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  1. Money probably go talk..as always... and do not forget the private hospitals ar NOT non profits .....So they shall have the needed from their collegues from the equal so money liking Pharma industry
  2. You call it now nearer normallity ....? Just we go find out now how it was in the European and other western travelling "high holliday needing area" ...., Only hope is now is on the U.K euphoria vaccinated testing area ....let's hope that their vaccinating campaing works , but this shall only after 3 weeks relaxing rules to be seen , if it worked in the U.K. to create needed hurde resistance to C19 ...and waiting on the variants of it ....
  3. i can see your logic in it.... , but i guess they expect those " hospitality workers" to keep mixing with people anyway against the rules ... , while the medical staff shall keep themselves strict on the rules...
  4. Now just close the borders & Airports.....then only it can work to control the outbreak ...as it helped before
  5. Well ....as i go see it that moment ,as i leave Thailand to go live back home country ....it shall be the very last scam money they can get out of my pocket ......(hopefully ...)
  6. Understandable as of this news just spread , now advised young people should not get AZ...... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1419392/astrazeneca-vaccine-uk-ban-blood-clots-investigation-MHRA-covid-vaccine-latest-uk-lockdown
  7. Just now today Tuesday 06 april (And now for another age groups AZ. could be BANNED , this now from British medical source ) https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1419392/astrazeneca-vaccine-uk-ban-blood-clots-investigation-MHRA-covid-vaccine-latest-uk-lockdown AstraZeneca vaccines could be BANNED for young Britons - UK investigates rare blood clots ASTRAZENECA vaccine could be banned for young people with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) investigating rare blood clots experienced by those receiving the jab. By PAUL WITHERS PUBLISHED: 07:51,
  8. With a big differance that most of us are here now long time in Thailand without travelling out of Thailand (as i 3 years now) So not brought no C19 in to Thailland
  9. You forgot to mention the for best example of politic use and scoring from C19 ...... a certain ...Boris .....(changing by the minute /situation of polls.... ) As you mention Canada & USA.....then he fits for # 1
  10. ? In Thailand ?...info please ..where to get one ? If from Khaosan road ...never mind my info request ....
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