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  1. Actually it is two different systems. There is one for the e visa for visas on arrival for the those those that qualify that failed. The other one is for submitting visa applications to the mentioned embassies online on April 1st.
  2. That is per stay or entry not overall per section 35 of the immigration act.
  3. A OA or OX visa for example. Try it here. https://thaievisa.go.th/Home/LongStay I got this when tried. "You cannot apply for a visa through the Visa Application System.Your visa application can be submitted to following mission"
  4. Do you have any documented proof for what you wrote about. I have seen nothing about such a thing.
  5. I think wrong about the honorary consulates not being able to accept the applications. From the info I have seen there are certain categories of visas that cannot be applied for online. Not sure where you got the info that they will be processed in Bangkok. Everything I have seen is that approvals are still going to be done at the embassy or consulate where the application is forwarded to.
  6. Dependent upon the office where you apply for the extension of stay that would be allowed as long as the fixed deposit account allows you to withdraw the money without delay or penalty other than loss of interest.
  7. The only place to get a answer about the mailed in application is the embassy. They may work out a way for you to send your passport and other documents with a prepaid return envelope to get it sent back to you by mail. I see no reason why they could not do that. There has been info put out that they plan on doing e visas for tourists but I have seen anything about it lately.
  8. You could contact them about it. The best place to get the non-ed visa is in Vientiane Laos. http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload/pdf/Visa/Non- ED & O.pdf
  9. The financial proof and etc it not needed to apply for a non-o visa based upon being the parent of Thai or for being married to one.
  10. If you applied for a one year extension of stay based upo retirement you first 90 day report is due 90 days from the date you applied for it.
  11. You need proof of 800k baht in the bank or proof of 65k baht income, police clearance certificate and medical certificate to apply for a single entry non-o visa for being 50 or over in Vientiane. Savannakhet will do one without the certificates but do want proof of retirement along with the financial proof.
  12. Apprenticeships are considered to be part of a education program and have to sponsored by a university. You would be issued a non-ed visa. Info is here on Jakarta embassy website. http://www.thaiembassyjakarta.com/en/consular-services/non-immigrant-visa-ed/
  13. You do not qualify. You would of had to of been 55 or 60 years old in October of 1998 and on continuous extensions of stay based upon retirement since then.
  14. If you have a non-o visa issued by and embassy or consulate you have to leave the country every 90 days. You cannot do 90 day reports to immigration since you cannot stay that long. Whether you need to report your residence depends upon the office you report to.
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