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  1. God bless Neera Tanden. As an intelligent and capable woman of color, I think her chances of confirmation are slim.
  2. What a cruelty, giving someone kicked in the face some fruit to eat. Ouch! BTW guys who have been kicked in the face particularly love flowers. As Bill Maher says, I don't know it for a fact, i just know it's true.
  3. I know three people in America that want to go. Does that equal 6 million in Thai? Just wondering. If 6 million from UK and 6 million from America Thailand won't need to bend over for China.
  4. One of the paradoxes of Thailand. Department stores seem to be more expensive than California ones. And so many people say that California is expensive.
  5. Ahh! The good life! Government employees may not make a huge amount but there's always a bit of squeeze on the side.
  6. Sorry to be so out of it but I don't remember what facility is located in Trendy. Please refresh my memory. Thanks.
  7. Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip was asked why she was so crabby. She said "Because that's what I'm good at". Btw love your name!
  8. Just curious as to why you went for the wife and kids. Might be helpful for others to hear also.
  9. Time to hire an outside corporation to fun the darn thing. My friend, a retired airline pilot and former air force pilot, would tell me the quality of the different airlines. He would always mention that air crews at Thai got their jobs by working connections, not by merit. A little scary? I would assume the execs are same same.
  10. Well Thailand strongly wants Chinese tourists so they might go along with this. They are buying the Sino vaccine rather then the much superior Western ones. What's the term, "quid pro quo"? So sad when a good country goes bad. 555 What was the Rolling stones song, "Under My Thumb"?
  11. I wonder how can you tell if it is real or fake? Oh right, the Chinese do not make fake anything. My apologies.
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