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  1. No surprise there then - good luck - I feel the same is possibly true for lady - win win
  2. I sent my wife money to build a house - she built a house, did a great job at low cost Be careful out there guys - it could happen to you
  3. Yes this can be done, for example my mother in law gave us land to build a house, I told my wife for now a house is dead money, a truck is dead money, first we buy a little land have cows and rice try to make little bit money. My wife took this on board, to her credit she weathered the continuous question of 'when make house' for 5 years!! Must have been very trying for her. However we bought a little land because we had money when it became available, subsequently built a modest home on the mother in laws land, and just now 13 years later I have told her if she is willing to learn to drive we can think about getting a car Steady progress.....I smile when people use the phrase 'oh yeah your one is different' because if she isn't there are millions incredible women in Thailand
  4. Well as far as women go I had a great time, enjoyed just about all my experiences, no plan no get it right first time pressure, just go with the flow, it appears either I learnt along the way, or finally got lucky. Maybe a bit of both. I have a brother similar to you - engineer the world over - chose his wife in a similar fashion to your method, he planned to have a house paid for, marry at 30, he did, must have been happily married 30+ years now so worked for him. He and his wife, took really good care of our parents too. Now as the parents of his wife are aged and infirm he is helping to take care of them also. This in the UK. So for me not an unknown scenario.
  5. Unfortunately what many westerners might see as 'rocking the boat' the Thai lady may well look on as liable to sink it! I think starting off firm is better left until one is at least out of the blocks. No harm in trying to control expectation, just don't start out by pointing out family failings as a future lever to curb funding! Take for instance eating out, yes for westerner good reward for a hard weeks work. The lady would probably gain more satisfaction rustling up a snack than an extravagant meal out, and sending an extra 100 baht that her family may eat chicken with their rice. Thus a meal out will not necessarily impress a Thai daughter.
  6. Not always about money, for sure a Thai lady is not looking for somebody who will complicate her life and bring conflicts. Thus a potential suitor must display a reasonable line of at least generous thought and understanding.
  7. Just don't do it, she will be happier doing her own thing, and possibly encounter other guys available out there who are not so rigid in their thinking regarding how she chooses to take care of her family.
  8. Fair comment I'm sure the goalie is well impressed he made the scoresheet!!
  9. A bit like snooker where they acknowledge a fluke but go on to win the frame anyway
  10. Possible have not seen the angle it cameback at but as it hit the keeper suggests it was on the way across and out. Not sure about own goal if the keeper gets a hand to a penalty and it still goes in that is not an own goal right? if it is his leg or backside on a rebound not sure, The luck of City swung from totally out to totally in all through the game.
  11. Aguero laid the pass for the first goal, scored the penalty, and scored the winner, if you are looking for a man of the match his contribution was decisive even more so considering he was a second half sub
  12. " if I could afford to do it, I wouldn't, as don't have kids and don't want a wife" Excellent decision for you couldn't agree more I have a wife and kids and yes we do have the luxury of buying food at the local market on occasion. My son is off on a school trip tomorrow we will happily pay for that too. I guess we are just extravagant - so be it
  13. Why does that not surprise me given the tone of your posts regarding financial support
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