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  1. It is possible to train your dogs to only accept food from you.
  2. American companies sell to Thailand what they are not allowed to use in America.
  3. I am glad to see you have a great sense of humor. And know when I am joshing.
  4. It was moved not improved. There are fewer options now. My beloved spaghetti w green curry chicken seems to have been a casualty. Very expensive relative to T21. I am not a mall rat and like to eat at mom and pops. But I read on the time on this site how poor Thais are at business. These owners have a good plan.
  5. There is no prostitution in Thailand. It's against the law. Other places are ok?
  6. There's also one in Palm Garden Mall. I hope I didn't mess up with the name.
  7. Didn't I read that they are watching how many tickets you get when you apply for a license renewal? A point system?
  8. Done in front of me? Like a DQ ice cream cone? Please film when this happens for you and share it. Thanks!
  9. There will be a high season if Med MJ is legalized for all. Solly, I couldn't help it. I am going to CM for loy Krathong. There is a high season there. People from very cold countries do like to go where it is warmer.
  10. This may be a difficult question to answer briefly, but do you need an agent to mix airlines like that or how does one do it? Thanks.
  11. I was there a few weeks ago with some Thai friends who were visiting from Bangkok and it was teeming with people. People all over the dang place. Much busier than Festival. Festival's food court is a joke too. Very poorly done. T21 takes good care of their customers. Provides very good photo ops, which Thais love. When they open in CM watch those other malls be even more of ghost towns. The Thais behind T21 have a very good concept. Yes, Thais doing a great job. I am impressed even though I don't know how to navigate the toilet seats. 5555
  12. Yes, I don't understand how the gov't could require policies for old guys who, because of their age, would have a hard time getting a good policy.
  13. Many times when you buy food from a sidewalk setup you can get free water from their can. I prefer bottled. And you?
  14. If you have been there you would see the patronage is very big. Theme, low cost food, nice amenities, photo ops etc All the ideas they've put together is doing very well for them. Whether it is to your taste or mine, the concept works.
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