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  1. No worries, get ready for those 6 million UK visitors the boys at TAT were talking about late last week. Now these, plus the Indians and the Russians will adjust the statistics nicely, specially if you throw in the millions and millions of Chinese waiting at the borders to be opened. Get real, stop dreaming; in the private industry such people would have gotten fired months if not years ago as there is absolutely no relevance to realism here
  2. Thank you for the complementing information - now this makes sense. Unclear though is, why the Germans did not get the payment for vacs made in China and rather produced them in Germany ......
  3. "Administrative problem related to the AstraZeneca vaccine from Britain" - the bureaucratic paper trail stops absolutely NOWHERE; I am sure the Brits screwed it up again which resulted in the inability to inject any of the British stuff into Anutin - remember the "dirty farang" comment a year ago; assume he referred then already to the vaccine
  4. Well, you may opt to to wait and see. The Chinese exported 300 million jabs while, at the same time, imported 100 million jabs from Germany. I - for one - am confused and rather wait for the first results and reports and am willing to put back all activities which are for the vaccinated only.
  5. Quite obviously another smoke screen - do they, seriously, have nothing better to do than to produce such absolutely unimportant, irrelevant figure constructions? Allow booze, to start with, would cook the books nicer and would also be in line with any other Buddhist country on this planet - Thailand again is the odd one out - go figure
  6. "The media said this was terrible for the image of Pattaya with the government trying to promote tourism post pandemic." The truth of the matter must be, that the whole thing was a misunderstanding between the Chilean (just another "dirty farang") and a motorbike driver from a neighbouring country who worked illegally and of course without work permit.
  7. As the animal market does - officially - not exist and does - officially - not sell any illegal or endangered species, it can be safely confirmed, that the media report - irrespective of source - is wrong. It was the big wig of the health ministry who clearly pinpointed the source to the "dirty farang" - so that should suffice!
  8. While the farangphobia is kept actively going - the dirty farang are opting for other destinations for quite some time now already. Thailand - quo vadis?
  9. Reminds me of a saying which contains kettle and pot or something to that tune .... somewhat related to legalized junta with a little rigging at the side .......
  10. Thai Airways = like a 7/11 without a cashier at the exit ........... everyone can help themselves now!
  11. Customer service is not a department but an attitude ......... not understood anywhere in this country!
  12. Well, in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and some parts of Vietnam ....... the same Buddhist holiday is not facing any ban - does The Lord not trust the Thais?
  13. Hardly relevant figure of 1,318. Based on what did 45% say "forced vaccination" and another 26% believe foreigners represent a "high risk". This farang bashing results in 71% - yet, as said an irrelevant sample. This bashing is rooted in the government's lack of self-confidence and inability to run anything, apart from buying submarines etc. Only once the last dirty farang have left the country for good, the super race Khon Thai will realize, that their real enemy is their own folk of uniformed corrupt pr1cks. Do never forget, all dirty farang already packed their stuff once and mo
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