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  1. In our previous house, we used to have them come by every day in the early hours to sign the book in our letterbox. We didn't have any problems with ka-moi, whether or not that's down to the police presence I'll never know. The big advantage was that we got to know our local coppers and when we had problems with noise in the vicinity from a tin shack village of builders, they sorted it instantly. I forget how much we paid them, but it wasn't a lot.
  2. The "smug git" crowd appear to be very active on this thread. They seem to have a coming together whenever it's suggested that retirees are being hard done by.
  3. Never had a mould problem with Marmite or Vegemite, even though they sometimes spend months in the cupboard. Never put in the fridge because it makes them almost impossible to spread and don't have time to let them warm up before breakfast.
  4. In view of the very low cost of land and labour here, golf is still way overpriced. I can't imagine, what with the price of a round, caddy and cart fee, how much profit the owners were making out of us golfers. Even if they chop their fees right back, offer free carts and optional caddies, I reckon they'll still make a handsome profit. Just not the fabulous riches that they made pre-covid. One of my biggest disappointments on arrival here thirteen years or so back was finding that I couldn't afford a round of golf on a regular basis, especially as my house backs onto the course. I have to
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