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  1. Obviously , one of Prayuths klingons got stuck in his teeth and he is now addicted to the taste and wants more.
  2. Yes, and a largely unnoticed one. When this happens in a tourist hot spot like Pattaya, Phuket or Hua Hun etc, the local English language press will pick up on it and give it some cover. Here in the boonies you can get killed and nobody will know. Makes me wonder at how many similar fatalities there are that go unnoticed.
  3. Actually not a pickup but a sedan. Sedan appears to be on the correct side of the road just coming onto the bridge. Motorcycle has just crossed the bride and seems to have drifted to the right negotiating the bend. Must have happened not too long after we crossed the bridge ourselves in the afternoon about 2.00 o'clocking. Big foreign community in these parts so will be known to someone.
  4. Always use EVA but last September switched to BA to take both of us for a UK visit. ( BKK LHR BKK ) Hand luggage only so we saved 20,000 for 2 tickets compared to EVA Was very pleasantly surprised. Slightly more leg room, slightly more comfortable seats , good food and we had 4 small bottles of wine each after going so long without. ( Crap in flight entertainment though ) Also, arriving at Terminal 5 was a lot less manic than the other terminals and we breezed through immigration in 10 minutes. Free bus to the Hyatt then a 5 minute walk to a corner shop for another bottle of wine and some cheap but fresh sandwiches. Supper well sorted. Nice hotel too.
  5. I don't know if this will make the news but a foreigner ( unknown nationality ) riding a red motorcycle ( Honda Wave ) was involved in a collision with a pickup truck at the bridge over the BaSak river going into Wichien Buri town. Wife showed me the pictures on facebook but I can't show as don't do facebook. Sad day for somebody.
  6. They are out there in the Bangkok suburbs. You can use Google earth and street view to find them. They usually have a name and contact number out front. I did this when I went to England for a month but I paid 5000 for a decent air con room with underground car park. I also used the room for 7 days , 4 before I left and 3 when I returned.
  7. You might get a better deal renting a cheap apartment that has a parking lot. That way you can use the room and leave your car there. Talk to the owner of the building first to explain that you will be traveling around and ask if it is OK to leave your van since you are renting a room. This way, you might be able to park it for about 2000 a month plus have use of the room.
  8. I will just add that we had a similar problem at our home. One evening it started to rain and I rushed out to bring in my motorcycle. The ceramic tiles on the stairs were wet and I slipped and fell hard. I was lucky just to badly bruise a rib along with a few facial scars. After this , I got my angle grinder out and beveled the leading edge of the ceramic tiles and also stuck some 2 inch non slip tape across the full width. Better late than never
  9. Depends how big the canopy is , full width or just to protect the car. Personally, I would be leary of fitting a fitting a full width PVC canopy to the facia board since in the event of a tropical storm it will act like a sail. If the wind gets under it it could blow down and take the facia board with it. If its shade you want, roll down blinds might be better since in a storm they can be rolled up. Sorry, we posted at the same time. Now I read your latest post I see what you want to do. Might work as long as the rain is falling down vertically, not being blown around.
  10. Bangladesh. Well, from her point of view, has to be better than where she is now A nice little Islamic country for a nice little Islamic .... A happy ending and sensible decision from the government.
  11. Symptoms : rubbing your legs together and hopping around.
  12. Yep, you are both suspended. Being poster of the year affords you no protection whatsoever. Time to take up cooking.
  13. He wouldn't know the meaning of morality even if you heated it on a furnace and forced him to sit on it.
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