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  1. As an alternative; you are aware of the fact, that you can open a "foreign currency deposit account" in Swiss Francs with most commercial banks. You transfer the money from anywhere to your newly opened Swiss Franc Account; it will cost you no fees whatsoever but also does not gain any interest. You can change any amount at any given moment DURING BANK WORKING HOURS, in person in the bank or through internet banking. The advantage is, that you know exactly, what exchange rate you get and you can change your money whenever you want/need at the exchange rate you know prior to effecting t
  2. Praise the Lord, prayers have been heard and Thai Airways is getting saved by handbags and doughnuts .............. Is there anyone in that company with a whiff of common sense; seriously? Maybe it escaped their attention but the internet is also accessed outside Thailand; those thousands of passengers waiting for refund look eagerly forward to their handbag - I am pretty sure about that!
  3. You cant have your cake and eat it. In your case I would return to Canada and things dont look too rosy here for the foreseeable future - in all aspects!
  4. What some dont know is, that China arm twisted Laos to sign a USD 6.8 billion deal for a straight-across railway link from Boten/China to Vientiane/Laos. It will be operative and complete for its opening on 2 December 2021 - and trust me, it will run as the Chinese were running the countless construction sites of endless bridges and tunnels. Beneficiary = China, loser = Laos. Latter pay for something of no benefit and since they cannot service the interest and principal repayments of USD 1.1 billion this year (they have USD 860+ million in the piggy bank), the balance is paid with electric
  5. Well, he has to listen to the people first ..... and speaking of corruption he might have heard of the "pot calling the kettle black"? Irrespective of the past, is he responsible for his government which has been ruling the land for the last 6 ½ years - obviously uninterrupted and possibly slightly rigged by yet another constitution of theirs and an "interesting" election? I've seen real beauties in the department of "good" governance, submarines spring to mind, a fifth B737 air force plane for military VIPs being delivered, feasibility studies are done on impossible mental farts like br
  6. You cannot fix stupid - not even in Thailand. Contrary to the article in The Nation, propane is NOT commonly used for heating water. I found 20 suppliers for electric water heaters and two, namely Rinnai and Mazuma, manufacturers of propane gas heaters. Vaillant etc. disappeared completely from the Thai scene. These propane fired heaters need a separate air venting duct, made of inflammable material with inflammable fittings straight through the roof and any instruction leaf/manual makes that crystal clear, in Thai language. What I saw though (and I have two of those extremely economic
  7. Fogelman - ask any native German speaker for a saucy translation - there you go!
  8. Here we go again ....... the US and its foreign policy - a failure since 1945 and the sequels are in the making while we speak!
  9. Because Leo, Singha and Chang is real beer and not watery brewery accidents in cans and stubbies like Bud Light. Compare your Bud Light with the real original thing with proper hops, malt and (expensive) ingredients as brewed in its original version called Budějovický Budvar as produced in Czech since 1265. Anheuser-Busch was sneaky enough just before WW2 to cheat the Czechs out of their trademark ....
  10. Simple, you're not in the US, where Thai mangoes, orchids and Somtam cost manifold compared to Thailand.
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