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  1. Very risky they love to nab foreigners and here is why. In Pattaya for instance the game is nab the foreigner get him to pay the 20k to get bail and not sit in the doghouse than never return the 20k. The fine itself is about 3 or 4k I believe. So yes foreigners are targets.

    Unfortunately this is more about revenue generation than proper enforcement. I have yet to see a Lexus or Mercedes or BMW car randomly pulled over.

  2. Yes your door is for leaving a window open and allowing the breeze to move it back and forwards wink.png

    Usually if doors and windows are shut (put into the lock) they stop swinging in the breeze. If that does not work, OP must hire an exorcist immediately. There are plenty of underemployed Farang Real Estate salesman that now specialize in this sort of thing, 500 Bht maximum. Will cost twice as much if wife rectifies this problem with a bunch of monks.


    So would the real estate agent be exorcising himself?

  3. I smoke and I drink........I know I have all the healthy habits.

    But I applaud the increase of price for both cigarettes and drinks.

    In fact I would say that's not enough.

    People are dying every day from those 2 killers.

    Yes but they are basically inelastic demand meaning they can increase multiple times and demand will not change much. These are regressive taxes. If you don't want people smoking simply make it a prescription drug where someone smoking can go get prescriptions for cigarettes and kids cannot get any.

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  4. Just drove from Hua Hin to BKK. Same, bumper to bumper traffic. 7.5 hours!!

    The worst part was we stopped at KFC, and once I was driving again, I damn near (DELETED) my pants from being stuck in traffic. Nightmare. My gf was with me too which made it worse. Luckily a gas station appeared. Squat toilets with no bum guns. I had to walk over to the store to buy tissue and wet wipes to be clean. That was fun.

    If it was songkran you could have just dropped your drawers.

  5. Good nobody died.

    The police then called the nearest firefighting station at Kron local administration office for help but was told that there was no driver.
    No driver, No good.

    ....before the first fire truck would arrive an hour later, the entire bus along with luggage of the tourists were all burnt out in flames.

    One hour later, no good too.

    When was the braking system of the bus last serviced?

    Serviced? Who needs to service? We get new bus every ten years not need service.

  6. These are not good signs. She goes out and buys a condo that he is to pay at least one half at a time when the market is falling and perhaps collapsing. She goes and buys a car. What does she need a car for? Seems like a lot of moves to increase face to me.

    My guess in short order he will be paying the condo and the car all in her name.

    I think there are big problems waiting here.

  7. Probably just was hoping to shake him loose and drive on home.

    Yes my thought too, didn't want to be involved.

    Not sure how the report knew the guy was dead before being hit and dragged by the taxi either.

    Breathalyser checks are becoming more common in Pattaya but there is still a lot of drunk driving.

    Yeah but the problem is they usually stop motorbikes and let so many cars go through. Its far more dangerous to be hit with a two ton vehicle than a 100 kilo bike.

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