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  1. Probably has been said already but: If you are dipping your toe, you are doing it wrong. Sorry if redundant.
  2. Bend government rules/ laws/ lawmakers to your benefit so you can make more. Open your mouth wider and gobble more. Kill or absorb or copy anything that threatens you. Lotsa fun things. Why care about ordinary people they don't do anything for him? Oh, wait a minute.
  3. Thanks for the informative and clear response. let's all get out of this alive!
  4. There will be some kind of vaccine. The US government has ordered a bunch before the testing. But what type and how effective it/they will be is open to question. Also an antibody vaccine is close. Cheap and plentiful. How long it will last is unknown at the moment.
  5. Champers, when you find out the name please let me /us know. Is Lido Beach hotel still there?
  6. My bud asked me if it were true that a restaurant near me was named <deleted>*kit Thai. I said yes, but spelled Phuket Thai. 5555
  7. Why not Walking Food Street? Farmers selling food and vendors selling food. Later add live music when appropriate. Just something different to eat from before. If you get my drip. 8 ^)
  8. It's worse for the battery if you unplug the phone after being charged to 100%? I always heard the opposite.
  9. I had a Dell that didn't have a removable battery. I think it was because it was their thinner one. Different kind of battery.
  10. Because Apple told me the phone should be unplugged after reaching 100%. No "gotcha".
  11. I use my laptop as my desktop computer. There is a question I have never gotten an answer to. I am told to unplug my phone after it has charged to 100%, do I unplug or turn off the power source to my laptop when I am finished a session?
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