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  1. This smells as usual, misunderstanding somewhere!!!!! glegolo
  2. So maybe my post did strike something at you I guess??? You say you do "your thing". The thing is, you really do NOT do anything, so what is your thing. NOT to take care and be a responsible guy.. Is that the core of your life, congrats in that case. glegolo
  3. So get it translated and you are good to go,, what is the problem.. glegolo
  4. Tack Sheryl (means thank you in swedish) glegolo
  5. This is NOT a Immigration website, this is from Insurance-organisation in Thailand who is horny to sell insurancies of course. I do noit trust that at all.... I rather wait for Ubon-Joe to confirm what is valid or not valid. glegolo
  6. I do not fully grasp all the details in this thing with insurance and Non Immigrant O-A VISA but to my own understanding I thought that if I have (like you have) an insurance covering the demand from the Imiigration, I do NOT need to issue/apply for another new one????? I am wrong?? glegolo
  7. There it come, the truth is that you do just not like to be father or a stepfather. Maybe you are just to damn old to cre or even bother to care about children. Just dont give a damn and let the children do whatever they wish to do..... Just give up.... Yeah who can fight that lazy inconsiderate attitude. You just dont care about anybody else than yourself I guess... glegolo
  8. It is strange how these critters pops up every now and then... Why do you think that the majority of us falangs wish to have a lawless lifestyle here in Thailand??? I think you are way off base and should concentrate more to take care of YOUR family then only to take care of yourself... You do NOT show any respect for anybody, and certainly not for your own children and wife by writing these posts here in this thread.. I feel a shame to be mixed up with people like you.... glegolo
  9. That is just a full load of <deleted> and you know it... glegolo
  10. I am sorry I can not get too excited by guys like you. People who call others retards because lack of capacity of speech...... The thread is about trying to have the babies and small kids off the roads and the traffic and NOT have them among us adults out there. You can do whatever with your kid, I do not care, and it is not my thing as long as you do not hurt them in the process of exercise your fatherly duties.... Good luck and be careful in what you call other people glegolo...
  11. Yeah you´re right, and on top of that "papa" should be worried, cause his little puppet may indirectly cause problems in traffic and indirectly take part in other adult peoples death. Maybe "papa" dont care a <deleted> about that.......??? glegolo
  12. I have just bought a motorbike a Yamaha GT 125 cc.. Our girl home here will have her driver license tomorrow monday if all goes well. Just the driving test left which should be no problem in this case. Now my question that is very important to me.... She is having her 17th birthday now 31st october.. Is she allowed to drive a 125cc?? Or must she stick to our 110 cc Honda Click?? I am very gratefull for your answers.... If you can provide the agelimits for the different CC that would be great.. Thank you guys for your as usual very nice help.... glegolo
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