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  1. Yet again a Brexiteer refuses to read an independent report. Yet you still feel able to question me on the veracity of my saying what's in it! Typical Brexiteer logic! Anyone who does bother to read the report will see that as far as the EC is concerned, there are no outstanding issues; but some have been referred for possible criminal prosecution. Whether or not the police and CPS agree is up to them.
  2. Read the report; the full version of which is linked to from the press release. Here it is again:- Report of an investigation in respect of Vote Leave Limited - Mr Darren Grimes - BeLeave - Veterans for Britain Concerning campaign funding and spending for the 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. I'm not going to place a lengthy quote here and incur @evadgib's wrath whilst putting @Krataiboy to sleep!
  3. Still not true. All non Brits who wish to enter the UK for any purpose other than a visit require the same visa relevant to their reason for coming here; family settlement, student, work etc., and are subject to the same rules and regulations; except for the moment EEA nationals, but that will change after Brexit. Some nationalities, Americans for example, do not require a visa in advance to enter the UK as a visitor; most do. Just as some nationalities, British for example, can enter Thailand for up to 30 days as a visitor without a visa, but most can't. If you are going to compare Thailand and the UK, remember that after the Thai spouse of a British citizen has been living here for 5 years they can apply to remain indefinitely and once that is granted apply for British citizenship. Can the same, or anything remotely similar, be said of a British spouse of a Thai living in Thailand? No.
  4. The forum's search engine doesn't; but that's not needed as the Electoral Commission published the results of their investigations on their own site, not here! Vote Leave fined and referred to the police for breaking electoral law
  5. But the people are now showing a desire to prevent that destruction and reverse the decision before it's too late.
  6. No. As I have said many times, the electorate were taken for a ride last time by Leave's lies spin and refusal to discuss the real issues; and Remains' campaign was a appallingly badly run. Then there is the many irregularities in Leave's campaign discovered by the Electoral Commission, some of which could still lead to criminal prosecutions. All of which would have led to the result being declared void and the referendum rerun had it been legally binding*. If a better informed electorate combined with proper, legal campaigning results again in leave, then I will accept it. *Cameron's promise before the vote that the result would be carried out and May's continuing support for that promise does not make the result legally binding. Only an Act of Parliament could have done that.
  7. Changing the words of my post in order to make it slightly alliterative? Have you nothing better to do?
  8. Correct, you cannot change your vote once it has been cast. The result of the 2016 referendum cannot be changed. But no one is suggesting that it should be! What myself and an ever growing number of people want is to be granted the opportunity to vote again, the opportunity to change our minds and vote differently. The opportunity to do so before Brexit becomes irrevocable. Once we are out, we are out. The time to change the decision to leave is before that happens. That you want to deny us that democratic opportunity is all the evidence required to show that you are afraid the result will be different this time.
  9. No, everyone does not know that; Is the “stop Brexit” petition reliable? As I said before, NI numbers wont stop non Brits from signing as anyone who has ever legally worked in the UK will have one, whatever their nationality. What? Doesn't that contradict yourself? I am not saying, and never have said, that anyone here, Brexiteer or Remainer, is saying anything like that! If they are, I must have missed it. What I am saying is that last year Brexiteers made no accusations about the validity of these petitions when they were mostly in favour of Brexit; but now that this pro Remain one has received so many signitures suddenly Brexiteers from Farage down are questioning the security of the petitions site and this petition's validity!
  10. The petitions on the Parliamentary petitions website last year, of which there is one still running. As for member's comments last year on the validity of pro Brexit petitions; unfortunately for some reason the forum's search engine doesn't go back that far! Not that you'll believe me; your response is exactly as expected from you.
  11. Maybe it's 100%' your guess is as good as mine! I refer you yet again to the reply I gave last time you made this point, repeated above for @NanLaew's benefit. Especially the fact that none of these objections were raise by any Brexiteer here last year when they were bragging about the 100,000 plus signatures various pro Brexit petitions had received!
  12. The very nature of the anonymous nature of the aforementioned petition and it's lack of oversight and control renders it's validity quite worthless I refer you to the reply I made when @vinny41 made the same point. Yes, it is possible for non British citizens to sign (BTW, Anyone who has ever legally worked in the UK will have a NI number; regardless of their nationality.) Yes, it is possible for non UK residents to sign. Yes, it is possible for people to sign more than once; though they would need multiple email addresses to do so as an address can only be used once per petition. I am no IT expert , far from it, but I suppose it is possible for someone to set up multiple bots with multiple email addresses to sign multiple times. But none of these objections were raise by any Brexiteer here last year when they were bragging about the 100,000 plus signatures various pro Brexit petitions had received. The matter of bots was dealt with by @Basil B But I repeat: none of these objections were raise by any Brexiteer here last year when they were bragging about the 100,000 plus signatures various pro Brexit petitions had received! Typical Brexiteer double standards?
  13. Nothing in your quoted definition to say that voters are not allowed to change their minds on that issue and must not be given the opportunity to express that change of mind.. Although you may find such a rider in Putin's definition!
  14. Every EU member state has the right to determine it's own future; the right to leave the union if it wishes; the right to remain if it wishes. Crucially, in law we also have the right to change our minds before the decision becomes irrevocable. The same cannot be said of your union. The USA forcibly annexed Hawaii in 1898. In 1993 your congress apologised for that act and declared it illegal. Yet despite acknowledging that annexation is illegal, despite overwhelming support for independence of one sort or another amongst native Hawaiians, your government refuses to grant independence or sovereignty in any way shape or form. It even refuses to grant native Hawaiians the same land rights granted to other indigenous populations in the rest of the USA. So I suggest that you put your own house in order before lecturing us.
  15. Except that support for Remain is growing while support for Leave is shrinking. As shown by, for example, the fact that as I type the current remain petition has received over 4.8 million signatures in 5 weeks whilst the best any leave petition has ever mustered is the current one which in 5 months has received just over 500,000. There are many reasons for this movement of support from leave to remain, demographic changes being a minor one. But the main reasons is that more and more people are realising that they were deceived in 2016 by the leave campaigns and that the advantages of remain far outweigh the disadvantages. More and more voters are realising that the leave campaign was based purely on rhetoric and the campaigners had absolutely no plan for what to do should they win. No plan for the future of this country outside the EU, no plan for our trade after we had left our largest market.
  16. Your point being? That the votes of people living in those areas somehow count for less than the votes in other areas with which you agree? 'Cos that's what you seem to be saying!
  17. In a democracy, people are allowed to change their minds. The small numbers signing pro Brexit petitions compared to the large numbers signing this cancel Brexit petition: the small numbers who have attended pro Brexit rallies, including this march, compared to the large numbers attending rallies and marches calling for either another referendum or for Brexit to be cancelled indicates that a significant proportion of leave voters have done so. Add them to the 16.1 million who voted remain and the result could very well be different. Which is, of course, precisely why Brexiteers don't want another referendum!
  18. Another witty and erudite response; worthy of Wilde or Shaw at their best!
  19. Headline's very over the top, as can be seen when reading the article. Even so, she shouldn't have posted comments like that, even if metaphorical. But I've seen a lot worse posted here by Brexiteers. Not just about May, either. Doesn't stop the validity of her petition nor it's popularity. Meanwhile: People's Vote rally in London today Farage addressing Leave means Leave march in Nottinghamshire today
  20. Does it matter? Of course it matters; and the very fact that you felt the need to ask that question shows that you do not know the difference! So, for your benefit: from Oxford Dictionaries: intention noun A thing intended; an aim or plan. directive noun An official or authoritative instruction. Got it now?
  21. Wont make any difference after Brexit as EEA nationals will then be subject to the same requirements as everyone else.
  22. Policy intentions; not policy directives. Do you know the difference?
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