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  1. My good friend (Thai) wants to get a tourist visa to America. I would like to help her as much as possible. What can I do? How do i do it? What does she have to do? She has a good job and her parents own a house. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has good knowledge. I'm certain it is not easy. I would be her sponsor.
  2. Are they actually building the new go-go bar area at The Aveneue?
  3. If you apply for a second extension and get turned down and get the 7 days, do they keep the 1900 baht?
  4. I thought all the tourists were gone? Not true?
  5. Would an internet provider in America allow torrents?
  6. Thanks. Is there a way a non-techie can learn what to do/how to do it?
  7. If I got an MXQ-4K could I do the same thing in America?
  8. bkk6060 said they are free. How do you get them free?
  9. An easy way to transmit the disease to yourself is by getting the germs on your hand and rubbing your eyes (or picking your nose? 555). Do you touch the escalator hand rails? Do you touch money at the bank? Do you flush the toilet? Do you close the toilet door? etc I would think the tellers are used to masked customers. Anyone sick during the year would wear one.
  10. The powers that be also have said they will build another airport for all to use. Has anyone used the new airport yet? 555
  11. Are the marching bands as entertaining and accomplished as the black high school and college marching bands in the US? Do they have the razzle AND the dazzle? 555
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