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  1. That seems about right. 38,338 baht divided by $1200 is a exchange rate of about 31.35. But if you add the 200 baht fee (charged here) to 38,338 and subtract the $5 fee (NY fee) from $1200 the rate is 32.25 which is about correct the April 30th.
  2. You could of applied for the 60 day extension. Did you mention you are married to a Thai. They may consider the amnesty as not an extension of your 90 day entry from the non-o visa.
  3. If the admitted until date on your arrival stamp is April 15th you are already on the amnesty unless you applied for a 60 day extension. You visas expiration date means nothing now. You would be extending the 90 day entry from your visa. Before deciding on using the agent you need to think about the cost of doing it. I am sure you will not be able to do a border hop until after June.
  4. That means your record could not be found in the database the system checks to verify the info you entered on page one. It can be due to an error made when entering the required fields marked with a red asterick beside them.
  5. I think the taped over part said April 30th that the amnesty originally was to end on before they extended it to July 31st.
  6. Are saying the site will not open? Do you have a VPN active? The site will not open with one. Some Thai ISP's (AIS is one) will also cause it as well.
  7. When does your current 90 day permit to stay end. If you want to do the one year extension I suggest you apply for the 60 day extension near the end of your permit to stay instead of going on the amnesty. Then apply for the one year extension near the end of it. You will have to apply at Samut Prakan immigration if that is where your are living.
  8. I cannot predict what will needed for entry at this time. By the fall of this year we should know more about it but I think it should be about normal by then.
  9. Not for 90 day reporting. Immigration will announce when skipped reports will be due. I think it could be done by the month when your last report was due.
  10. You can only apply for a one year extension of stay based upon marriage to a Thai at immigration. You would need 400k baht in a Thai bank or proof of 40k baht income,
  11. Moved to this forum. There is also a pinned topic with info in it.
  12. Your non-o visa cannot be extended. Only the 90 day entry from it can be extended. No need to do the 60 day extension at this time. You can stay until July 31st and then use the 60 day extension near to that day.
  13. The online reporting system is still working. Many people have done them.
  14. Nothing new in your post. It has been discussed already on this forum. The amnesty was a approved on April 7th and extended to July 31st near the end of April.
  15. The same thing is on the immigration website in multiple languages. https://immigration.go.th/content/extend_alien?click=1
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