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  1. Maybe this inactive posting could be a too big burden just for one person. I advocate to split the Ministry of Inactive Posts into two parts; Ministry of First Inactive Postings" and "Ministry of Posting Reinactivation" ........ What a joke, in any other normal country suspension would result in re-installation or dismissal and facing the music of the existing laws. Poor helpers on coconut farms are fined THB 50'000 for stealing a few coconuts (which is wrong too) and the RTP keeps filling emptying rows of the Ministry of Inactive Posting ........
  2. The delivery companies clearly stipulate, that the price offered through their services (website etc.) has to be identical to what a restaurant is billing in-house or directly to the customer. So they don't crank up prices, they cream it off the top to start with. The delivery companies charge the restaurant 30% of the billed value; for a bill of, say, THB 1'500 that would be THB 450. For this, they run a website (content to be fed in by the participating restaurants), collect money electronically immediately from the buyer and credit the restaurant at a later stage and pay a biker a small
  3. Thank you, you just made my day "There are government moves afoot to make the kingdom more appealing" - the statement of the century. The only moves I can see are mostly to the benefit of the selected few leaving houses of ill repute by private airplane heading towards lower Northeast. For the rest it seems that they prepare water cannons and, in the future possibly even flame throwers ...... to rid all sorts of viruses that is
  4. The mother of all abbreviations, this week's word is "DMHTT". In true local fashion, the "curfew" is recommended or compulsory - depending on province and in line with the variation of night ban, anything between 9 pm and 4 am. The South with 3 am is an exception as the minarets need to be manned and operational by 5 am = explains the early bird. In Buriram though stay at home all day; the Chidchobs have spoken. Saksayan is happy not having to answer timeline questions on his little excursion to the Thonglor lounge .... ahem ... church and the rest of the folks - who are they anyway
  5. You do not show up with an army of lawyers and higher-ups; and by all means avoid politics. In my case I was very "slippery when dry (not wet)" on that issue. They asked me what I thought about the government and I replied, that the Thai people had spoken for the existing government so I just assume it serves the country best. No further questions by them as it would have exposed their political opinion - which is a no no in such circumstances with fellow officers in the room.
  6. OK, for all the dogooders and tree huggers out there. Hardly any restaurant delivers the stuff as this is outsourced by the ordering customer using delivery services like Foodpanda, Grab etc. Even if deliveries are done by the restaurant it is certainly a step in the right direction! I personally find it laudable, that a restaurant does its little share and spend an extra dime in biodegradable packaging material. The bicycle part of the food intake remains with the ordering party - mostly. And for "Excel" putting up the querying comment - congratulations of losing weight as you only
  7. Keep up the good work and ......... ........ once you're done with it, return to Thailand and teach 69.5 million Thais to use waste bins - in the interest of beaches like, say, in Pattaya, which is frequented by nature lovers as we know.
  8. I wish they would have done this on the Dark Side of Pattaya. I had a restaurant there and must have thrown away food for many tens of thousands of Baht as the place was opened only in the evening and the PEA experts switched off the electricity (voluntarily and most of the time involuntarily) during the day. So I had, more than once, veal tenderloin swimming through melted vanilla ice cream and similar culinary encounters.
  9. Well, in all fairness, this is voluntary man slaughter if someone would die because of no access to the vaccination. I hope that all those directly involved and all the beneficiaries are aware of this. And the tide will change one day; it happened in many other countries before and it will happen here in Thailand as well one day. And then the Anutins and cohorts will be facing the music. Someone has to explain the three evacuated Thai diplomats from India by the special VIP air force plane while seriously dragging feet domestically! How can a country define ONE domestic source in licensed
  10. Prepare a circle as they usually ask you: - why are you in Thailand - what do you work - questions about your family Irrespective of question, prepare a little circle which touches all three subjects so you can jump in whatever they start with. The whole "interview", in my case, was actually a monologue of +/- five minutes where I talked to an officer who did nothing but just listen. Another thing was the colours of the Thai flag. Despite having seen it thousands of times I was not prepared for this question and was unsure if it was (top down) blue/white/red/white/blue or the
  11. Well, the smugglers will be disappointed as that particular source of income is gone again .......
  12. Let common sense prevail: - you find an other tenant easily = keep the present monthly rent - you DONT find another tenant easily = consider a reduction You still can adjust the rent back to "normal", i.e. do it on a month-to-month (or two months) basis; once the tide turns it would justify a rent increase, latest then when the present agreement on the rent amount is to be reviewed - me thinks! Had a tenant in a furnished house in Udon with two kitchens, all rooms (except Thai kitchen) air-conditionable, CCTV - the works at THB 13K/monthly. Reduced 15 months ago to THB 12K/month whi
  13. Yet another committee formed a working group under the auspicious leadership of Khun Somchai and hunted down diners and roamed the back alleys of the Kingdom to question 1'192 gourmet experts - quite a representative figure for a +/- 70 million people country. I would like to meet the 0.95% of the mentioned 70.94% of people and, likewise congratulations to the 0.81% of home cookers out of a total of 75.81%. The published answers though might be all wrong: Pad Krapao (32.23%) - WRONG! Tom Yum (24.91%) - WRONG! Pad Pak (21.60%) - WRONG! Nam Prik (17.60%) - WR
  14. This bureaucracy explains Thailand perfectly well ...... common sense was never a strong point here but now it is pure idiocy ruling over everything!
  15. Well, Anutin, here you're completely off scale. Based on what self-confident dream do you think, that the people do not have the choice but have to take what you consider "appropriate"? Go back and build parliament houses and airports - that's where there is plenty of cash for you and your cronies and leave health and vaccination issues to those who understand something of the subject.
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