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  1. Sure! I will send you 1000 just to try the system out. What a good idea. Don't know why I didn't think of that. But save me any leftover steak.
  2. What is the best way to send people in Thailand $100 or less from the US? Yes, I want to do it.
  3. Is the difference that your copy was in color? Hotels, immigration are B&W
  4. I am interested in learning how the visa monetary requirements fill the government coffers. Please explain. Thanks.
  5. I read an article that said the companies were losing money with the unlimited packages. Were doing it to compete. But if all stop the offerings then no problemo for the companies only problemo for customers.
  6. But I want to live where sweet people like you live. Thanks for your help.
  7. Yes, I find that true at restaurants. They don't expect Thai so they don't hear it. I do think they expect English. So I repeat the Thai slowly. Generally they start talking to me in English, so we are both speaking our worst language.
  8. Any excuse to get more money/gifts out of a guy is useful. I chose to leave on the 14th with my wallet intact (sort of). 5555
  9. I agree with your choice of type. Though one time I saw an attractive, small, quiet girl along the beach in Pattaya and starting walking and talking with her. Suddenly I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and the girl asked me if I liked lady boys. I got the message. Recently I went to Dollhouse for the first time. I bought a drink for an attractive girl with a nice personality. She was pretty, intelligent, small and we had a good conversation. She did not have a raspy voice and all the girls in the bar were girls. Then she told me she was a LB.
  10. I have read Phuket is expensive. Is that true in all areas or just the Patong area?
  11. I hope this is the right forum. I read Dtac's info and it said if you sign up for a prepaid plan it will automatically extend to the following month if you have enough of a balance to cover it. I paid enough for three months but I kept getting messages that made no sense to me. Finally realized the promotion had not been extended and they were using up all my money on daily charges. So I went to Dtac a few days ago and they said they couldn't do anything because hey had no access to see what I paid. The woman told me to sit down as it would take a long time. Unbelievable. I stayed at the counter figuring once I sat down they would ignore me. After about 30 minutes a woman, I assume the head honcho of the branch, came over and finally gave me credit for the month remaining. I had also topped up my phone balance to 120b in case I needed to make a call. I normally use Line. I found out I have a problem in America I need to resolve so I made my first phone call since topping up to 120b. I couldn't do it because Dtac used up all the phone money too. I thought phone and data were two different things. Anyway, I am going back to Dtac again to see if they will return the 120b to my account. I guess I now know better than to believe their literature and, if I decide to stay with them (probably not), I know I have to go to the office each month on the day of expiration (what a hassle) to renew for the next month. This is an international company and this is the best they can do?
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