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  1. Yes, I know but so far it sounds less effective. Who knows which ones they will pick.
  2. Customer service when you are in America is non-existent. I like to book ahead of time. When there is a problem, oh well.
  3. How is your math? 30 days from 11/26 is January 29? Your calendar is missing December I think. You should buy a new one.
  4. Your music is fine but probably a lot of what you like is old stuff which is comforting to you. Ok for a venue that attracts seniors. If I hear Hotel California 1 more time my mind will explode. It sounds like you are not a gym rat. I like gym rats because they know gym etiquette and tend to follow it. And tend to be helpful and supportive. Dabblers often cause problems because they don't know and don't care about the accepted rules of etiquette. A gym's music is meant to give you energy. Not wrap you in a cocoon of pleasant old memories. I know when the music goes off in a gym I Iose ene
  5. I thought it was the "Thai way" to haggle. Maybe only for t-shirts? : )
  6. Are they setting up an academy for bar girls? So there will be enough trained girls by then. : ) If they need a volunteer to test them I know someone. That would help the economy.
  7. I question Thailand's ability to distribute a drug that needs to be at a very low temp.
  8. That's not exactly what I had in mind. I think you lost the gist of the post. : )
  9. They will have to pry the hands of the military and the police off of this lucrative source of income. I am rooting for you to be right though
  10. Of the three I've read about so far only the Oxford (Astro Zeniga) doesn't and it has a much lower success rate. It depends on the regimen though. 60-70% I think. Can't remember for sure.
  11. But, if they are going to toss the flowers, my fee will be small to dispose of them for the researchers.
  12. Stems and roots are good for medical conditions? Sounds like this was written by a doctor. ..who knows nothing.
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