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  1. A lot of Udon Thani and Nong Khai residents will be crossing into Laos, an equally Buddhist country - as there alcohol is sold, as in Myanmar and Cambodia. This "no booze" law is another game by the powers-to-be to keep the simple man submerged by the almighty powers. Needless to say, the simple man covers eventual needs prior to the day so the only one out to catch is the holiday making alien in the tourist resorts of the Kingdom. Go figure who is at the shorter end of the stick - in the long run. Pathetic!
  2. From 287 arrested it might be noteworthy, that ZERO farang entered illegally while ONE overstayed the visa from Denmark. From a further 220 facing other charges ONE came from Turkey and ONE came from Israel. Just for the record, THREE caucasians were arrested among 522 - so get your "Farang" and "Aliens" figures accordingly; they are an absolute neglectable minority!
  3. Facilitating bureaucracy would keep these crooks at bay ...... just thinking. What a farce!
  4. I've been there; bill ready but medical certificate not ready. I just left - big scream "no pay bill" and I told them to let me know, when the medical certificate was ready. Got 17 phone calls that the certificate was ready and I answered all the time that I'll pass by and pick up the certificate and the bill once I am free. Two months later I walked in and from that day on I NEVER ever had to wait for anything again. Arrogant pack of bas*ç%"ç%rds; twenty birds in tailor-cut silk uniforms (paid for by patients) hanging around doing nothing, busy with Line, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. while it was not possible to get my check-out paper on an outpatient treatment ready in 75 minutes.
  5. So the brainless chiefs of the brainless realized, that a round-about is all about round about. Congratulations are in order; you may go back to your room now!
  6. Forget it - you might be right but you'll never get to the cashier to get compensated. A much more important lesson in the whole story is ALWAYS GET A SECOND AND THIRD OPINION. A visual blur was diagnosed in a leading private Pattaya hospital and I was told "cataract", two multi-focal lenses (although just one eye was affected) and everything would be perfect. A second opinion in a leading private hospital in Sriracha diagnosed slight cataract, mono-focal lens for the UNAFFECTED eye (as per my insurance company). I then had it, decided to see the experts at the leading eye hospital in Bangkok; they found out that I had a developing age-related macula degeneration. Three years treatment and now I am OK; without NOT trusting the first and second medic I would have new lens(es) but suffer from irreversible tunnel-blindness. My six months old son (30+ years ago) was diagnosed with malaria due to high fever, little blisters on his skin - turned out he was teething two teeth which gave him the fever. My other sone, as an infant (also 30+ years ago) was diagnosed with food poisoning and pumping out his little stomach; all he had was a running stomach due to a milk bottle which was not properly sterilized. I could go on and on - lesson is ALWAYS RECHECK WHAT THEY SAY. Never heard a medic saying "I dont know, I have to pass you on to somebody else" and this, combined with the semi-divine status of Khun Acharn, kills queries and questions in most cases. Be warned and good luck to the OP for ......... getting a second opinion (which you hopefully had rechecked as well).
  7. So the old hog is now into social values; what a liability to Thailand's picture on the worldwide stage .........
  8. A country charging its future tax payers for education is doomed!
  9. The writing was, is and will remain on the wall. If you arrest illegal immigrations - that is one thing. Keeping them in a detention centre, off the face of the planet, since 2016 - is something else. Maybe it is time that one or the other NGO is consolidating some of their funds and tries to get to the root of the problem. I would assume that even in Thailand, with its rather unique interpretation of the law, cannot hold people indefinitely in detention centres without presenting them to the court for subsequent handling. In a "normal" country suspects have to get to the initial bench within 72 hours - but maybe the clocks in Mukdahan go slower than elsewhere - one never knows ........
  10. Quality tourism at its very best ........ while the authorities jump up and down like yo-yos on the 90-days nonsense, the TM30 and other useless issues. They rather keep such slime out of the country - for the benefit of all!
  11. Good luck they get extradited to Sweden ........ Stockholm Hilton is arguably a notch better than the Bangkok counterpart I would assume!
  12. Send the bill to the United States of Aggression - Mr Kissinger is still alive and should be held responsible. Laos saw 2 million tons (2'000'000'000kgs) of bombs dumped over their country alone - more than all ordnances dropped all over the world during WW2 - let that sink in for a moment. In case of queries, read William Shawcross' book "Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia"
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