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  1. I would be happy if someone who knows, can tell me what is valid for having the chance of going from Sweden to Thailand and be welcomed in. I know that married to a thai is one of the conditions... But lets say I am married in Sweden but NOT in Thailand.... Do they refuse me to enter Thailand?? Must I be married inside Thailand??? glegolo
  2. Should be corrected for the sake of others... other horses.... 555 glegolo
  3. extension 3.900 baht?? Thought it is always 1.900baht for every extension???? glegolo
  4. You can report 15 days ahead and 7 days after the date to report in your passport glegolo
  5. Why are you behaving like this?? Read the original post in this hread and my answer, and TRY to understand your own language for God sake. glegolo
  6. you´re welcome, thought you needed some help.. glegolo
  7. Aha, so it is NOT a VISA, it is a company (agent) that sells VISA to falang. thnks, glegolo
  8. What is this now???? PDC-VISA??? I have never heard about it before.... glegolo
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