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  1. I tried via the LAN port but again no sign on life / playback
  2. Thank you but the HDMI port on my desktop PC is next to 3 USB ports and the latter are used as input for playback from external HD / I would be surprised if the HDMI port is only for output
  3. Thank you but I do not think that if my (new) HP desktop PC with Win 10 cannot detect a Samsung or an AJ it will detect the ASUS player your recommend www.makemkv.com looks good but only after the Blu-Ray player is detected and is operational
  4. I want to back up my many Blu-Ray DVD's on an external HD ( I did already the same with my standard DVD's using a HD DVD player) I have two Blu-Ray players : one is a 6 year old Samsung BD-F5100 and now I have a new AJ D-828 BD When I connect them (to the power and to the HDMI port) they do not show up in the Device Manager I have good excellent software to play with the Blu-Ray video but first I need to find out how to get the Blu-Ray player detected Did any TV Forum members succeed and is kind enough to tell me how?
  5. Very high percentage of Neanderthaler genes ? https://www.dw.com/en/neanderthal-gene-increases-risk-of-severe-coronavirus-study/a-55112474
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