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  1. If no deal is reached it is more likely that the fish we like most, cod and haddock, will be more expensive in the UK! This Q&A from UK Fisheries should be compulsory reading for anyone who wishes to comment on fishing quotas.
  2. In what way has the EU not acted in good faith? Threatening to renege on the WA perhaps? Oh, hang on; that's Boris!
  3. Something which every EU member can and does do; something which we could and did do while we were a member. Where is the EU demanding that? Yes, the EU want a level playing field and a means for resolving disputes. That is standard practice in all international trade agreements and we would be fools not to agree to such. Unless you'd like EU firms to be heavily subsidised by their governments so they could unfairly undercut British firms in the UK market! Is that what you want? True, but if we want the trade agreement with them which we ne
  4. When and where have the EU negotiators said that the UK should "capitulate on these issues and accept the EU demands?" Why don't you accept the fact that we are no longer a member and so cannot have all the benefits of membership which we used to enjoy?
  5. It is not up to the EU to give a member state a vote on whether to leave or not. The decision to leave the EU followed by triggering Article 50 is a matter for the each individual member state and them alone.
  6. Yes, EU fleets do take more from UK waters than the UK fleet; no one has ever denied that. The reason, though, has been posted many times here; it is because the UK government allowed UK fleet owners to sell their licences on to foreign fleet owners! If you want to blame anyone, blame the UK fleet owners for selling their licences; blame the UK government for allowing them to do so. Yes, you and other Brexiteers have posted, as you put it 'so called facts' many times. Meanwhile, some of us have posted actual, real facts many times; but you and
  7. As the vast majority of your posts are simply such jibes; what does that make you?
  8. As far as I am aware, the EU do not deny that since Brexit the UK EEZ belongs to the UK. Where they have said differently? As I understand it, what they want is for the access to those waters enjoyed by EU fleets since well before the EC, let alone the EU, even existed to continue and the licences to fish those waters sold to EU fleets by UK fleet owners to also continue; at least for the time being. Where have they said differently? What you seem to want is for the UK to take away that access and those licences yet the EU to still allow the access to EU waters and EU m
  9. What 'completely unrealistic demands' has the EU made? In what way has the EU not acted in good faith?
  10. Brexit done deal. Trade agreement negotiation ongoing, rather like your substandard attempts at oneupmanship A reminder of this topic's title: "UK's Sunak says he hopes for a Brexit deal but not at any price." It's the trade agreement only which we are talking about here; not the WA and certainly not the referendum!!
  11. All trade agreements have standards and rules which both parties agree to. As the UK's standards and rules are the same as the EU's; what's the problem? I did answer previously when I stated the fact that it is the UK who want to renege on the WA, not the EU. But tell us, how are the EU disregarding it? As UK fisheries have said, and they know far more about this than you or I, that will not happen for the simple reason that there are not enough British boats to fill the gap. Of course, that gap could be filled by fleets from Iceland, N
  12. Really? Here was I thinking the negotiations were still ongoing!
  13. As usual, a Brexiteer has nothing to contribute except childish insults.
  14. Who here is denying that? Wrong. Wrong again. We've left the EU, and that mistake cannot now be rectified. What Remainers, myself included, want the best possible trade deal between the UK and EU. But we realise that the oven ready deal Vote.Leave promised in 2016 is not, and never was, going to happen. Negotiations are give and take. You want the EU to do all the giving and the UK all the taking! We're saying it was the wrong decision; but that is our democratic right. Yet you don't back the democratic right of myself and others to disagree with that vote!
  15. Thank you; a straight answer from a Brexiteer at last. BTW, I agree that in terms of both our and the EU's GDP, fishing is a minor topic; but one which, in the UK, has been elevated to an importance greater than the sum of it's parts.
  16. What is it you don't understand about "I know the Tories won an 80 seat majority" and "Boris is in charge?" Nope, wrong again. I have never said that Remain won in 2016! I have said, and still believe, that it was the wrong decision. You have amply demonstrated that your idea of democracy and mine are radically different. I believe that in a democracy people have the right to criticise and campaign against the government. You have repeatedly called myself and those who believe the same undemocratic! I am not a believer in compulsory voting; I beli
  17. I have never denied that the Tories have an 80 seat majority, but saying they achieved that because the majority of the country supported them is incorrect. Now that your assertion the opponents of Boris had an abysmal election has been proven incorrect you are doing the usual Brexiteer tactic of denying you ever said it! Boris is in charge and he should be taking the flak for the balls up Brexit has been ever since his coup against May started with him and the ERG scuppering her WA.
  18. I suppose you think that load of old pony somehow indicates your intellectual prowess. Will you answer the question now? Do you agree with, amongst others, UK fisheries, that the licences and quotas should remain as they are; at least for the foreseeable future; or not?
  19. Poor attempt to ignore the facts. To say that the majority voted for Boris is utterly false. 43.6% never has been and never will be more than 50%.
  20. And it's obvious that you haven't bothered to read the Economist article from 24th October 2020 at all! "Thousands of jobs and well over £1trn ($1.3trn) of assets have already been shifted to continental Europe as City firms confront this new friction."
  21. OK, you've now corrected your typo. So tell us; expected by whom?
  22. In which case you must agree to allowing the fishing rights and quotas to stay as they are! Why? See
  23. The abysmal election result by the opponents of Boris? When he and his party only achieved 43.6% of the vote! Yes, Labour lost a lot of votes, but the changes for the UK as a whole and for England from 2017 show that over half of those went to the LibDems, for Scotland nearly all to the SNP. In Wales even the Brexit party got a bigger share of Labour's lost votes than the Tories! I haven't included Northern Ireland; I wonder if you know why. I know the Tories won an 80 seat majority, but they did that with most voters voting against them!
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