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  1. The financial requirement for a tourist visa application is the equivalent of 20,000 baht. Having 1000 pounds in the account would be more than enough.
  2. You TM6 card will keep the same passport number on it until get a new one when you enter the country again. No need for a new TM30 form unless you change your address or enter on a new visa.
  3. This from the embassy website (link to page posted earlier) "Copy of health insurance policy which covers medical treatment in Thailand (non-COVID-19 diseases) for outpatient not less than 40,000 Baht and inpatient not less than 400,000 Baht for the whole period of your stay in Thailand"
  4. They were given incorrect or misleading info by the officer at the Phuket port. I think the hospital was a fault for not helping the son get a 90 extension for medical care at immigration. Plus of course losing his passport. I am not aware of the UK embassy being of much help unless in jail or at the immigration detention center. They might of been able to get the sons passport quicker if they were made aware of the problem. There is not much that can be done done other than leaving the country and paying the 20k baht overstay fine.
  5. Only a onward ticket out of the country is required. A one way ticket to anywhere will be accepted. It will be the airline asking for the ticket out of the country not immigration.
  6. He could apply for for one but he would need the 40/400k baht medical insurance valid for 90 days to have it issued.
  7. There is no 7 days to leave the country unless working for a BOI company and they do a stamp for it. You can apply for a extension, pay 1900 baht and be granted 7 days to be leave the country. You would be fined for 4 days of overstay at 500 baht per day you when leave on the 21st if you don't get a extension.
  8. You would apply for the 60 day extension at a different desk dependent upon the office you apply at after you cancel your current extension of stay (visas are not cancelled by immigration).
  9. The 15 day visa on arrival is only issued to those from about 21 countries. I am sure you do not qualify for one. I often wonder how many people have lined up for a visa on arrival and have told they were in the wrong line since they qualify for a visa exempt entry. 1. If needed you can apply for a 30 day extension to get more time if need to apply for the visa to meet the 15 days before requirement. 2. You would apply for a non immigrant visa using a TM87 form. It is not really a conversion or a change of visa status that is done for tourist or transit visa entry using a T
  10. A police report is required for a lost or stolen passport. The embassy and VFS require it to issue a replacement UK passport. Also a form notify the UK that the passport was lost or stolen is required to apply for a replacement. The why so long to get a replacement passport is good question. But there are many factors to consider. It has to be applied for in Bangkok and it requires a person to apply in person or with a document from the person requesting the passport to allow somebody to it.
  11. A visa on arrival only allows 15 day entry and they are not being issued at this time. You will get a 45 day visa exempt entry that can be extended for 30 days. I am not sure they enforce that at every office when applying for a non-o visa. I think something may of gotten lost in translation. I think Bangkok immigration put that in their requirements to keep people that do not live in Bangkok from applying there. If you have proof you are staying in Bangkok and a rental agreement for at least 3 months it will be accepted.
  12. I have gotten my standard bank letter the day before I apply. There is no requirement for me to have a letter from the bank showing and my transfers at the office here. Only the bank statements and my bank book.
  13. There is no legal overstay. I day is not legal. The 40 days is when you reach the 20k baht maximum fine at 500 baht per day. See the penalties posted earlier in this topic for a overstay. If caught with an overstay of 1 day you could be put in detention, deported and banned from entering the country for 5 years.
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