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  1. I think the rose tinted glasses are more frequently worn by those looking to western history and lifestyle as a sound example The authoritarian approach is imposed with a little more subtlety in western nations - take brexit the power of the people, have your say........really?
  2. Labour can't pass a deal, they have been constantly stalling the process, the only mitigation would be a second referendum where the vote to leave was overturned. Otherwise if Brexit happens, deal or no deal, Labour will be slated as contradicting the will of the people! Joe public, clearly looking for an end to the uncertainty, where in reality Labour are more concerned with fighting for political survival!! Desperate times for a party whose only input has been disruption.
  3. I am staggered by how many of the guys on Tvisa feel unwanted!! By whom, a government that requires and applies some regulatory control on immigration? The Thai finance system that is running a high baht thus making things more expensive for all tourists? Not really eh? My wife is constantly asked by family and friends when I will join my family to live in Thailand - I am disappointed that I must stick to my plan but I need to make it work, which means work a little longer
  4. I don't really care if everybody around me is on 'easy street', as I will be there too, unfortunately we will still have the inconvenience of harvesting the rice crop, and other menial tasks, to help us along, but it will be fun I know people who have worked at companies for 30 or 40 years, feel they have made friends and been useful. Once they step out of the door nobody is interested or contacts them. 30 or 40 years of pure illusion - then what? a burst of reality in Thailand because everybody does not need to be over polite or be their 'friend'
  5. As usual over emphasis on foreigners, well I suppose that is core reason this forum exists Used to be the Thai way was laid back, no clock watching, cash only for Thai, credit was few baht at the local shop, borrowing from the village fund, or the city dwellers monthly salary Thai people have moved into the work, borrow, repay, financial slavery the western working culture brings with it, only longer hours!!! Levels of expectation have risen, as in the western world a motorsi is no longer seen as the correct status vehicle, first a family ute now teenagers moving upward to the small car. young families taking on a mortgage. This steady progression from the family farm subsistence system means the majority of employment age Thai people require stable income supplied by regular employment, leaving a much reduced availability and time frame to 'entertain' foreigners other than those actively working in the tourist zones. I fully intend to shortly retire to be with my family in Thailand full time, you see the thing is I don't really have the time or inclination to bother about how Thai strangers view me, only my Thai family and friends I interact with on a daily basis. I am therefore not surprised when the Thai people who do not know, or know of me, react indifferently, it is to be expected. Perhaps better to lower our level of expectation, move with the times, or get left behind........or of course as you have done swissie, just move and become a welcomed tourist
  6. Nobody anywhere takes outright criticism well, myself included!!! why expect people to accept it with good grace? I learn from my Thai family and they happily teach. My Thai family learn from me on occasion, not that I can do things better, just different, sometimes they like to watch and learn to do different too even though sometimes I must accept there is a little mocking of my ways. I have learnt to avoid direct criticism because often it is a case of each to their own. I would be very surprised if Thai visa is not given at least a cursory glance by the appropriate officials relating to certain topics, and thus perhaps inadvertently discovering the demeanor of the posters. If for no other reason than it is so easy to do! I think the input from Yinn leaves a clear picture of the impression that can be inflicted
  7. in general, Hard working, family focused, generous and sharing, community spirit, sense of humour, tolerance.......to name a few I could go on, but if one is struggling to see the good, then either moving in the wrong circles, or the observance filters are malfunctioning
  8. In my view most Thai people cut a lot of slack, if a person doesn't care to earn or show a little respect, then maybe not quite so much, and rightly so
  9. I don't mind being the topic of conversation, and it can be fun after a while to drop a couple of words in Thai or Khmer, see the looks on their faces. and give them a nice knowing smile even though I will not follow the conversation at all.
  10. 'Weren't aware' or weren't prepared, subtle difference.
  11. Ah so true.....but live...as in live and work......METV as in 'Tourist visa' not quite the correct fit then With the correct visa I'm sure entry would be a formality
  12. Understand - even so, the point I make is your record, even to me, reads much more like a frequent visitor than somebody attempting to stay long term on a tourist visa, which is the problem the OP encountered. It's the short trips to neighbouring countries, you went back 'home'. Didn't extend your visa exempt, Probably why there were no questions, and, would have a fair chance of doing the same now.
  13. Visa exempt 30 days? you stayed max of 4 separate months in Thailand going back to your origin country between visa exempt entries OP it would appear has spent double that time per year in Thailand for a couple of years on x 2 METV probably just visiting neighbouring countries long enough to extend his stay Not anyway near the same to an IO is it?
  14. A massive pert of the road safety problem is cars and trucks speeding, a sense of entitlement, and certainly not being prepared for any eventuality. Thailand is saturated with motorcycles, yes they do not stop at junctions but tend to pull out slowly along the side of the road, every driver knows this!! Do drivers of larger vehicles give constant consideration? well let us just say perhaps if they did there would be fewer accidents involving motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents are not about about age, overturning utes, speeding public service van smashes, accidents with drivers falling asleep, buses on their side in the central reservation, wrapped around a lamp post or tree!! are not driven by underage drivers. The youth on motorcycles in Thailand are just as likely to die at 14 as they are at 13 or 12
  15. I guess IO looking for a return to home country which is good, but the additional how long one stays there before returning maybe coming into play.
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