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  1. If Boris' treacherous IMB will resolve his supposed blockade of Northern Ireland, how come even Boris' government and negotiators have said no such threat of a blockade exists? The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill was presented to Parliament on 19/12/19 and received Royal Assent on 23/1/21. A remarkable, virtually unpresented, short passage; especially when Parliament was in recess from 20/12/19 until 7/1/20. Not such a difficult journey! If Boris' WA has so many loopholes in it, why did he present it as an oven ready deal before and after the election and cel
  2. Yes, and when we Remainers told you that the promises made by Vote.Leave were impossible, all you did was bleat Cummings' mantra 'Project Fear, Project Fear.' All that is still current, and will remain so until we either agree a trade deal with the EU or hit the iceberg of no deal and descend into the depths of WTO terms.
  3. Difficult to have a poll on attitudes to the referendum result before the referendum result is known! I can find nothing to substantiate your assertion that "the weighting of sampling by geographical area is disproportionately high in London, the south of England and in Scotland." Perhaps you'd be so kind as to show me where you found that information. Pro Remain bias? No; pro Remain results. Personally, as I've said before, I believe the only polls which count are those at the ballot box. But as opinion polls in general, and YouGov in particular, have been
  4. According to French security forces, the killer waited outside the school and asked passing pupils to identify him. There is now a whole topic on that in news: Teenager asked pupils to identify French teacher before beheading him; to which I see you have contributed.
  5. We had given no assurances that we would stick to those standards post Brexit. Indeed, an apparent willingness to reduce them in order to get a possible trade deal with the USA indicated that we may very well not have done! As the link I provided shows, that was all settled in September and this storm in a teacup has blown over. Forced? When he made such a big deal even before the election of it being his oven ready deal? Remainer dominated Parliament after Boris' landslide? How so? "Parts with which the EU threatened parts of the United Kingdo
  6. Who takes part in Public Opinion research? You're making me blush!
  7. For the results that graph was drawn from, as well as all results up to 8/10/20, see this YouGov page. Results for In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?" start at the bottom of page 1. You couldn't have looked very hard; all I did was put "YouGov poll: was UK right or wrong to leave the EU" into Google; took me to YouGov's Brexit page upon which was a link to the poll results!
  8. No; it didn't. The EU treated us the same as all third country list applicants by asking us for assurances about our food standards. From 23/9/20: UK satisfied EU won’t block food exports after Brexit.. The EU, signs an international treaty and, despite extreme provocation, has shown no sign that it ever intends to break it. Meanwhile Boris proclaims that agreement as an oven ready deal which will get Brexit done, wins an election on that promise, signs it with much self aggrandising fanfare and gets it enshrined in UK statute law via an Act
  9. Strange comment on a YouGov poll from the person who until their results started to go against him regularly posted YouGov polls as if they were Holy Writ. Since the referendum more and more people have seen how Vote.Leave and others campaigning for leave based their campaigns by assuring us that the EU needed us more than we needed them. As the last four years have shown, that is simply not true. The only thing I find difficult to believe is that there are still people who believe that lie! Maybe they don't; maybe they are just to proud or ashamed to admit,
  10. See post 434! Why? It contains no facts, let alone an answer to the question!
  11. Boris the liar made that accusation. But like so many of his pronouncements; its not exactly true. Under the Northern Ireland protocol in the withdrawal agreement agreed and ratified last year, Northern Ireland will in effect stay in the single market and follow EU standards in goods at the end of the transition period, while the rest of the UK exits and does its own thing on standards. Under the agreement, the EU’s customs code would also be enforced on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain, although Northern Ireland would stay in the UK’s cust
  12. I admit to my mistakes and do not consider myself infallible. You should try it sometime. Old pony? Project Fear? Your label for all the bad effects of Brexit; deal or no. Go on; tell us where those UK inshore fishermen who currently fish in French waters are going to fish if they cannot access French waters. While you're at it; what about where those UK inshore and deep sea fishermen who fish in UK waters will sell the catch they currently sell to EU countries if those markets are denied them. Two questions you choose to ignore because you s
  13. My apologies; my memory played me false. You didn't actually say that we didn't fish in French waters; you just ignored the devastating effect a no deal Brexit and losing access to those waters would have on a large proportion of UK fishermen. Although you did in reply to another post say here that losing access to French waters would mean "There will be more jobs for British fishermen, not less." Though you were unable to explain how that miracle would be achieved!
  14. Yet again, as whenever one of these atrocities occur, the same people cannot, nay refuse, to distinguish between Islamist terrorism and Islam, between Muslim terrorists and ordinary Muslims. Muslims in France condemn teacher’s killing near Paris Saudi Arabia leads Arab and Muslim world in condemning terrorist murder of French teacher Egypt’s Mufti Condemns Killing of French Teacher For Prophet Muhammed Caricatures The question is; why aren't western media reporting this?
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