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  1. This was not Saksayam Chidchob's fault; he returned from Bangkok to Buriram apparently with a private yet and Ayutthaya has, to the best of my limited knowledge, no airport
  2. How much is this in Chinese submarines? Equally idiotic and avoidable!
  3. Are you serious? All those "alien" laws were brought in after 1949, when the first batch of Chinese migrants had arrived and they wanted to make it clear, that - whoever follows - would not pee into their soup. Hence the "alien" business law, all those antiquated rules and regulations on immigration, business activities and land ownership. They will wait until New Year takes place in Summer; they screwed up tourism professionally and will make sure that real estate will follow suit. Latter will allow the selected few oligarch elite members of the Thai society to go shopping for real ba
  4. Maybe he might be interested to hear that many, many, many Thais are disappointed over the actions he and his cabinet of clowns, womanizers and old geezers napping during parliament sessions are taking.
  5. Wondering who will take over their credit card business. Citibank has possibly the most civilized customer base and provides the latter with an excellent customer service because they screen applications properly. I, for one, will regret them leaving
  6. Smart move, very very smart. If it goes wrong, he can blame the provincial boys and if it works he takes the credit. Dangerous man!
  7. Not knowing, where you are: - cheese to meat you in Udon Thani - siambury in Pattaya (Khao Talo) - foodland all branches - friendship Pattaya (south Pattaya road)
  8. Well, where on earth should these Thais get money from to spend? Thailand has not even realized yet, in what kind of situation the country in general and tourism in particular is. Do not be surprised, that upon opening the country on day X, the next day ....... no sudden increase of tourists can be expected. Tourism is pre-dominantly a business for non-residents. Thais have different needs, spend less, crowd more and eat/drink different; all factors in tourism spending.
  9. Weed smoking going on? "The government says that if it can attract one million retirees each spending 100,000 baht per month or 1.2million baht per year, that would generate 1.2 trillion baht per year for the economy." This is in stark contrast with the 40 - 60 million Chinese ransackers who do not mix at all with the above wishful dream ......... The Chinese will be back, the one million retirees - good luck with that one. Study what the Malays did; no 90 days nonsense, five year visas, one house/apartment legally own able, first car duty free, second car duty privileged. The reason
  10. Noted; I was in logistics moving filming equipment into and from Thailand to the States and Europe. My comments were not towards the Thai film crews; they execute most brilliant work once the bureaucratic trail has been dealt with. I referred to the latter .....
  11. Yet another smoke screen by the boys. The average house price is relevant and many - literally tens of thousands of houses - would get sold in the segment of THB 2 - 5 million. For 10 million you expect a house of a quality level which is difficult if not impossible to achieve by all those skilled builders in the land. So far it needs to be proven, that aliens can take along land when leaving Thailand - until then application of common sense would help. In Europe property is bought and sold to anybody - including the superior Thai race sitting on land and houses all over the place .......
  12. Tell the clowns, if they would not insist on censoring scripts and require work permits for all those alien actors from outer space, they would have created a haven for the film industry. Connaisseurs of the trade meanwhile realized quite some time ago, that the dream factories are better off and much more welcome in the area like Cambodia, Malaysia or the Philippines. Thailand is not at all attractive for the movie makers due to all those ridiculous governmental obstacles ...... go figure!
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