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  1. thai people very unfamiliar with this ingredient. You should try to source a grower. Sadly last guy who cut my grass cut all my vanilla. In Thai actually called "wa-ni-la" make sure to annunciate each syllable for listener comprehension Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. hard G not soft yes all flags the same, just different font and chinese equivilent. Although vegetarianism is intricately linked to Indian Buddhism, it is not so much for Thai Buddhism, Thai buddhism monks receive donated food which is rarely vegan or vegetarian. It can be somewhat difficult to avoid animal products or to have dishes modified to your tastes. So accepting some meat product like fish sauce in your food will go a long long way. Dont worry this sauce is mostly all gluten, salt, msg, and sugar. Just learn what dishes don't contain meat,dairy (but will likely contain smal amounts of fish or squid sauce) such as som tum thai- papaya salad pad paak boong - stir fried morning glory pad paak - stir fried veg pad thai tohu - stir fried noodle with tofu (contains egg) This will be much more useful than "gin J - Jae" As other posters mentioned very bland meat imitation food made from soy for vegetarian festival However when people offer you meat product then you will find useful to tell them that you dont want because you "gin J" = don't eat meat Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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