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  1. If you live in a house and the car is parked on your own property, get a cat. I had a "mice in the car" problem and tried everything, but couldn't shift the blighters. A stray cat turned up at my property and within days, the mouse problem had vanished. Problem was, she used to leave the heads and tails outside my front door to prove what a clever girl she was.
  2. Correct. Stores do it worldwide, so it must be effective.
  3. Can anyone see the Brits doing this? Rhetorical question.
  4. There are people on here who you expect that type of post from, he's one. Unfortunately, he has several mates.
  5. How about all those of us 18" from the screen who were given the appointment date of 1 Jan 1970? I suppose we're the issue too viewed through your rose-coloured specs. I don't know, some people.
  6. It hasn't come yet but it will. At some time you'll need to show your vac cert to get into malls, entertainment venues, immigration etc etc. Remember, you saw it here first.
  7. The one I used too and I had no problems getting in either. The trouble started when I saw the appointment, 1 Jan 1970 ! Get out of that, you can't can you?
  8. Similar reply from my local hospital "Vaccine for foleigner, not know bou tha. Maybe tly Mor Plom"
  9. A lot of us would accept Sinovac too if only we could register. My appointment is still 1 Jan 1970. That would make a good epitaph for my tombstone "He had a Thai Covid appointment for 1970".
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