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  1. You can apply for the extension of stay up to the day it expires. How long after that date will you have the 800k baht in the bank for 2 months? Most offices would let you overstay for a few days and do the extension after paying the 500 baht per day overstay fine.
  2. It is possible now but not from some high risk countries to get a certificate of entry. You may be able to apply for a 60 day extension but I not sure.
  3. I think that means your insurance must cover you for the first 15 days after entry. Some policies have a clause that states it does not cover you for the first 15 days after entering a country. Your insurance will need to cover you until at least May 28th.
  4. The amnesty ends at midnight tomorrow. The 30th of November means nothing your case. You could cancel you extension based upon teaching and apply for 60 day extension on the same day.
  5. You do it online here not by phone.
  6. December 28th it that is date your re-entry permit expires that you got to keep a one year extension of stay valid when you enter the country. If a multiple entry non-o visa it would be 90 days.
  7. Your wife can go to immigration to have your extension stamp done. My wife has done it for me many times. This year my daughter (17) went to immigration for me.
  8. Try an convince you landlord that immigration does not report anything to the revenue department. You can only apply for one 60 day extension to visit your wife per entry to the country. You could apply for the new 60 day extension.
  9. He could get a non-ed or non-b (dependent upon where he applies for it) for a internship. That would allow a 90 day stay unless he can get a multiple entry visa if borders are open then to get a new 90 day entry.
  10. It does say on the embassy websites that are issuing them. I think your question would have to be answered by them. This is what it states on the embassy in Singapore website. "An original bank statement which states bank contact information and deposit with the equivalent amount of not less than 500,000 Baht for the last 6 months."
  11. But is it worth all the effort to get a yellow house book and pink ID card is what I would be asking myself. i replied no many years ago after getting the runaround every time we tried.
  12. What they want for a yellow tambien baan is way over the top. A background check is certainly not required. At the most it can be a certified copy of his passport photo page from the UK embassy, a translation of it and certification by the Department of Consular Affairs of the MFA and maybe his birth certificate to prove the names of his parents.
  13. They are not the same extension. The new 60 day extension is more or less the new amnesty immigration has adopted. Not sure your extension to visit you wife can have the date changed. Some offices have done it and others have said ti does not qualify to start from November 30th. You should be able to apply for the new 60 day extension near to when your current one to visit your wife ends.
  14. That is not the form that immigration has been using. I seen same form posted that came from an embassy to apparently apply for extension letter. This is page title of this form some immigration offices have been using. This is page one of the form. Sixty day extension affidavit.pdf The other side apparently has space for signatures and etc.
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