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  1. And doing what with their catch? Illegally smuggling it into the EU? If so, they're not among those affected by the red tape caused by Brexit! I also have to wonder why, if your suspicions are correct, Mr Ranger has not reported these illegal activities to the appropriate authorities!
  2. We used to be rightly proud that here in the UK the judiciary was independent of the executive. This ruling is another erosion of that independence.
  3. Many lawyers have been highly critical of this ruling as it seems motivated more by politics than law. The justices say that the home secretary’s decision should be respected because if the electorate disagree with them they can be removed. But: Shamima Begum ruling sets dangerous precedent, say legal experts Shamima Begum loses case in Supreme Court One also has to ask, as lawyers in both articles and many others have done, why Begum has been treated differently to the many others whom the security services have returned to the UK from Syria?
  4. I see that you have resorted to your usual tactics; make an absurd accusation and then refuse to explain, let alone justify, it when challenged. Good day.
  5. The highest court in the land has made its decision if you havent noticed. Yes, I noticed. That's why i commented on it! But commenting that the ruling sets a dangerous precedent is not expressing support for Begum's actions, nor those of another terrorist or terrorist supporter. My post? No, not my post even though you included that post in your quote of mine! Understating is a real word. I suggest that you first look up it's meaning and then if still confused direct your enquiry to the person who used it, not I.
  6. @kingdong, all your laugh emoji shows is your inability to even attempt any justification of your remarks.
  7. What support for her acts has been shown here; either by word or deed?
  8. Who here has said that they "wish to see her unleashed into society?"
  9. I hold no brief for any terrorist; right wing or left wing, Islamist or Islamaphobic, Irish nationalist or Ulster Loyalist etc. However, the UK government can now effectively remove a person's British citizenship and prevent them from appealing against that removal in a British court. This is a dangerous precedent. I wonder how long before future government's, right or left, will use it against their political opponents. Couldn't happen here? I hope not; but this ruling makes it that much easier. People like ISIS want to destroy our democracy a
  10. I wonder what their reaction will be when spectators are allowed back in and the monkey chants when a black player has the ball start again! Yes, I know it's only a mindless minority who make these chants; but it still happens.
  11. The majority of people who were asked in the opinion polls, wrote to the letters pages or called the radio phone ins. Not the majority of people in Bristol. The only way to come close to determining that is to hold a Bristol wide referendum.
  12. Take your complaint to Lord Frost who negotiated the trade agreement and Boris Johnson who signed it! But think how much worse things would be with the option preferred by many Brexiteers; WTO rules! As said to you many, many times; you voted to leave the EU; time to stop whingeing because you got what you voted for!
  13. Like I said; your source almost got it right. I don't know about you, but when I was taught maths I learned that 1000 is less than 1500!
  14. Until the 31st December our goods and services did not have to comply with the EU's rules on imports from non members because. although we had left, we were still in the transition period and treated as a member. After that we were no longer a member and so treated as all other non members. Stop whinging because leaving the EU means we're not treated as members anymore. It's what you voted for!
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