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  1. One would imagine that your heroes, with their absolute power AND article 44 at their disposal would be able to do something about this. They won't of course, it'd require money and effort. But I guess you'll still be impressed by them getting rid of a few beach umbrellas and bringing in draconian visa rules for law abiding foreigners. There's none so blind as those that will not see.
  2. See you've still got that military wool covering your eyes. Thought you'd've managed to remove during the four or so years since the coup. There're none so blind as those that cannot see.
  3. If it's to keep out illegals I'm all for it. Be the first decent thing this fellow has done.
  4. You even hint that anywhere on the planet is better than here and the "rosey specs" brigade'll be on you like a ton of bricks.
  5. Excellent post, I've mentioned this a few times. I know a couple of extremely wealthy guys here who use an agent and if I was in their position financially, so would I. It isn't too much hassle for me to jump through the hoops (yet), but I'd much prefer to be sat reading a good book whilst supping an ale on my balcony.
  6. "Lives in Pattaya, naturally." All of us living in Pattaya live here naturally. Why not just say "Lives in Pattaya"? There're private visa offices all over Thailand. Makes me think you're one of those who've never been here, yet enjoy knocking it. I love living in Pattaya NATURALLY!
  7. Well stab a flippin' sausage! A completely independent poll and it turns out that the majority of people prefer a PM candidate who's a clone of PM Prayuth. Who'd've thought it eh? I think a little subtlety wouldn't have gone astray.
  8. If you have any sense at all, you'll know that isn't the purpose of these rule changes. I'm not going to expand, but use your loaf.
  9. First one of your posts I've ever given a "like" to. Have you come to realise that it's your beloved junta who're making all these changes?
  10. After 12 years of retirement visa, I'll reluctantly be doing the marriage visa method next time. My big fear is that there'll be loads of others doing the same thing and it'll mean hours spent in "The black hole" to do something which usually takes me thirty minutes. Maybe even go to an appointment system. One thing's certain, there's no room left in the Jomtien office to accommodate extra staff, even if they decided to increase the personnel.
  11. Yes if you're forced to leave because you're going to struggle financially under the new TI rules, then the PI seems a better option to me than returning to UK. ANYWHERE seems a better option than returning to UK!!!
  12. How d'you know it's complete blx, you into mental telepathy? Wish YOU'd chill out and stop posting these smug, unhelpful replies, because to some this is becoming an urgent matter.
  13. I assume you mean the combination method? Why not indeed, I believe the lump sum doesn't have to be seasoned in that case.
  14. If they still accepted the letters of those four embassies in the form in which they've been getting them for donkey's years, there'd be no problems understanding on either side. It's immigration IMHO who've opened this can of worms and we of course have to try and get around the ambiguity of the new rules. I don't fault anyone getting irate over the situation. By the way, Like it or not, English is the intl language of business.
  15. Not if they're sent using TransferWise. They'll show as domestic transfers on your SCB statement. Mine do anyway, that's why I've opened a Bangkok Bank account. If you send using SWITCH then they show up as FTT, but I lose about 2000 baht a transfer compared to TransferWise.
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