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  1. What was the reason they gave for saying that? She can get a a 30 day entry by land or air. There are no special rules. No problem for her to the non-ed visa. Yes Yes by calling the immigration bureau using 1178.
  2. It should not be a problem to use the re-entry permit you have now. If your report back date was after the date your extension ends then you would need a new one.
  3. Have you applied for a new extension yet? Are on the the under consideration stamp now that has a report back date on it? Normally you should get a new re-entry permit for the under consideration period if the report back date is after the date your extension ends.
  4. There is no proof for what you wrote. Immigration offices have been directed to be lenient this year since the rules did not go into effect until December. His 6 months should not be a problem.
  5. You need the 800k baht in the bank on the date you apply for the extension and then for 3 months after that day. After the 3 months you can reduce it to 400k baht until you top it up to 800k baht at least 2 months before you apply for your next extension. No reports of the need to show prove the money is in the bank every 3 months. Jomtien immigration is having people show their bank book 3 months after the application to confirm the 800k baht is still in the bank. Yes it will be accepted that you have an arrangement for a long stay at the hotel. I does not have to be for the full year though.
  6. The police order states what wrote but say when permission is granted for the after which means when the extension is approved. Also the recent dates given to people to show their bank book that have applied since the 1st have been 3 months after they applied for the extension.
  7. Talking to them about it in person would be best. Ask them about Vietnam being on both visa exempt lists. Perhaps print out the info that is in Thai and English. Evidently the did the extension stamp and they noticed her nationality so they canceled it. Penang is a consulate not a border crossing. The nearest crossings to Malaysia are the Sadao and Pedang Baser crossings in Hat Yai province. Both of them often tell people they have to remain overnight in Malaysia to get a new visa exempt entry.
  8. I am a little confused by your dates. Was one of them meant to be 2018 instead of 2019. You would put your most recent entry that is shown on your entry stamp.
  9. It is a bit of gray area for Vietnamese getting the 30 day extension since they fall under both the bilateral agreement and the standard visa exempt schemes. Those under a bilateral agreement do not qualify for the 30 day extension. Source: http://www.consular.go.th/main/contents/filemanager/VISA/Visa on Arrival/VOA.pdf You could try talking to immigration about it. I am aware of Vietnamese getting the 30 day extension. The only choice may be for her to get another visa exempt entry. It should not be a problem to get another one. Not sure where the nearest location for a border run is. Some people go to Ranong for a crossing to Myanmar. If they wanted to say that she is under a bilateral agreement for visa exempt entries there would be no two entry limit at land border crossings.
  10. The letter would work. I don't think they will bother you with a language test. The officer probably would not know that you are studying Thai.
  11. If it is apply the morning of one day and and pickup the next day. But IMO it would be better than another border hop and having to go through the visa application process and then the extension process and having to show all the same documents again. Plenty of low cost hotels near the consular section. Same nonsense as the other office in Chonburi.
  12. Not mentioned because the question was about the 800k baht in the bank option. You can do what you want to with the 65k baht you transfered into the country.
  13. For a single entry non-o Vientiane would be an easier trip. You can fly to Udon Thani from Don Mueang and then get a van to the bridge in Nong Khai. You have to make appointment for the application. See: https://thaivisavientiane.com/# Which office? That is certainly not required for the non immigrant visa application.
  14. I read today's update you did and saw that. I tried the hotmail email address but no fail or answer yet.
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