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  1. Hello, I want to buy a second hand nouvo elegance (135cc) in Pattaya. Please PM me for offers or if you know a good place where I could go to buy one from a vendor, please do tell.
  2. I guess reasons for suicide are different from one country to another.
  3. maybe time to stop sucking life energy out of people (litterally) with too oppressive regulations and taxes.
  4. not many people in the immediate vicinity, I guess most travelers didn't want to leave their luggage without supervision. inthe first half of the minute it's also not immediately clear what the guy wanted to do. and finally, doing nothing is the safest course of action...
  5. another thought I had - is the U-Turn in the photos the one you wanted to take? if yes, you switched lanes too late.
  6. actually, this is not true. it's the simplistic rule of thumb that is repeated to everyone because it's simple and convenient and encourages maintaining safe distances. in reality, there are circumstances in which courts rule that the breaking is unreasonable or even criminal incase done intentionally. especially incase of changing lanes, the driver who changes lanes has the duty to be especially cautious because - at least under German traffic code - lane changing is only permitted if the manoeuver puts no other vehicles at risk. indicator and checking the mirror is clearly not enough, looking back over your shoulder is mandatory to fulfill that legal requirement. of course, there is always the issue of proof - clear advantage to dashcams. and responsibility for accidents can be shared. I guess that's what happened here, the OP didn't perform all necessary checks and the other guy drove recklessly.
  7. Forensics museum in Siriraj Hospital Tub Tim phallic temple (a bit difficult to find) Klong toei slum Bicycle tour in Bang Krajao
  8. video clearly shows he first climbed over the wall and then he clearly jumped, it was no accident.
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