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  1. well ...enjoy the cake who is coming to you ….. we go give it a pass I guess
  2. I understand you like to forget or wipe under the carpet who signed , but it was your great 80 seat powered H.O.C. leader who lead your country . He judged it as good …. so such one you trust …… you have my compassion...
  3. So that could count for our side too …… I think that the E.U. can stuff you even legally way ….no need to break treaty or signature's....just by saying …. no !
  4. "The WA is terrible for the UK - better not to have signed it at all - as we can all see now! " But your Boris signed..... and sold it to you voters as a victory ...a phirric victory ….and a British signature has now a bad shadow over it selves …..
  5. just a small pre answer on breach of a international treaty / no value for a conservatives signature …. prepare for more ….
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-uk-car-industry-eu-tariffs-exports-b712615.html Brexit blow to car industry as EU rejects crucial UK plan to avoid export tariffs Ministers pleaded for parts from third countries to be treated as British - to escape duties - but EU says no Rob Merrick Deputy Political Editor @Rob_Merrick 4 hours ago Brexit has delivered another blow to the struggling UK car industry after the EU rejected a crucial UK plan to avoid tariffs on exports. Ministers had asked for parts brought in from Japan, South Korea or Turkey to be treated as British, to qualify under strict rules-of-origin if a trade agreement is struck. But, in a letter to car bosses, to accept but Britain's chief Brexit negotiator has admitted he has failed to persuade the EU he proposal – and “obviously cannot insist on it”. It means exports now face tariffs unless the majority of their value originates from the UK or EU. Typically, the figure is only 44 per cent for a car assembled in this country.
  7. (nah …. this are only crums ….. not enough …! ....) https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/30/britain-offers-eu-fishing-concession-brexit-sweetener Britain offers EU fishing concession as part of Brexit sweetener Three-year transition period for European fishing fleets among proposals in negotiating paper Daniel Boffey in Brussels and Lisa O'Carroll Wed 30 Sep 2020 09.25 BST Britain has offered a three-year transition period for European fishing fleets to allow them to prepare for the post-Brexit changes as part of an 11th-hour deal sweetener. The catches of EU fishermen would be “phased down” between 2021 and 2024 to offer time for European coastal communities to adapt to the changes. The lengthy transition period is contained in a new negotiating paper tabled ahead of the current round of negotiations in Brussels between the teams respectively led by the UK’s chief negotiator, David Frost, and his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier.
  8. Wrong ! only those ones : " That means all foreign tourists allowed in under the special tourist visa must wear GPS wristbands so that their movements can be closely tracked. " we who are all the time inside Thailand are the "untagged" free ones
  9. just only missing a curfew ….. it was so nice sweet quiet sleeping from midnight to 6
  10. But leaving with very slow steps ...hoping for what ? Your leaving is your right , no doubt about ....but not that dragging to try your way done. A leaver has no influence anymore in the organisation he despised... Give up you are waisting your pressious time , you better prepare for what is coming ....
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/29/brexit-brussels-rebuffs-new-uk-proposals-on-state-subsidies Brexit: Brussels rebuffs new UK proposals on state subsidies Paper on guarantees for struggling companies still leaves major gap with EU position Daniel Boffey and Jennifer Rankin in Brussels Tue 29 Sep 2020 18.19 BST Boris Johnson has been rebuffed by Brussels after making an eleventh hour attempt to break the Brexit logjam with new proposals on limiting state subsidies to ailing British companies. As the latest week of negotiations began, EU sources welcomed the UK’s effort to make a compromise with a submission of a new round of “negotiating papers”, but warned that a large gap remained between the two sides. According to Brussels sources, the UK’s paper on state aid, the most contentious of the outstanding issues, offered to lay out a series of “principles” on controlling domestic subsidies. more...
  12. has something to do with our own network using much same I.P.'s for many ….. I have it with 3bb
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