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  1. G’day ! my 20th time of applying for temporary stay in Thailand for purpose of Retirement. Here’s the story : I first swung by the bank at 08.30 for ‘the’ letter which confirms the balance of funds in my account (using the Baht 800,000 method). For those astute enough I originally missed out by a month or two on the former Baht 400,000 requirement). Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! Now further loss as an Aussie with the new monetary requirements imposed on me thanks to my Embassy. I have always maintained bank funds above the Baht 800,000, rationale being that was the cost of staying in Thailand; I’m glad I did it that way now. So I clocked in at the immigration counter at 09.20 with the queue ticket showing 55 persons ahead of me. I didn’t exactly check the time but around 11.00 my number came up. I gave my documentation to who I would call a ‘check in’ person obviously looking that I had all the correct documents; I handed over copies of : Original filled Form TM.7 Bank savings book pages Passport pages T.M.6 arrival departure card TM.30 receipt ( I went to Chaengwattana a couple of weeks earlier with my ‘house owner’ to register and pay the fine) and thanks Thai Visa Forum for flagging this issue. The original Passport & bank book also go with the copies. I was asked to draw a map where I live; first time for that ! The checker didn’t appear to show any interest in the product. There was no desk computer here. Usually I’m asked to sign every page of the copies; not this time. And I did not mention which method I was using to satisfy the extension requirements. OK, so then I was asked to wait outside at another counter but while I was working out where to sit the ‘check in’ person gave me a nudge and said go sit there; so now introducing the ‘input’ person who does have the computer to take photo, collect fee and sign forms. I’m never too clear about these forms (4 of them this time) but they include signing that your going to be good; acknowledge penalties for overstay and the latest changes to the rules for extensions; not sure what the 4th one was about (maybe someone can enlighten) but anyways not much option than to sign them. I also noted that my name and whatever else was preprinted on some of the forms; a nice touch as I could never fathom out which bits to fill in on them in the past. After all that it was 11.30. I was then asked to go over to the lady in the next cubicle; where I had to hand over all the paper work; obviously the 'senior person', leaving it on the desk and told to wait outside. While I was waiting I noticed my papers (can identify by the blue KTB savings book) being passed back to the ‘input’ person and yes now looking for me; seems I missed a couple of signatures; so this part goes back in reverse and waiting again; clock ticking close to 12.00 . Good luck all completed with return of stamped passport & accompanying bank passbook just seconds before the lunch time break! Last year I had to wait until after lunch. That’s it no other requirement requested. I go to CW immigration alone (now 76 yr old) and honestly I feel treated fairly and with respect by the staff; certainly no ‘trip wires’ to make life difficult as some allude. The place is horrible tho just too many people, noisy, coughing, bedlam, ugh lol !
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