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  1. "nobody is interested in according to the British way of democracy" Even those found 48%of non relevant to 52%..... no need for a 2/3 majority for the" Brexit saga " So the Scots can have my sympathy ...
  2. Maybe he can think over what the new 800/400 k freezing money means for the 7 months full and 5 half in less spending power by retirees if not replaced by extra transfers in,...average over a full year= 40 000+ baht less available by month , 20 000 for the married ones to Thai . And most shall be missed by …. the Nord East ...so his " popularity" over there may rise
  3. We have to wait and see after that 3 months of application ...if the go give you another appointment paper or not , all is new , more shall be clear after month May finished as then more reports expected
  4. More even you could be from the date under the limit , considered technically on overstay as you'r extension is void from that moment date , nothing clear about eventual consequences how the I.O.'s go handle it ….. fining (brxxe ..) money possibility's in overflow for them...
  5. compare that with the Flanders health care and you would feel like in heaven comparing with Thailand if in any social or financial problem …. the flip side of the coin...
  6. You must consider in that that those already "in the boat" must keep peddling probably , while J.T. ask if you would recommend new candidates retirees …… those still have a choice and not burned ships yet ! While I have no problem following the new rules , I do not like them at all to take the freedom away to control my own money , even when it is now already 6 years more than the needed on account never under the limit , on the contrary more upped....But don't take freedom away ,this farang is touchy for that …, does not give me trust for future things to happen , in 4 years I planned already to 50/50 Thailand/Europe ,or other green pastures than Thailand as it seems they think not needing us anymore ,gives a feeling not to be welcome anymore
  7. "MODS, this is freely (literally) available software, not cracks, hacks or reverse engineering. Link is:"
  8. Can be but I always have the latest updates done , including the big ones , and see in attachment I have stil version 1809 , so depending which O.P. has (?) it would work , have some software , but may not be published
  9. Step by step NON pirate NON software you tube tutorial to change Administrator software , And after , to be safe , also set in multiple options for password a pin password more easy to remember than words for some
  10. david555

    Broken TV

    And that is why the E.U. under consumer protection is warning those company's on risk of high fines at "Google standard" Hight to stop with that so declared non existing "built-in obsolescence" assembling And here ( the replaced part 12cmx 19 cm) handed over to me ..)….this is now your Television together with the screen , plastic body and nearly to find speakers
  11. We should have as in politics ….A "shadow Lieutenant General " to pointing out their forgotten issues ! Ah.., we got another I.O. boss now , so all could become clear ,better , or worse ..we wait and see
  12. As it is for me , the rules are clear , only they did not think of side matters , eg. if you wish to change to another money system , or even at another visa system (O-A home country application example ) , how to take your money out bank complete legal , so not risking to be on OVERSTAY
  13. Yes we are in many cases a "sitting Duck" to shoot ! (any unexpected visit from I.O or at Immigration for any simple reason . )
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