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  1. See my posts above. Cummings is not being victimised, he is being criticised for breaking the rules and then having his minions at Number Ten lie about it. As said, had he done the same as the others you mention and held his hands up and apologised, even if not sincere, then this affair would be over.
  2. See my post above. The exception to that being the SNP MP who returned home to his constituency from Westminster; as did the majority of MPs.
  3. Except they are not; otherwise how would you know of them? As has been said every time a Cummings excuser brings this up, those MPs' transgressions were found out by and reported on in the media. Those MPs then had the decency to hold up their hands and apologise. If Cummings had done the same this would now be done and dusted.
  4. OFF TOPIC.. Tell that to the Brexiteers who repeatedly say this is all drummed up by Remainers. It is they who refuse to leave Brexit out of this.
  5. Not overwhelmingly; only 43% of those who voted did so for the Conservatives.
  6. "Other MPs?" Cummings is not an MP. Those MPs who have broken lockdown and been caught and exposed in the press have all held up their hands, admitted it and apologised. Whether or not they were issued with fixed penalty notices I don't know.
  7. A banned word when you add "Lib" to the front as well he knows. From Lexico.com "tard (also 'tard) NOUN offensive A person who has a mental disability (often used as a general term of abuse). Origin 1980s shortening of retard." <deleted> NOUN offensive US A contemptuous term for a person with left-wing political views. Origin Early 21st century blend of liberal and retard."
  8. Personally I have used quotes from the Mail and the Telegraph so that people like you can't say I'm quoting PC, anti Tory, left wing rags. Now that you can't use that excuse to dismiss the reports, you have instead chosen to use the term 'poorly informed gutter rag' to describe the Mail. What is your opinion of the Telegraph?
  9. Actually, 43% of voters voted Conservative at the last election; so not a majority. Not a great believer in polls, but as YouGov has been used in the past by supporters of Johnson in efforts to show he is still popular I thought I'd post the following. This YouGov poll the day after Cummings statement shows that 71% of respondents think Cummings did break the lockdown rules. This one on the same day shows that 59% think Cummings should resign.
  10. Tell that to the Brexiteers who repeatedly say this is all drummed up by Remainers!
  11. If he did nothing wrong, why did Downing Street lie about it? On 30th March Downing Street said Cummings was self isolating with his wife and child in their London home. A lie, they were in Durham. Downing street said Cummings' father had not been spoken to by Durham police. A lie; he had been. Downing Street said he had not taken his wife and child on a trip to Barnard Castle. A lie; Cummings did. If everything was above board, if Cummings did nothing wrong, why did Downing Street lie? Was it off their own bat in order to defend their de facto boss? Worse, was it on Cummings' instructions? Worst of all, was it on the Prime Minister's instructions?
  12. @twocatsmac, isn't time you logged out and let your alter ego log back in? BTW, unlike you I am not able to sit on the steps of a 7Eleven drinking Chang, even if I were inclined to so do. No 7Elevens in the UK and even if there were I doubt they'd sell Chang. The only place near me I could buy Chang is the local Thai restaurant; if they weren't closed due to lockdown. Rather drink TEA or any other draught bitter anyway, but if I must drink Thai lager I prefer Leo.
  13. See, you simply cannot resist dragging Brexit into this! I have given my reasons for having a final referendum on the deal once it's finalised at length in topics which are actually about Brexit. You attempts to goad me into dragging this topic even further away from Cummings by repeating them here has failed miserably.
  14. It was Brexiteers who brought Brexit into this. All myself and others have done is show that your accusations of this being a Remainer plot are complete ballocks.
  15. If you and your fellows didn't keep banging on and on about this being some sort of dastardly plot by Remainers to get rid of Cummings then Brexit wouldn't be part of the conversation at all!
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