duty free shops at an airport what does that say for rest of the country?

    Anyone else experience this before?

  10. Years ago, before they built the new Seoul airport, I used to have a 6 hr layover and it was honestly the worst, most expensive and boring airport in Asia.....even worse than Manila. Maybe it's improved now.

    I now make the Bkk - Hawaii run on China air, where they give you a free one nights stay in a hotel in Taipei. Breaks up the jetlag, but makes the trip a day longer. You have to find a creative travel agent that can figure the timing out so you can avail of the free overnighter.....if you want to.

    Never liked Seoul and have always felt that the people are not too friendly.

    Not sure what can be more boring than the Taipei airport architecture included.

  11. The number one reason is the economy. Number two reason is the economy. Number three is the economy.

    Like someone else posted July will be the real test. Remember that even if times are tough people can only bottle up a vacation for so long. So from now to Jan. is key.

    It will be interesting to note how many families are traveling and this may have something to do with safety of political climate as well as the current economy.

    I think single guys looking to party will always make time for places like Patong and Pattaya.

    Now what can really screw up the world economy further is the speculative rise of oil prices. If plane fares go up too much people won't get on the jet regardless of the deal at the other end.

  12. Pretty low thing for him to do but telling someone to frig off won't win you many friends. A lot of guys may have cold cocked you for saying it. Be careful. Tell a Thai to fuc_k off and you'll be meeting his friends.

    And this guy might give a new meaning to the expression cold cock. Be careful.

  13. name='jpolten' date='2009-07-02 00:46:34' post='2844096']

    Hello everyone!

    Just returned from holiday in thailand,had a great time except for one upset in bangkok!

    I was in a bar on nana drinking

    Pretty low thing for him to do but telling someone to frig off won't win you many friends. A lot of guys may have cold cocked you for saying it. Be careful. Tell a Thai to fuc_k off and you'll be meeting his friends.

  14. They should do like one of the G8 meetings. Hold the event in some castle/mansion far from the city, some place that is easy to cord off some 1km from the site in question and arrest anyone that tries to go over any fence/barricade.

    Or draw a line in the sand and shoot anyone that steps over it, but same-same...

    Why they need to put these meetings in a tourist-location...is just beyond me. Or actually, it is not...it's about money.

    I've said all along they should have held it on an island with no roads to the mainland and use the Thai navy to monitor sea travel and then simply monitor air traffic... koh samui, etc. would work well. However, Phuket should be fine as its a long bus ride from Isaan and I'm not sure the protesters would be able to handle the Phuket mafia.

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