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  1. Probably because they nab so by occasion some criminals living amongst us so now and then ....
  2. Even a 24 hours protecting nose spray against Covid is in development ..... very useful for travelling by airlines i would say ....., hope to have that when fly home in 2022 Could a Nasal Spray Prevent Coronavirus Transmission? | Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  3. You forgot the appointment reservation fee , the priority lane fee and any other one you could imagine ...., i am sure you can come up with more ....than that
  4. Look for this quote in the article "Even so, he expected that PHA member hospitals would charge a total of 3,000 baht to administer the complete two dose set. "
  5. And that is the GOOD news ....read it as : Free choice of jab by paid service .... i am not demanding for free .....but i like to have choice of vaccine .....
  6. I guess leaving to airport to leave Thailand to your home country could be a reason to get a permission from any authority , example police or immigration or so , besides you have a ticket to prove that, eventual needed documents no covid 19 infection for the airlines to allow you to board could be needed.
  7. Same twisting your eyesight or neck i guess...?? To see any screen besides the middle one ..... Anyway with my 50" i dont need glasses to see as i do need on my 12'3" tablet or 15 " Asus
  8. Vistavision Panavision , looks like i am IN the action ... Besides ...what about those who use 3 desktop screens connected in serie by eachother ......
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