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  1. I would always try to sit on Grandstand - best viewing all parts of circuit -
  2. As far as I know, there had not been - Race day - only Tickets = 4,000 baht for 3 days admission = Grandstand best view!
  3. A sell out is possible and sure a big crowd thinks same you. to much stress for me - I would order online.
  4. For 3 days from 16.2. - 18.2. For the first time, all Moto Gp teams will be with regular drivers and test riders with Moto Gp motorbikes at Buriram Ring. Admission or watch and listen even more is possible for 1000 baht = for all 3 days, who already has tickets for the race in October or buys there now, the entrance to test days is free. = 4,000 baht for 3 days admission, training u race in October, I will be there! See you
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