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  1. I dont know if typo,,, the article says; quote GRANDFATHER RULE Stunningly, under the new order the old provisions that people who have been living in Thailand for continually on a retirement visa since before Oct 21, 2008 can still apply under the exact same conditions that they were first approved. unquote That is why I was excited anyhow, because I have been on extension retirement since september 2008... glegolo
  2. I read in a topic that suddenly for some reason (?????) was closed, that they accepted a grandfather rule, meaning that people on a constant extension based on retirement since october 2008.... Can use that Grandfather rule and only have to show 200.000 baht in bank or 20K in monthly income.... May I ask you guys, is this genuine just for Phuket, or is it OK all over Thailand Immigrant officies?? glegolo
  3. I am wondering... If I am going to apply for a extension based on marriage will there be after march 01 a demand for the seasoning of the 400K 2 months before and 3 month after applying... I know it is for Retirement, but what with Marriage????? glegolo
  4. Wonderful, will do, many thanks my friend sorry to ask but there is a number missing in the second phone number isn´t it?? glegolo
  5. Interesting 2 questions, love also to have the answer to this. glegolo
  6. Thank you so much for your input, Yes have tried and looked "everywhere" here. But no... I checked online nut it is crazy expensive. So I decided to go for the extract (powder) for what it is worth. Thank you guys, and if somebody know where to buy these Vanilla-stripes plse let us/me know!! glegolo
  7. IF you have a VISA you must buy a new one. IF you in fact NOT having a VISA but an extension of stay, than it must be renewed here in Thailand at your local Immigration-office, if not you have to make the process from the start again. glegolo
  8. Could be extremely helpful if you could mentiuon what immigration-office this information is related to. They are all different with different rules. glegolo
  9. For me it is a letter from my embassy where they kindly ask immigration to transfer the stamps in question into the new passport. An act of good will and politness from us falangs.. glegolo
  10. Sigh sigh sigh,,, any other exceptions you wish to bring... glegolo
  11. Then you are not having an extension of stay based on anything?? glegolo
  12. Hope the immigration will read that quoted post you did. glegolo
  13. I was more concerned over the enormous amount of provinces at the Khorat Platue 23 of them, That was a lot really????? glegolo
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