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  1. Vstarcam are well priced; I have three around my home. However, they use Linux lite as their OS and this has vulnerabilities (https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-19746/product_id-53101/year-2019/Vstarcam-Eye4.html) which would allow a hacker to view your cameras (so don’t put one in your bedroom!) and to gain access to the rest of your network via your router. It’s essential to replace factory passwords on each camera (default is 888888) with something much stronger. Don’t forget you need Cat 10 SD cards and the cams support up to 256GB (about B500 on Lazada). Also be aware of the warning on Vstarcam’s website that some (Chinese manufacturer) has distributed fake Vstarcams, which you can identify because they have lower res picture quality. So beware of the cheapest ones on Lazada and go with reputable dealers there, endorsed by other buyers.
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