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  1. That's what they call a boutique hotel. Here's one especially designed to make a Brit feel at home. The Colditz Resort Boutique . Great place to do your quarantine porridge.
  2. Yea well, they have that great guy Anutin running the show . What could go wrong ?
  3. Better safe than sorry. I just don't trust their competence enough to risk online. However,for me its only a 90 minutes drive to Petchabun and we do a lot of shopping whilst in the city. I guess if you live deep in the boonies this might not be possible.
  4. Even if you're driving her mad you'd better putter in her place or iron out your differences.
  5. Preferred doing visa runs every 90 days even though more expensive. Enjoyed the travel and always used them as a mini vacation with my wife who also misses the breaks. Sure,nothing to stop us taking mini breaks now but lack the incentive.
  6. I found this video useful in clarifying some aspects of the vaccine program objectives with regards to their efficacy.
  7. I took tumeric as recommended for several months without noticing any benefits to my slightly arthritic fingers that were very stiff in the mornings and had no grip. I switched to a hot ginger infusion every morning before getting up. I get this from a stallholder at the local market who also sells hot tofu and patango. I buy 4 bags at a time and store them in the fridge.. After just a wekk my fingers were 90% better with no pain and a much better grip. https://food.ndtv.com/health/6-ginger-water-benefits-and-why-you-should-have-a-glass-of-it-every-day-1692618
  8. And the Thai PM will deal with these in the traditional way.
  9. Be inclined to agree. Just can't touch Thai beer now. Lao Khao is not as bad as its cracked up to be ( with a decent mix like shwepps bitter lemon ) but in the end 40 degrees was just to much alcohol for my body. So by-passing Hong Tong and Sangsom , I am now drinking Varinthip ( only seen in Big C ) which is only 30 degrees. Has a different taste to the last two and at 110 baht for a small bottle every other night is easy on the wallet.
  10. It was intended as sarcasm but possibly some posters missed the obvious.
  11. Well, I have friends that live in Cambodia and the Philippines but when they want serious top notch medical services they fly here. I only get to see them when they have a medical problem. Especially true for my friend who lives in Cambodia. If you have decided you no longer want to live in your home country and you are looking for somewhere else to live you will probably go for the place that ticks the most boxes. Woman are just one of those boxes and not the only one.
  12. I disagree. There are some nice towns in Isaan with all the big Malls. Living in Isaan doesn't mean you have to live in the ass end of nowhere. Much rather there than Bangkok , Pattaya Phuket for example. I've lived in Pattaya and Bangkok and would never dream of moving back there. Don't even go to those places for a break now. Those that don't like it after trying it usually just move away if they can afford it and take their wives with them.
  13. Yup , he's the best. A really great guy. We are sooooooooooooo lucky to have him.
  14. What has Thompson got to do with it ?
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