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  1. Ah well , works both ways. Those Europeans will be suffering too. No Walls sausages !! Som nam na !
  2. Force of habit. The transition from army man to civil servant has not yet registered, especially as they are still just following orders.
  3. Stopped reading after ' The .. ' All this ...... publicity.....is working against ' us ' ....not for us. The more you rattle the immigration cage the worse you make it. If you want it to go away blank it out. It is their problem not ours. And if you absolutely must shout out then brevity works better excess.
  4. The real worry is that if the UK severes its links with Europe it will inevitably sink deeper into the English channel and millions of people could drown . Why aren't they aware of this threat and why aren't we preparing for it by stock piling rubber rings etc.
  5. Same. Gave up on wireless in favor of wired. Not so terrible. Wire is out of sight anyway.
  6. Yes. Asked an immigration officer if it would be ok and they took me there personally.
  7. Quite possibly. With something like this there will be a lot of people without the patience, tech knowhow or equipment to bother with it. Desktop sales are down in favor of laptops,tablets and smartphones. Without easy access to a printer or a scanner applications will be a lot more difficult. Too easy to get a 30 day stamp on arrival and spend the rest of a winter break in Vietnam. Perhaps this is actually what they want. To accept reduced revenue from tourism to boost their precious ' national security ' Although why they should feel so threatened and by whom it is hard to fathom.
  8. Got a friend with a pick up who goes to Cha am, parks on the beach , and sleeps in the back of the truck.Just puts down a fold up mattress and throws over a mosquito net and sleeps. Showers cost a few baht but that's about it. So if you are camping out who does your TM30 ?
  9. It was a bigger branch road than he thought.
  10. Thanks to the OP for taking the trouble to post this thread. I have learnt something from his experience. That I will never ever apply for any kind of visa from the UK Thai embassy in future. This whole procedure will inevitably result in fewer applications from people who are not necessarily commited to visiting Thailand for more than a few weeks. They will simply pass through Thailand and spend their money elsewhere.
  11. Could get some matching wooden pillar supports to put underneath and hold them up. A much stronger alternative and not necessarily unattractive.
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