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  1. Thanks for that mate, i got the ones the other day as well and i bougt a big fold out and a a4 size road map, but i am still guessing on how long it will take from Surin to Korat :o

    Between 4-5 hours depending on speed and traffic.

  2. Hello, I have been to Koh Samed 2 times and have enjoyed it so much. My wife and I enjoy the fire shows and mat bars on the beach. We went to Patong beach in Phuket and did not have nearly as much fun due to the absence of the night time beach party atmosphere. The only downside in Sai Kaew Beach area was the lack of good hotel rooms. Can anyone reccommend a good hotel with the same atmosphere as Sai Kaew beach on Koh Semed or any other Island or mainland beaches? Thanks!

  3. I am looking for a 240 VAC 50 Hertz electronic timer to turn on and off small electrical units (computer, monitor, etc) during the time I am away from home. I need to acess my network when not at home, but do not want them to run constantly. I need to access my network daily for an hour or so. Does anyone know where I can purchase 2-3 of these timers? There are many available in the USA but are 120 VAC 60 Hertz. I am looking to buy in Thailand. Thanks

  4. Kessiri Hoyel 045614006 850 - 1600 B (it.s called the best in my opinion Shit)

    Thai Serm Thai Hotel 045600458 140 - 280 B ( also Shorttime hotel)

    Phrom Phiman Hotel 045612677 300- 490 B(near Railwaystation and Sugar Pub,

    Saitisook Hotel 045613478 100 - 250 B ( Shorttime too )

    Sisaket Hotel 045611846 120 - 300 B ( Shorttime too)

    Kulwadi Appartment 045616920 350- 400B

    Ban Kaew- Ruankone 045641334 350 - 500 ( In my opinion better then North-East)

    North East 04561577 350 - 500 ( with there Steakhouse)

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