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  1. I hope these snowflakes realise that if they win this case we'll never, ever see a british gymnast on the podium.
  2. Anything to make a festering noise. They were going off in my heighbourhood part of the evening, still, it drowned out the noise of the bass-heavy music and dogs.
  3. I'm surprised the dollar hasn't dropped further in view of the ultra left-wing Democrats now holding power. Given time, it'll probably bomb.
  4. I missed that buy opportunity at around 47k, I was watching some rubbish on the box. I expect another one will come along in the not to distant future, although investing for the long term it hardly matters.
  5. What the .... is wrong with these Disney people? I'm certain the kids who watch and love the show don't give a toss about negative depictions. It wouldn't even cross their tiny innocent minds. This PC nonsense has infiltrated the minds of an awful lot of left-leaning people.
  6. I've been using coins.co for about six weeks and so far no complaints. Being the ham-fisted type, I've had to use their online help a few times and they've been swift and knowledgeable. I haven't cashed out to my local bank yet, but putting money in is the usual faffing about, copying the transfer confirmation etc. Similar to Bx, you have to twist their arm to make them accept your money.
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