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  1. a) How many photos of wife and me are required in total? b) What's the minimum size per photo? c) How many to an A4 sheet? d) Can they be copied onto normal A4 paper, or do they have to be on photographic paper? e) Do I need to take a witness to immigration along with my wife? f) Do I sign photocopies in blue ink or shall I leave them unsigned? When they make a house visit, how intrusive is it ie do they start opening cupboards, drawers etc? I have nothing to hide but I do value my privacy and although I realise the folly of it, I can see myself getting a bit pear-shaped if they go snooping amongst personal stuff. I've done retirement extensions for the last 12 years and this will be my first marrage extension. What a flaming pallaver. So far, I have a file of paper about two inches thick! I haven't finished yet, still have to get the Kor Ror 2, Bank letter and copy of bank book and the photographs at home. If the objective is to drive us into the hands of agents, I must admit that, although I'm resisting it, the thought is very attractive.
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