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  1. Well if you want a hint as to why the UK is performing below your expectations, don't look at Boris and Cummins, look at the population, full of low intelligence dimwits who are throwing their arms in the air grasping the first excuse to be indifferent to the controls, and pronouncing 'if he can do it we can do it' encouraged by the even less intelligent media - move on is indeed the right strategy, preferably off the packed beach !!!
  2. We have a free flu vaccine in the UK in 2018 - 19 nearly 30% of those entitled over 65 didn't bother Company I work for offered to refund employees having vaccinations - many did not bother Nearly 50% of those between 2 - 65 entitled listed as being at risk didn't bother Apathy - the silent killer
  3. You think it is coincidence that two countries where people are seen actively protesting for freedom of rights and less government 'controls' have a higher death rate?
  4. You think it's a coincidence that two countries where people are seen actively protesting for freedom of rights and less government 'controls' have a higher death rate
  5. Very few are wearing masks when out and about in supermarkets in the UK, many pensioners out shopping, my neighbour is in her late seventies down to the supermarket a couple of times a week for little more than a newspaper, Creatures of habit the UK elderly unfortunately, many stubbornly reject instruction to make change. My neighbour is still hanging towards the 'its just the same as annual flu' nothing to worry about stance, and the if I get it so what approach! Governments can only do so much, the attitude and acceptance of the nation is also key to keeping the death rate down
  6. You make valid points Richard, but I note the 'if' there is a test My representations are based on the understanding that under the current circumstances, people feel they should be allowed in. Progress is being made, countries are beginning to open up, as you rightly say test results are said to be more accurate, improving, I call for patience, a little understanding, my children in Thailand are not yet in school they cannot mix easily with their friends, they don't enjoy home learning, but they are putting up with life the way it is. Why the impatience from people 'outside the country? any country accepting visitors from another country currently experiencing circa 100 deaths a day is currently taking unnecessary risk I fully understand Thailand will open up, first step will be internal release of controls, later international flights will become available perhaps from low risk countries, perhaps still with quarantine, this will be a steady calculated process, and I will be happy for all us guys outside when we can see our families again, truth is a marriage certificate, a work permit, does not lessen the potential risk brought by admission. What actually does is origination in a low risk country, and that isn't going to please some of the guys outside Thailand either!!
  7. Thank you, I am a nice chap, I have family, friends and relatives in Thailand and I have missed my spring visit, I am not joining the clamour to return because my consideration extends beyond my own personal needs - sell your bridge to those who might use it as a back door entry to Thailand
  8. Good point and a very valid reason why the possible risk of re-introduction from overseas hot spots should be kept to an absolute minimum
  9. Well you see this forum is full of comments from foreigners who believe Thailand is over reacting regarding controls, and, as such do not appear to carry the requirement to follow the 'rules' which appear up to now have kept the people of Thailand safe. So to my way of thinking, my family, friends and relatives in Thailand are at less risk from the virus if foreigners from 'high risk' countries stay away - for now - and yes Thai people are allowed to return but the numbers would suggest very controlled entry, perhaps a beneficial way of fine tuning the process to make access more readily available to foreigners down the line
  10. Oh boy so people are now self diagnosing, don't need tests then, everybody 'who knows for a fact' they are not infected has no worries about spreading the virus and no need for mask Right And people are complaining they won't allow a mass influx of foreigners into Thailand!!!
  11. Weird thinking, if a mask assists in 'preventing someone who is infected from spreading it' then that very action is restricting another from 'catching it' and thus the chain is broken, the more 'chains' that do not exist the less risk of people catching it. Therefore mask wearing does indeed prevent people from 'catching it' The occasion the mask is not as useful is if infected people refuse to wear one, exposing even the surrounding mask wearers to unnecessary risk!!
  12. I've just read 190 posts on the thread about introduction of 'business class' quarantine So where were all the posts praising the Thai government for expanding options, speeding up the entry flow, from the desperate man split from their families - well there were 3 possibly 4 who made positive comments out of 190 posts The other comments ranged from extortion to profiteering, value for money to cost, discrimination to class distinction, suggesting alternatives, testing, quarantine at home....and so it went on.......anything really that would excuse quarantine controlled by the government - go have read!!
  13. So much about what the The Thai government could do for the individual, very little about what the individual could do for the Thai government........ Like be patient and stay away for a while longer?
  14. Well that is ok then, a few weeks down the line you may well get the opportunity, so no rush eh?
  15. You possibly do, then again maybe you don't, but get this, I am outside Thailand and yes I have missed my spring visit to see my family, and yes they miss me and I miss them, but I will get to see them down the line when it is safe, and therefore I am showing the patience and understanding I request from others.
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