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  1. If a woman decides to move on then wish her all the best Open a new chapter in your life and start filling it......it's a time to concentrate on yourself for while....
  2. Not really - it starts with the two oldest tricks in the book - then the farang donates = no fleecing involved
  3. As I said they are smart around my area indeed nobody puts it on good land. Secondly it provides revenue every couple of years. A while ago now I was out cycling and asked some people stripping some out how much it paid - 11 baht per kg
  4. Where Eucalyptus is grown on 'waste' land of the type I mentioned above it provides easy additional income for no cost. I personally have not seen any detrimental effect on the rice crops in the adjacent paddies
  5. Then I understand your comments, undoubtedly your area is not so progressive as where my family reside
  6. Most Thai farmers are smart they grow the trees alongside roads, tracks to the paddies, and the irrigation ditches
  7. Nope you appeared to think taking his licence away would make a difference somehow.... just adding a touch of reality
  8. Then he comes out and rides without a licence or insurance and is more of a danger to the public
  9. You are most likely correct in this case Colin and there will be many similar I guess I am in an area where change is more readily accepted, maybe even play a part in encouraging change. Tell me Colin, many eucalyptus trees in your neck of the woods?
  10. I quite favour the pay out to the victim rather than a court fine - in certain circumstances - that is minor infringements - reparation rather than paying for a 'legal' 'punishment'
  11. Please guys do your homework 10 years ago reaping was done by hand and a stationary machine now almost extinct But it costs to have a machine harvest rather than family So the family work off the farm The farmer for his part improves the rice quality, uses fertiliser to increase yield It's already happened and happening Change Use of AI - more introduction of foreign beef breeds - Charolias Kobe, Angus The concerns here are not if when change may occur, but a possible negative revenue effect if the rice laws are implemented. Then why would farmers be berated for not wanting to follow the rules! And just to remind you in Thai farming if a farmer hits on a good scheme, where financially viable, others are quick to follow - in that respect no different to any other area of business
  12. Farmers are more receptive to change than you give them credit for Colin. Most transitions are however implemented for increased revenue. On this topic you will note there is concern there may be less profit due to restrictions and controls.
  13. Ah somebody has spotted that if a guy buys top range rice one year, he keeps enough seed from his crop for the next year, but also provides for other members of his family over a few years the quality of rice production improves for all the family. From, the purchase of one bag of quality seed.
  14. 'Love and social wealth' yep Thailand supplies plenty of that for me
  15. I doubt a farang living in 3 mill home, truck, and 50k baht a month income is considered bankrupt but you are welcome to your opinion
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