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  1. Another rose-coloured specs post. Surprised it took so long.
  2. Poor guy didn't stand a chance with the lefty judges, mayors, BLM, ANTIFA, the media, sports and hollywood out to get him from day one. Surprised he stuck around for one term.
  3. Doesn't make it right to rip people off. I don't blame people for complaining, or "crying" as you put it.
  4. Don't blame the G10 consular flunky for this but the ambassador for slavishly following the dictat of the FCO "Concentrate on sucking up to the host govt and beggar the expats who help pay your inflated salary for practically nil return".
  5. Just thought that you might like to know that it might be advisable to pick up a couple of TM7 forms from Soi 7 Jomtien. I downloaded a couple from their website and they wouldn't accept them. They made me go and get two forms from the foyer and fill them in. Both sets of forms were identical except for the fonts and paper quality.
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