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  1. Bangladesh. Well, from her point of view, has to be better than where she is now A nice little Islamic country for a nice little Islamic .... A happy ending and sensible decision from the government.
  2. Symptoms : rubbing your legs together and hopping around.
  3. Yep, you are both suspended. Being poster of the year affords you no protection whatsoever. Time to take up cooking.
  4. He wouldn't know the meaning of morality even if you heated it on a furnace and forced him to sit on it.
  5. Are caddys compulsory ? Can you pull your own clubs ?
  6. Don't winge over fate The pollution just won't wait Learn to live with it.
  7. Does the winning party get to keep article 44 or can it invent one of its own ? Very useful tool to have in the box.
  8. No, I mean nasty. Saw a show of his where he was taking the piss out of someone in the front row. It started funny enough but went on a bit too long and the victim gave him the bird. That's when the humour went out the window and it became a bit personal and in bad taste.
  9. Dead right. The further back the better. He can turn real nasty in the blink of an eye.
  10. And wise old men drive cars. Nuff said.
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