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  1. I am not a medically trained expert on the subject but one question remains. Who is telling all those little nasty viruses to be active only between midnight and 4 am - or did I miss something?
  2. To clarify "the government" appointed four new board members on Monday .... despite the fact, that last week, "the government" reuced its shareholding in the national carrier to 47.86%, ending the airline's status as a state enterprise under Thai law. Irrespective of whatever shuffling happened with the shares, "the government" still has a say as it remains the biggest (not the majority) shareholder. Yesterday, "the government" appointed Wissanu Krea-ngam to lead a committee to "represent the government" in the rehabilitation process ....... You cannot rehabilitate a bankrupt company and Wissanu Krea-ngam has as much a clue of running an airline controlling/running committee as an elephant of flying. The problem was, is and remains the government, which happens to put its fingers into each and every cookie jar. Unless this is understood and stopped, nothing will change. In all fairness, Thai (TG) was a private stock listed company with a majority shareholding. Instead of letting experts run it, they farted into each and every meeting, positioned their friends and relatives into all sorts of positions and filled business and first class seats with non-paying passengers. The very same majority shareholder never blinked with the eye once the Rolls-Royce-engine bribery surfaced and all those financial pits and dungeons were nicely filled regularly with "the government" financial help - which came from ........ the tax payer. I've written off mileage accruals due to their lousy recording system and me not having kept the boarding pass (although they could have looked up the passenger list, if I was on board or not) and likewise I've written off refunds. Let Thai go down the halligally, sell the assets at 10% of their present market value (go and sell 100 aircraft into a totally oversaturated market of indefinitely stored aircraft), possibly to some people close to the action; I - for one - will never ever use a government owned or government run airline in Thailand. What a decline from 30 years ago, when TG was run by real and honest airline professionals, making money and being a bright star on Asia's aviation sky priding Thailand. What a shame - history will refer to this tits-up as yet another Corona victim, which is another white lie to cover up a hundreds of billion Baht sheer bottomless sinkhole, which was brought to a screeching halt by bankruptcy!
  3. Only dead fish follow the flow; congratulations to Ramesh Narasimhan and his team - a very, very wise decision. They might be producing some stock lots for the moment but this whole rannygazoo over Corona is nothing about health but about power keeping. Latter is not sustainable and will proved anytime soon. In a month or so you will be seeing rising/exploding figures in the Southern hemisphere of the planet (Southern Africa and South America) as they are heading for winter and temperatures will dive below 9 centigrades. Nissan, like all the other boys, are global. Nissan, for one, proved to be a global world player - good luck to them
  4. Good luck; I understood that the Ministries offloaded a few percent to make TG a private company (which it always was from the beginning as a stock listed company) and now we get all those greedy faces putting their noses into the honey jar ...... Stay tuned, this will turn as well into a hilarious example of how bankruptcy works in Thailand ......
  5. Thailand - explained. They have an "Egg Policy Development Board"; wonder how many unsackable officers hang around on that payroll and what they should do five working days a week. Then Mr Chalermchai hits the pan by announcing guidelines to "retire 3 million laying chickens"; those standing around will get retired in the next round. On that subject, how do you retire chicken; any handout by the Social Security Insurance of Hens and Ladycocks? The Dept. of Internal trade informs, that production costs are B 2.68 (wonder how they got that figure but maybe the Egg Policy Development Board lent a helping hand on that) and is sold at B2.40. At the same time 30'000 eggs worth B75'000 (or B2.50/egg) were delivered. If you ask me, get all those sticky fingers of all those "experts" in all those boards and departments out of the cookie jar and let the market saturate the demand - like in all other countries without "Egg Policy Development Boards". Given a more attractive price, more eggs would be consumed. 20 years ago 30 eggs were sold at B28/rack, so why did a 100% domestically produced product from A to Z overinflated more than 300%? Well, the "Egg Policy Development Board" might have an answer also on that
  6. The internet presence of the immigration has one thing in common - it does not work, be it TM30, the 90-days or general information. Anyone dealing with immigration is dealing with non-Thai matters yet most pages are in Thai only. So, how on earth does anyone expect a website or a "Thai Chana" app (which is not an app) to work, honestly? If you want to reveal data for membership cards etc. then that is fine; now the government steams down your neck with "health" concerns. Many people fill in the forms instead of using the non-App. Who is processing these forms? Nobody honestly thinks that, given a discovered infection at the same time in the same shop as you've been, anyone would call or "app" you? Don't dream, its nothing but the Thai government's interpretation of 1984 by Orwell. Interesting enough is also, that on the latest list on Big C extra, on the same page, Donald Duck had checked in; the page before Micky Mouse also left a nine-digit phone number ......... go figure! Conclusion is, that irrespective of genuine or fake whatever, nothing will work. Some millions where paid for the non-App, the government had a climax with another show of power - next please!
  7. If one in ten Thais make their money on a cake which covers 20% of the GDP - mathematics are done pretty fast, don't you think so? Regretfully the Chinese (or Southasian) slice of the tourism cake is a volume game which goes diametral against profitability per capita. Countries with sustainable tourism handle the upper crust, albeit at a higher quality level which also suffers less if there is a bump in the economy. But the revolving door at the tourism minister's office and the circus, which is far too small for all those clowns at the Tourism Authority of Thailand are proof enough, that nothing new came after "Amazing Thailand" back in 1987 .......... Needless to say, that above-mentioned clientele mixes badly with the Western, Caucasian, Alien or "dirty farang" - whatever you want to call them. Latter usually pays (much) better while expecting fulfillment of quality statements advertised and voice their concern if expectations are not met!
  8. A country's social competence and government can always be measured by the way they are treating those underprivileged members of their society. Thailand is quite clear on this, Monorail dreams will follow the submarine-absolute-necessity - how sad!
  9. Two points spring to mind; the agents in-between have failed to keep the link from TG to Airbus VIA THE AGENT and secondly, the little brown manila envelope went missing somewhere between origin and destination ...............
  10. Prawatch is certainly getting his priorities right - when the country is in turmoil he goes planting trees. Or, does he eventually evaluate, where in protected zones one could build the next dozens of villas for overworked judges or army executives?
  11. Well, there is more up your sleeve. Thanks to "Thai Chana" expect: - Big C to call you how regular you can go to the toilet as they would have a special offer on toilet paper - Tesco Lotus will call you about the Buy2Get3 drums of washing detergent you usually buy - Hotel ABC in Hua Hin will have telemarketer calling you over lunch or dinner time to offer their weekend packages - B Quick has a promotion on wipers, tires or oil changes etc. etc. etc. This is exactly why such data should be only released by the owner if (s)he really wants to; a governmental instruction on a "Thai Chana" scheme is an X-ray on people without them knowing it. I also do not know, what other data they can download from smartphones these days. I - for one - have (officially) no smartphone, iPhone, iPad or I-do-not-know-what-else-kind-of-gizmos and hence manually put down "Easter Bunny" as name and a phone number of a public listed company; bei it an airline, city hall or - in your case - the Bangkok Hospital. Next will be mandatory vaccination - the writing is on the wall!
  12. Sure, extend it for as many months as you want; the matter of the fact ist, that with 70 million citizen 3'000 infected 60 death cases there is no justification whatsoever. No booze is as ridiculous as is the curfew; the booze is on again and the curfew is quite clearly of decorative matter when I see what happens outside on the road after 11pm. It is a matter of staying in power and as we know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is lots of unfinished business like the submarines, the imminent auctioning off of Thai Airways, some other army gear, the evaluation study of the planned bridge from Don Sak/Suratthani to Nathong/Samui island etc. etc. etc. You might be surprised to see that once the masses wake up and start marching there is no stopping - you've been warned and the writing has been on the wall for a long time. Covid-19/Corona might just have sped up matters a lot - we will see.
  13. Total and absolute government manure, to say it politely. No way I would reveal data; no noodle shop or fresh market does that. This serves to scare the manure out of the Middle Class - all in preparation of the second wave of Covid-19; an influenza, contagious, but nothing more than a flu. Next step will be mandatory vaccination - the new world order ! You can tell them that you do not have a smart phone or no phone at all, fill in "Easterbunny" as your name and put the telephone number of random choice - or 038 253 100, which would be the city hall of Pattaya.
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