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  1. Visas and a permit to stay are different. A visa only allows a entry to the country and allows you to get a permit to stay in the country. Then you can extend that stay. Just different wording on the stamp done by immigration. Mine says this.
  2. You can enter the country by showing both passports to use your re-entry permit in the old passport. They will stamp you into the country in your new passport. After entering the country you will need to go to immigration to have your stamps transferred.
  3. I think the fact that Thai ID cards is 8 years is relevant and it may explain why some Amphoes are issuing pink ID cards for 8 years.
  4. They stop issuing queue numbers at 3:30 and work until all the numbers have been called.
  5. Where are you at? Maybe you should try another Amphoe or Khet (Bangkok). Are you sure they understood you only wanted a printout of it.
  6. Some offices want proof that the 400k baht is still in the bank at the end of the under consideration period.
  7. No Just looked another card that was issued in 2015 and it expires in 2023. I think Thai ID's are still only issued for 8 years.
  8. If your wife is with you to sign it in front of the consular officer will witness the signatures. You both will need a appointment.
  9. Probably not. I would guess you have no proof of how much you paid.
  10. They will not check your address or if a new TM30 was done. They just check that your application has been approved and then do the extension stamp.
  11. They should see that you using the same address as the one you did before. The can verify the report was done by checking their online records.
  12. You will not need to do a new TM30 report unless you have changed your address since you did the previous one. You should of gotten a receipt for the TM30 report when you did. It would be the slip that is at the bottom of the TM30 form.
  13. You cannot change from a non-f to a non-o visa without leaving the country. You should be able to apply for a one year extension based upon retirement when your current extension is canceled. You will need 800k baht in a Thai bank for 2 months on the day you do the application or proof of 65k baht income.
  14. He may of had the receipt for a TM30 form submittal or a completed TM30 for to submit. It has nothing to do with 90 day reporting.
  15. A embassy letter is not required. You could complete this affidavit and give it to them. 60 Day Covid 19 Extension Affidavit.pdf229.8 kB · 300 downloads
  16. Since you already have insurance you should be able to renew it and apply for new extension prior to the 12th of July.
  17. People have already gotten more than one 60 day covid 19 extension. How long they will be available is unknown. It is assumed the order for them will be extended again at the end of this month. You cannot apply for a visa without leaving the country. You might be able to apply for a extension based upon attending a school.
  18. The only was a person can be blacklisted is for commiting a crime and being prosecuted for it or a long overstay. I don't think the school can prevent somebody from finding another job.
  19. That changed over 2 years ago. It is 2 months before now for every extension application and then 3 months after the day you apply and then 400k baht for the remainder of the year.
  20. Yes and yes. I think Phuket starts the 30 day from the day you apply. Look at your previous under consideration stamp to confirm it is 30 days from the day you apply. I suggest you keep the 400k in the bank until you get your extension stamp.
  21. You can apply for the extension up to 30 days early so no problem to do it on the 27th. You will get another under consideration stamp with a report back date 30 days from the day your apply or from the end of your current extension at some offices.
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