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  1. Of course the sources and evidence I supply back up my opinion, just as the sources and evidence supplied by the more intelligent Brexiteers backs up theirs! Your comment only proves, yet again, that you consider all research, polls, opinions even facts which counter your belief to be as you describe; whereas you believe all research, polls, opinions and facts which support your views to be rock solid. Your mind is closed, and no one will open it; not even the disaster which will result froim a no deal Brexit. My comment was in response to you calling ITN a 'self help group.' What I said was Notice the bit in bold? The report was not prepared for ITV by channel 4; and I never said it was. It was prepared by ITN for Channel 4. Yes, Vote.Leave did complain to OFCOM about ITV, the complaint was dismissed: EU referendum: Ofcom dismisses Vote Leave complaint of ITV bias Back to you old whinge; 'You're saying things I don't want to hear, so you are biased and I'll ignore you.' Of course, if you actually knew anything about the MSM in the UK you would know that it is split virtually 50/50 for and against Brexit. Ever heard of the Daily Mail, for example? Why is it that you have to label all Remainers as lefty when anyone who knows anything knows this is not the case. Some are, and so are some right wingers. You provided a list and claimed it came from a certain website to which you linked. I couldn't find it there and when I asked where the list came from you refused to say. Why? What were, and are, you hiding? That you made the list up? Yes, I have researched the treaty, both before and again after you faux pas. It pays to know something of what one is talking about (a lesson you'd do well to learn). I could not find your list anywhere. Care to provide a source for it yet? No, I did not imagine them; they existed. What! You claim to be a Brexiteer but don't know who Dominic Cummings, the architect of Vote.Leave's campaign, is! 70 million Turks, the entire population of Turkey in fact, waiting for the chance to flood into the UK a slight exaggeration! Your real name isn't Farage, by chance? No, can't be; he knows far more about the UK than you evidently do. I never said that, but lying spin is par for your course. I repeat something i said earlier, and you have, unsurprisingly, chosen to ignore, I have every sympathy for genuine refugees; none at all for economic migrants pretending to be refugees. Pathetic; all those who do not subscribe to your views are far left fascists! Next you'll be accusing me of supporting Islamic terrorism, calling for Sharia law controlled areas in our major cities and demanding whatsername (Begum?) is given her British passport back. Wont ever happen; terrorism is not to be tolerated, I do not subscribe to the view that one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Whether that terrorist be from ISIS, the IRA, the UDF or whatever right wing racist (yes, racist, your own words prove it) group you support. I'll leave you to polish your jackboots and iron your brown shirt.
  2. Then why can you not resist responding to it in vain (in both meanings of the word) attempts to prove your moral and intellectual superiority over me?
  3. More information needed as it depends on why she was denied entry. Which country and why? Which EU country is she applying to? Is her spouse a national of that country, another EU country or neither?
  4. I repeat, I said PART of your post was inconsequential. Something which is clear to all who read my comment; no matter how much you try to spin it otherwise. If you don't care, why do you always respond to and try to debunk them? If you consider my comments on your posts to be insults then ignoring them would suit you and your purpose better. It has obviously escaped your notice, but I do not respond to the vast majority of your posts, for a variety of reasons. But, of course, unless I read them first I do not know if they are worth commenting on and/or debunking.
  5. I believe the age of majority in Thailand is 20, so would say yes, it is still required. Indeed. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. The first time my wife and step daughter left Thailand with me my wife was taken to one side by Thai immigration and asked to prove she had sole custody of the girl or her father's consent. Fortunately we had packed the sole custody papers in our hand baggage just in case. She hasn't been asked since, maybe that's the luck of the draw or maybe after the first time it was on record somewhere that she has sole custody when their passports were scanned. Moot now anyway as the girl is now 28.
  6. Actually I said that part of a particular post was But you now seem to be saying that by saying what you were actually doing was admitting that your all your posts are inconsequential! In other words admitting that your posts are trivial, unimportant, negligible, worthless and insignificant and therefore not worthy of anyone paying even the slightest attention to.
  7. Plus, of course, pay the required fee and meet all the other requirements they are currently exempt from. Who knows, us British may have to as well! If the experience of similar non EU nationals, e.g. Americans, is anything to go by, we'll certainly have to if we wish to spend more than 90 days in the Schengen area.
  8. Wrong, again. The conclusions on those two sites are based upon solid reaerech of the propaganda put ot about immigration by the leave campaign and the reasons people gave for voting leave. that you disparage two reputable organisations such as ITN and the Centre for Social Investigation at Nuffield College, Oxford University merely shows your desperation. BTW, ITN stands for Independent Television News; not a 'self help group' but a reputable, widely respected news organisation. Any Brit, expat or resident, even if they consider ITN to be biased knows that; why don't you? I didn't ask you for 'accreditation or whatever' alone. What I did do is point out that the website you had provided a link to as a source, unprompted by me or anyone, for a list of facts you claimed came from them did not contain those facts nor anything remotely like them. I then asked where you had got them from; and you refused to answer. So saying that the leave campaign was wrong to fuel unfounded fears about 70 million Turks waiting to rush to the UK at the earliest opportunity is not admitting a lie? What word is it in your vocabulary when someone admits that they when they said something was a fact they knew it was untrue? As I said, they were deleted from all social media and other public view immediately after the referendum by Vote.Leave; who obviously found them immensely embarrassing. I can't show you something that's been removed from public accessibility; but maybe Dominic Cummings kept some copies; so ask him. My wife is an immigrant, but not from the EEA, so the UK's membership of the EU and therefore the FoM had zero effect on her moving to the UK from Thailand. That you believe someone can only hold, or at least espouse, a belief to gain some sort of monetary advantage speaks volumes about you; who is paying you, I wonder. My concern about Brexit and immigration is the way it was used by Vote.Leave and Leave.EU to stir up racial hatred in this country. If your partner had been told to her face that she was a filthy Paki and now we had voted to leave the EU she should **** off back to Pakistan merely because she has brown skin then maybe you would have similar feelings about the more contemptible elements of the leave campaign designed to appeal to the EDL and their ilk. 'Pal,' 'darling' now 'petal.' Your crush on me is only embarrassing you.
  9. Except I didn't say that; you're misquoting again. If you, or anyone else, posts something I think is worthy of a comment or rebuttal, then I will do just that; even if the poster concerned is yourself. Of course, there is no reason why you have to reply to me.
  10. Because you can't. Simple as that. See my post above.
  11. My original response to this was deleted as it contained a profanity; so I wont repeat the profanity in your post. I only accuse people of xenophobia and racism if they make xenophobic and racist remarks. Remarks such as Then in feeble attempts to justify their views they make accusations such as Yes, I defended ordinary British Muslims who are not terrorists and have nothing to do with terrorism whilst at the same time condemning the Islamic terrorists. Do you agree that this means I am a 'snowflake apologist!' I am sure that there are more of the same from this particular poster; but the index of his past posts only runs back to last Wednesday and I haven't read all his posts since then, only those in this topic.
  12. 1) Sad, no; it was you who boasted that I was 'picking' you out! Now you seem disappointed to find that I wasn't. 2) I left you 'til last as i was replying to posts in the order they were posted. 3) Three of your posts grouped? No. Even though you obviously cannot remember what you have posted and when, the mere fact that the three quotes all have the same date and time is a bit of a giveaway that they are from the same post! Really? So what did you mean by ? But, of course, all of us who post our opinions are saying that we know better than those who disagree with us. But some of us provide evidence to back that up; why don't you? That is not what I said, and you know it. What i said was that it was rather arrogant of you to state that Reverting to the misquoting trick does you no favours. The rest of your post is your usual inconsequential waffle.
  13. A few minutes research came up with four: Caribbean Single Market and Economy Central America-4 Free Mobility Agreement Eurasian Economic Union Gulf Cooperation Council I'm sure there's more; and will be in the future. For example, one of the aims of the charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is for it to become a union very similar to the EU, including the freedom of movement of people. Then there is possibly the oldest still current; the Common Travel Area which means British, Irish, Isle of Man and Channel Island nationals have been able to freely move around, live, study, work and retire anywhere within the CTA since 1923.
  14. Picking you out? How so? I quoted and addressed other members before and after the one post in which I quoted and addressed one post of yours. Don't flatter yourself. So you, a self confessed occasional visitor, are claiming to know more about everyday life here than those of us who are also British but actually live here; claiming that you have a clue whereas us British residents are blind to the realities! Rather arrogant of you. As for suffering in silence; on you visits you must have missed the many, and loud, demonstrations, both pro Remain and pro Brexit, which fill the TV and radio news and papers here on an almost daily basis and have done since the start of the referendum campaign in 2016! But maybe your last visit was before that?
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