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  1. He was a sick goit, aided and abetted by the BBC, but maybe these flowers are from family members.
  2. I'll bet my shirt that this "influential group of lawmakers" are all remainers who've spent the last several years trying to thwart every bit of pro-Brexit legislation put through parliament. If it's correct that businesses are unprepared for Brexit, then Westminster remainers are the main reason that this is so.
  3. When I worked for the Brit foreign service, staff at our embassies changed at the end of their alloted tour. It would've been impossible for all staff to start and end their tour at the same time because of each of the staff's previous tour and personal commitments. You also needed the staff who'd been at a posting longer to be able to guide you through the first few months of your stint. I can't see an embassy operating without that continuity. The Chinese of course may operate differently.
  4. These are the ones the Dems want to defund. Still putting themselves between the bullets and the public.
  5. From personal experience of Thai immigration sticking obsessively to the book, I wouldn't be surprised if you're disappointed. Hope you get an IO who had their nooky last night and got out of the right side of the bed this morning.
  6. It's increased by 33.3% then since my last 5 year license when it cost me 200 thb. Not surprised that the immig svc are suffering galloping inflation.
  7. That doesn't surprise me since the border service are actually towing the illegals into dover.
  8. Think it might be worth pointing out that sometimes it can be longer than 30 days. My last 30 day under consideration period ended on a Friday, but when I turned up, Jomtien immigration told me to come back the following Tuesday afternoon.
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