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  1. I remember the post from the guy who was going to Pattaya for the first time and insisted the proper way to dress was in 3-piece suits. Never heard a follow-up though, dang! I wanted to party with him. Yes, different strokes for different blokes. Thank goodness.
  2. Read about the data breach by Thailand Intervac. Names, passport info, city of residence.
  3. When you're old you should get special privileges. Not easy to get there or hang there. 555 Jews can't do any work on the sabbath, including using an elevator. Yikes. Of course they have a wink wink nod for it.
  4. Just read that the Thailand Intervac website had a data leak of foreigners' name, passport details, city of residence. Gosh, I wonder if that will encourage foreigners to get vaxxed. Hmmmm.
  5. I think I wasn't clear, I read they have their family circle along with their friends and that's their "tribe". Other Chinese are not included. But I guess they would prefer other Chinese to other nationalities.
  6. I do think the government would vastly prefer we just send our money to Thailand and don't go. Guess I'd have to cut down on my payments for the sick water buffaloes. 555
  7. I wonder if the Chinese owners like having Chinese as neighbors. From what I've read they much prefer their own "tribe".
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