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  1. That is a Jomtien requirement and is a carry over from before the they issued a new regulation that went into effect on June 30th. This is what I wrote before. If you have never done one they could ask for one. tt is the same for me since I have never been asked for one due to never meeting the local offices requirements to do one.
  2. Moved to the business and banking forum.
  3. You can open a bank account with any type of visa entry or extension of stay. You just have to keep trying different banks and branches of the same bank.
  4. It is not a press release. It is only a summary of the meeting. It is here in Thai and is about 3/4 of the way down the page. https://www.thaigov.go.th/news/contents/details/35516 (link will die in few weeks).
  5. The office was wrong if you were applying for a 60 day extension to visit your Thai wife or child. There is no requirement to have a letter to apply for it. The embassy letter is only needed to a apply for the special 30 day extension. Yes it will unless you are dealing with a very pedant immigration office.
  6. I may mention it and/or their will be instruction for immigration to work out the final details. There is plenty of time to wait for the details since the important part is known and that is that nobody is on an overstay (unless on one before March 26th) and have until October 31st to get things sorted out.
  7. There is not enough information at this to time to answer your questions. Nothing has been formally released yet. The only thing known with any certainty is that the ministerial notice was extended from the 26th to the October 31st. You will have to go MTT to get the remainder of the extension you applied for.
  8. This topic just got a lot shorter after a I cleaned a lot of troll, off topic, bickering posts and etc. No further notice will be given when posts are removed.
  9. He is already on an extension based upon being the parent of a Thai. His current extension is getting close to expiring and he is concerned about his ex wife taking his child away from him due to his child needs to be with him when he appies.
  10. He probably talked to the wrong person and they were wrong. There no rule or regulation that states it cannot be done. As said many people have done it.
  11. 1. You could change to a one year extension of stay based upon being the parent of a Thai (a guardian visa or extension does not exist). You would need 400k baht in a Thai bank or proof of 40k baht income to apply. 2. You could get a work with the extension of stay I mentioned above but you have to be working for a registered company to apply for it. 3. You don't need an agent to change the reason for you extension of stay.
  12. The chances of it being denied are extremely low. After it being accepted by your local it is more less a done deal. If there are any problems the application that will contact you get the problem resolved. The home visit is mostly to prove that you are living together as husband and wife. It no approved the normal procedure is to give you a stamp that allows you 7 days to leave the country but I don't recall that ever happening since I don't recall one being disapproved.
  13. The amendment to the immigration order has example that shows 2 months of transfers. But most offices will insist on 12 months of transfers if you have been on a multiple entry non-o visa. You could check with you local office about it.
  14. Nothing yet since the Interior Ministry Announcement has not been published in the royal gazette yet after being approved by the cabinet today. The cabinet resolution only mentions the extension of the amnesty from the 26th the 31st.
  15. That might be in the interior Ministry Announcement. It is much longer than the cabinet resolution.
  16. That was changed in 2008 when a new nationality act went into effect. If married to a Thai you do not have to have PR before applying for Thai nationality.
  17. Google translate of it follows. 16. On the draft announcement of the Ministry of Interior regarding permission for certain types of aliens to stay in the Kingdom in a special case (No. ..), the Cabinet passed a resolution approving the draft announcement of the Ministry of Interior regarding permission for certain types of aliens to stay in the Kingdom as a case Special (No. ..) as proposed by the Ministry of Interior The Ministry of Interior considered that Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19 Still violent This can be seen from the number of infected patients. More new global customers There are number of infected patients. More than 30 million people have accumulated around the world, causing a number of foreigners to remain in Thailand because they cannot leave the Kingdom to return. And it is inconvenient to proceed according to Section 35 and Section 37 (5) of the Immigration Act 2522 as well as other relevant laws to be completed within 26 September 2020, so it is necessary to prepare a Ministry announcement. Interior under Section 17 of the Immigration Act 2522 and the amendments to extend the time taken under Section 35 and Section 37 (5) of aliens. In which certain types of aliens are in the Kingdom for a while From 27 September 2020 to 31 October 2020 Now we need to wait for the announcement to be posted in the Royal Gazette for all the details.
  18. Taking a break between jobs could be a problem to meet the 3 consecutive years requirement. You could also apply for Thai nationality if you can meet the requirements for PR since you are married to a Thai.
  19. It is not possible to apply for PR unless working for 3 consecutive years with a work permit permit and paying taxes. There is a long outdated directive from 2003 on the immigration website that has not been used since about 2009. See page 11 here for the current requirements. Permanent Residency Requirements June 2019.pdf
  20. That is the first time in a long time I have heard of a office wanting wedding pics. At one time for the first extension for newlyweds they wanted wedding pics.
  21. If the 30 days are visa exempt entries to you could have problems doing them continuously over a period of time. Even Malaysia have made problems for people using 90 day entries to stay there. You might get away with it for a while but not for a long period of time.
  22. Many offices start the 30 day under consideration period from the end of your current permit to stay date. All offices here in Isaan do it that way. All of my (13th of them) under consideration periods have been done that way. You will get your one year extension stamp when you report back to immigration. You can contact them ahead of time to find out if the approval has been done yet and go in earlier if it is.
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