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  1. I am living in Thailand since 1988 and how many times did I write in this Forum that Thailand is not paradise but that compared to other options it is still the best place to stay for foreigners compared to all other countries between Istanbul and Tokyo. I gladly accept the one time in a year bureaucratic hassle the get an extension of my Non Imm O Visa.... Indeed in most other countries it is worse.
  2. You mean the 5 and 4 and 3-star hotels? Chinese tourists are happy to stay in cheaper hotels.
  3. I would think that the air space between Iran and Saudi Arabia is so closely monitored that even a bird cannot cross it without being seen. The Houthi's claim they did the attack....they are Shia Muslims which Prince MBS would like to wipe out and therefore Iranian sympathy and support for the Houthi's should not be a surprise (or have we forgotten the Catholic - Protestant religious war of 100 years which ended in 1648 ?)
  4. What's next : tax on mineral water ?
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