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  1. In the last 3 years i lost more than 25% every time i got paid. My customers are in the US and when they pay i get less everytime, is becoming really difficult to live. I must care employers and is almost impossible for me to ask more when i close a contract because due to the problems in the US they won't spend more. I think $ changed to 35 would be very good. For the peoples who speak about tourists, how they can come if their holiday cost double of an holiday in other places ?
    Before many peoples came here and spend a lot having also a lot of fun now they spend double for the half of time.

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  2. I go to Tiger Disco rarely for this reason. Most people don't notice, but when I'm in Tiger, i think about the exits and the fire exit setup is bizzare. Note: After Santika, the fire inspections were visable in Patong regularly. These inspections likely saved many lives last night!

    From the main dance floor:

    • To the front entrance, likely where most people would run to, narrow (2+meters) between the mezzanine stairs and bar and about 10 meters (through the front part of the disco) to the double doors, from the outdoor patio/entranceway on the 2nd floor, it is then about another 12-15 meters to the scariest spiral staircase, then 5 meters through (narrow) 1st floor Tiger Bars to Bangla Rd. Think stampede!

    • At least 2 other fire doors on the back of the disco, maybe more. I've looked on a regular basis, and they appear to not be locked.

    • Here's the crazy thing, there are SEVERAL more fire exits (3, if I was to guess) - up on the mezzanine level. They appear to have been installed after construction, which is good. So, you have to go up, to go down, I've gone through this mantra often, wondering if I would remember if there was a panic. BUT, I would bet that very few people (even Thais) knew of these escape routes/doors.

    Last night I left Tai Pan about 2am, things were rockin'. I assume Tiger and Hollywood were packed. After bad press caught BKKs attention of deaths (in Hollywood disco, I think) and the assassination attempt in Phuket town early in the year they had a firm 3am closing... for quite some time, slipping to 3:30 then to appx 4:30. Less than 2 weeks age they inched back to 5am.

    Really ? and in Hollywood where is the fire exit ? Tiger had, in HW there isn't.

  3. The problem, like for many other places, are the money. There are so much investors and money around Phuket, so many peoples bought a car or a new motorbike and almost all has an iPhone or iPad. Few years ago around we had a lot of internet cafe' now many are closing because so many peoples bought a computer or tablet and play from home using 3G. The quick and easy way the people here make money is the base for criminals. If few years ago they can get an handbag where inside the contents was an old nokia phone and few thb now is different. If you come in any of the disco in Patong you can easy see how many iPhone there are, is a 20k device, sold in a black market can give the amount of a normal monthly salary this is why the crimes is increased and will increase more.

    The crime increase where are the money because the interest increase. I live in Phuket since 8 years and i can easy see the differences between now and few years ago.

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  4. I have used that route 4 times in the last 3 years and always was so good, the flight back always was shorter than they write in the paper and the on board service was always perfect. The 1st time i went to LA from Bangkok i had used the Korean Air and was a pain, in the ticket they do not wrote the flight stop to Japan too but only on the when go to LA not when back. When Thaiairways will change i hope they will not stop to Incheon really longer.

  5. They are not LOSING 100 mill bht, only losing what they got for free in the first place.

    You pay for opening an account, virtually get no interest, pay for an atm card, pay to close an account, pay yearly fees for having your account.

    What do you get in return--NOWT. All they get is what I mentioned, plus OUR MONEY they keep and use to lend others at a rate of borrowing 10% + They have a nerve.

    How long have they been charging at a.t.m.? they should have quite a bit of revenue from it. Now they say they are going to lose money.. A JOKE April 1st early

    Where you come from ? you sure in your country the banks are free of charge ? in Italy and in all other countries from my experience banks are a pain. So before speak like many other how shit is this or that in Thailand check your home country and much more if you don't like what they do here why you are here ? why you not go back home and make this place free of people like you ? Too many users here only like to speak bad about Thailand but still always here, live here and spend money here so why speak ? Shut up is better or if you are a man go back home and live in your country.

    This comment is for everyone who usually speak bad about this and that but still live here. Is really annoying to read every time always the same shit from people who live here but usually speak bad about this place. There isn't a perfect country where to live so if you are here respect where you are and their rules or go back home.

  6. In internet shop now they do not let me download a moviefile that is on a free website because they said is illegal... What is the joke ? i'm Italian and our national TV leave in podcast all movies they made the day after of the official transmission and i can't take it ?

    Like this now is better to do not have a computer anymore , is much more dangerous to use a computer then a gun in thailand.

    A quick question... What about tourist who come here with their own computers ?

  7. I always read here something like Thai are bad and foreigners are good, there are a lot of thai very rich more than anyone can think , there are a lot of foreigner who ocme here only for sex,drugs and drinking and many times they hit ladies and fight. Maybe this man is a professional thief in his country and is normal for him to do that , maybe he just try to get back what think he bought , but in the wrong form. I really don't like to read everytime you foreigners are good and all others are bad, why you stay here ?

    I read the forum everyday but i don't like to write because almost all of you are stupid and always answer like " thai ladies are bad " , " she only cheat and get his money"... Why you don't look inside yourself on why you are here ? is better then your country ? If yes is also better if you respect the place where you live now and respect the person. If not why you don't go back to your country ?

    Remember one thing , you go to ATM or Bank to take money and the thai people go to bank to deposit your money, who is clever now ?

    Sometimes instead then speak and offend a population is better shut up...

  8. 3 Italian men, Thai woman arrested at drug party in Pattaya

    Pattaya, Chon Buri: -- Police arrested three Italian men and a Thai woman at a drug party in this seaside town less Friday night.

    They were arrested at a rented room in Southern Pattaya at 15 minutes after midnight. Police found 0.3 gramme of crystallised methamphetamine and 20 gramme of marijuana inside the room.

    The tourists were identified as Davide Migliorero, 38, Davide Tomasi, 28, and Caroselli Loca, 31.

    The Thai woman, Orwan Juminorn, 24, said one of the men took her from a bar on Pattaya Walking Street, where she works, to the room.

    They were charged with having narcotics in possession for abusing.


    -- The Nation 2009-06-20

    I'm Italian and i live here since 6 years now , i always know the use of drugs here is persecuted and i hope they will have what they merit... Maybe they thought to be in Italy where everything finish in a soap ball...

    I don't care who speak or who said they have drugs but i see so many people lose their life for drugs and i'm happy to see something like that.

    Unfortunally i also see there are many users here (commented this 3d) that use drugs... Nice guy...

    I read this forum since long , alsmost everyday, but i usually do not reply because many times i really think that the people come here and live here must know where they are and not only think thai people must change because they don't like... This is not your country , you are a guest , if they want to lose tourist is not your problem but this do not justify if you don't like their methods that they must change...

    I go away from my country , Italy, because is shit more then here why you guys do not look what's happening in the rest of the world then comment everytime what and how bad is to live here ? I always read thai are bad , they are stupid , they this , they that... Ohhh why you stay here if they are bad like this ?

    Thai law forbid the use of drugs and if you want to use you must understand something bad can happen... Up to you but if something happen after don't go cry and say why ? why me ? what i did ?

    Think before you do...

    Sorry for my english but is not my mother tongue.

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