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  1. That's nothing. The current government incumbents will avoid justice forever by declaring an amnesty for themselves and having even better connections. Only justice in this country is rough justice and it is reserved for the poor and unconnected.
  2. From where there was a bad review lately. The poster in question was obliged to pay a 2000 baht bribe in order to get stamped out of Thailand. The poster was told by the immigration officer there that he should get an extension from CW and not abuse the system by having the wrong visa. Might just have been a one off since nobody else has confirmed this.
  3. I always ordered ours from Homepro. Took a week to arrive and I always hang it myself. If hanging in the hot season you have to work fast since the water in the paste evaporates quickly. To counter this either damp the section of wall you are working on beforehand or even better paste both the wall and the paper. Never had any wallpaper rot here. As for Da roadrunners comment I usually do just a panel here and there to break up the monotony of a painted wall. The Thais who see it are amazed that a falang can know the esoteric art of hanging wallpaper.
  4. Sad but probably true. Another judicial coup just like all the others.
  5. I'd love to give those girls a ride on my chopper. Hopefully they wouldn't fall off.
  6. By lowering the bar. There is a big pool of untapped chavs cluttering up the UK who will jump at this......innit.
  7. Reminds me of a song. Don't Bogart that Lao Khao my friend , pass it over to me. Don't Bogart that Lao Khao my friend, or I'll Have to dob you in. Buy another one, Just like the other one You've been hanging on to it And I sure could use a hit
  8. 6 meals a day ??? Who's standard is that ? 3 more like.
  9. In Amazing Thailand this is not a problem. The wonderfully competent junta government will arrange loans to help pay of the original loans and finance it all by selling more high interest bonds to the Chinese. Easy. A new term will enter the lexicon. Juntanomics Too much to expect a scrapping of the TM30 reporting requirements to encourage domestic tourism a wee bit.
  10. In other related news : China again reported a big jump in coronavirus cases on Friday after changing its methodology for diagnosing and counting infections, denting hopes that the deadly outbreak could be petering out. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/coronavirus-china-live-updates/2020/02/14/6806aa08-4eb8-11ea-b721-9f4cdc90bc1c_story.html
  11. That's ' Pad Swill Phet ' I think. Need to smell it first to be sure
  12. But they can sneak in the back door when all the fuss has blown over. Everything as usual. But hey !!! Why would Prayuth need to use the army welfare scheme ? Back in May 2013 he sold a plot of land to a private company newly opened ( his was first transaction ) in the British Virgin Island ( tax haven )for a whopping 600,000,000 !! So has he spent all that to justify going on army welfare ? Yea yea....it all went on drugs ,booze and fast women as usual
  13. When I used to live in Pattaya I tried water fasting. Drank nothing except alcohol. Don't remember much about it so can't give any advice.
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