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  1. A granted length of stay can also be an extension not an entry. That cover letter is only for the change to clause 2.18 of the existing police order. The last memo in the English version is for the entries to the country.
  2. I don't think so. The 2nd year is covered in the last memo in the English version for those issued after the 31st. On entry to the country you must have insurance valid for the entire year of the last entry.
  3. Topic closed for discussion. There are enough of them discussing the subject. Edit: If it falls off the 1st 2 pages I will do a post to bump it up.
  4. I am really wondering where the immigration officers that say it applies to those on extensions are reading or getting their info. Studied the memos in the police order announcement again and noted this in the first one in English. That appears to say it does not apply to a extension of stay for a OA visa entry.
  5. It seem clear in the last memo in the English part of the order it is only for new OA visa holders issued after the 31st who would have a remark on their visa with the insurance expiration date but if less than a year they would only get a entry to the date the insurance expires.
  6. On entry to the country it only applies to those that have gotten a OA visa since the new requirement went into effect. Also you would not be entering with a valid OA visa, Just a re-entry permit for a extension extension of stay.
  7. Several people are already on the 6th year from their PE visa. I think Thai Elite is giving out some false info to encourage people to get a new 5 year membership.
  8. I was asked for it. I used my pension statement for last year and letter stating the amount. I gave them copies of them and showed the originals mailed to me. I just used a one year and one month bank statement, my bank book that showed over 2 years of monthly transfers and a standard letter from the bank.
  9. Copies of passport photo page, visa, extension stamp if any, most recent entry stamp and TM6 departure card.
  10. That is just basic info as far as the requirements go. It is for all office not only Bangkok. Bangkok and many others may want what CM wants. You would have stay there until you were able to apply for your one year extension. CM immigration would reject your application with a visa issued in Bangkok.
  11. You will be a ovestay for everyday after the 19th if you cannot do it on Monday. It will cost you 500 baht a day. Immigration would still do the extension if you get it next week since they will be able to see the problem by looking at your passports.
  12. Not sure if immigration would accept two 6 month statements. I think I will just order another 1 year next time to be sure. You could request it a week or 2 before you plan applying and it would still be accepted. It is only costs 200 baht for a one year statement. I paid a total of 400 baht to Bangkok Bank for everything which is much cheaper the cost for income proof from the embassy and long trip to Bangkok for it.
  13. It appears you failed to change your address for 90 day reporting at your local office. Submitting a TM30 form does not mean they changed the address they have in their locally maintained records for 90 day reporting. When they received your 90 day report application it did not show the same address they had in their records so they disapproved it.
  14. The above highlighted line indicates it is only for new OA visas issued after October 31st. One issued before that date would not have any remarks about the insurance. For the 2nd entry they would be looking at the remarks and if the insurance was less than a year they would only stamp a person in until the date it expires unless a person present that a person had extended the insurance coverage for another year already.
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