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  1. Best place...Father Ray Orphanage.. (Soi Yumit entrance, through the barrier and directly on left side. ) They have a large electrical repair shop for the public..very clever and low price.
  2. So you married a girl doted on by her parents and still gets her own way and they don't like you!! (Surely you must know that?) She is spoilt and unfortunately this is never going to change and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that! She has most likely as a guess never really worked or supported herself without Daddy and like you state her parents are very conservative! I'm sorry to say that you cannot win...the parents want you gone! Accept it!
  3. Make sure at least 32gb plus slot for extra memory
  4. Okay, so you want an easy fix....turn off electric power!!!! Very very important!! Then take the unit off the wall, so that the water inlet is at the top and pour in some Kettle descaler and leave overnight, next day re-assemble and turn on, keeping out of the water and it may clean it out! (This works most times!) Failing that get a new one!
  5. Thai Watsadu, going on Sukhumvit, a little further along from Tesco, Macro etc Easily the best choice and price!
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