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  1. It's because she was originally granted 33 months so we are good are the dates.
  2. Many thanks. To cancel, I just logged into the Spora Steria website and clicked 'cancel appointment'. I have now re-booked a new appointment for the first week in August. Thankfully, the visa doesn't expire until September so no issues there. I think as you say, the best thing to do is create a sponsor letter which fully explains the situation/draws attention to the baby situation. I am going to get a birth certificate this week/early next so will definitely include that. Many thanks
  3. Hi all After advice as to how best approach the following situation; My wife completed her FLR-M online application (along with paying for NHS Surcharge etc.) on 29 June 2019. We booked her Biometrics appointment at the Brighton UKVCAS centre for today (17th July). Unfortunately we had to cancel today's appointment at the weekend as our first child arrived nearly 2 weeks early (he was due 24th July). We are back at home now and all ok with the baby - next thing to do is re-book the appointment. However, at the time of doing out the online Visa Form, we filled it out as 'no non-applying children', as we didn't have any children at that point. Now that the little one has been born, we of course now have one non-applying child. As the visa form can not be amended after it is completed/submitted, what do you feel the best approach is? I was thinking to just do a covering letter with the rest of the UKVCAS uploads, explaining the situation and declaring that we now have 'one non applying child'. Also, will his birth certificate be required as evidence? Thoughts and/or advise would be grateful appreciated.
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