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  1. Go to the malls if/when they are open. She won't mind walking there and you'll get exercise. Thais love to take photos and malls always build in places for photo opportunities. They have arcade games, movies, bowling, maybe even ice skating. It would also be a good compatibility test. If malls and non-mall stores are closed, go window shopping. Does she have friends in BKK? Meet with them if she does. Or meet with your friends if you have some. How were you planning on getting your exercise?
  2. I used organic compost for the first time and everything is irrationally exuberant. Much much better than ever before.
  3. Wow! How do they make a fortune online? I want to tell some girls.
  4. Regarding the quote at the bottom of your posts. I think a woman looks more beautiful the longer I drink or smoke. Or is that not what you had in mind? 555
  5. Only if you are a hottie. And that's for me to decide. 555 The training is not in technique but stamina. I have no problems in the stamina department and want to keep it that way.
  6. You AND I are indeed special. Don't let that ability go to waste. You are important in the universe.
  7. They shouldn't discriminate against the feral cats though.
  8. You can withdraw money from a bank account at a 7/11? Is there a charge?
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