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  1. elgenon

    Being A Kept Man In LOS

    I'm not lumping anything. Just asking if he thinks a Thai women, in general, might feel as he does. Ease up dude. If I say, in general, Thais own white cars, does not mean I believe all Thais own white cars. TVers who wait in ambush to spew malice, rather than deliberate and understand the intent, are not my cup of meat. And, no, I am not lumping all TVers into the same mindset.
  2. elgenon

    SETV questions

    Really, being retired has nothing to do with it. Just letting him know you don't have to be working, just show money in the bank.
  3. elgenon

    SETV questions

    I am not employed (retired) and can get METVs. Just have to show an adequate bank balance. This is in LA.
  4. elgenon

    Lights on for safety

    OP- You are wrong, running lights are not mandatory during the day in the US. Maybe on newer cars they come on automatically but that's about all. Running lights are not legal during rain or starting at dusk (1 hour before sunset). At least in California. At these times you must use headlights. Every state is different.
  5. Yes, drop him. Things will not get better after marriage and he will have rights to what you make and invest. I don't think he knows what love is.
  6. elgenon

    Being A Kept Man In LOS

    So is that how the woman here feels?
  7. elgenon

    North Pattaya beach now clean

    Fewer people = less trash?
  8. I like Kiss in Pattaya,the smokers stand just outside of the tables and the smoke blows into the diners.
  9. I hope you don't mind an off-subject question. I have been considering flying China Southern, what are your experiences with it and your fellow passengers?
  10. elgenon

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    What is the clean energy they run on? Buses go places BTS and MRT don't.