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  1. Yes you right and I do not want to go further into my records in public.... this is a forum for people to offer comments, I just felt that some, not you, just want to argue of course!
  2. Well I can assure you that's what I was told, they diagnosed Heli Bacter pylori and cancer, now as to how certain they were I don't know, thay just told me how much and I need keyhole surgery. I shied away from this and jumped on a plane to the UK! Are you in the medical industry? I wonder? We all know how diagnosises are done in Thailand!! I'm not saying all Doctors are of a certain type but you can see here from other comments that is a trait seen in Thailand and I can offer what happened to me.
  3. Health diagnosis is I found very very hit and miss in Thailand, I was diagnosed with Dengue Fever, yet when immediately returning to UK was told the Thailand blood results showed no dengue fever and the UK blood trests showed noindication now or in the past, I actually had pneumonia! When I was in Thailand I was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, UK blood tests and a gastroscopy showed nothing, but I had a slipped disc. What you do get in Thailand, is a differing diagnosis in every hospital, a bag full of unneccesary medicines and a large bill with requests to come back in 2 weeks. I'm sure some Doctors in Thailand get it right, it can't be harder than driving a car!!
  4. Speak to Terry at the Queen Vic Bar, SOI HONEY, he knows which are best etc and can "arrange" fitting etc. Paul
  5. Thanks, but I asked 8 years ago!
  6. Pdavies99


    Angeles City, Phillippines...Its got everything Pattaya has!
  7. Anyone seen where I can buy a Chip pan basket? (ie basket that goes in the pan!) I've looked at big stores and behind Big C shop, no luck yet!
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